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How to Fill Empty Space in Living Room

By: Shanze Ijaz

Living rooms are an important, frequently-accessed part of every home. Your living room’s furniture determines its aesthetics, which is why it’s important to choose your furniture and decoration pieces with care. 

Having too little (or excessive) furniture can make for an unappealing, bland visual. Hence, it’s essential to fill up your living room space with just the right amount of furniture. 

If you’re looking for tips on how to fill empty floor space within your living room, you’re in the right place! Below is a list of excellent, ergonomic, and eye-catching items that can help you cover up any awkward bare spaces. 

So, are you ready to discover how to fill empty space within your living room? If so, keep reading! 

Install a Large Framed Canvas Print

This stunning art print is perfect for filling in that empty space on your living room wall. Its impressive dimensions allow it to cover maximum empty wall space, making it a perfect match for bare walls that could use some decorating.

This painting’s unique starburst design plays with geometry and two-dimensional space. All the lines come together to create brilliant, rushing imagery that looks like it’s just about to burst from the canvas. 

So, if your living room features similar geometrical art pieces or furniture, this canvas print will make for a perfect match! 

Fill Up Empty Floor Space with a Cute Love Seat

Do you have a large empty spot bordering one of your living room walls? If so, why not cover it up with a dainty little love seat?

Unlike regular sofas, love seats are compact and don’t take up as much space as a large couch would. As a result, they’re perfect for placing in awkward empty spots too small to fit a regular sofa. 

Love seats are perfect for curling up in with a good book. You can also seat guests upon them or reserve a spot for your pet to lounge on.

Expand Your Storage Space with an Eye-Catching Ottoman

If you’re planning on setting up a love seat but still have some leftover space, why not fill it up with a pretty ottoman? This particular one will perfectly match the loveseat pictured above, making it an excellent option worth considering. 

In addition to their stunning appearance, most Ottomans double up as brilliant storage options. Upon lifting their lid, you’ll gain access to an entire section of storage space that’s hidden within the seat. So, if your living room could use some extra storage, you should consider investing in a new Ottoman! 

Install a Ladder Shelf and Fill It with Plants

Are you fond of plants? Do your living room walls need some intensive redecorating? Are you keen on filling up that gawking empty space with new shelves? If you answered yes to all these questions, you’re in luck: we’ve got the perfect product to match all your requirements.

This stunning ladder shelf is an excellent way to fill up an empty wall and floor space. You can also use it to store away extra items that are cluttering your living room. 

Pro tip: Add plants to this shelf sequence for an uplifting, organic vibe!

Decorate with an Abstract Geometric Bookcase

This geometric bookcase flaunts a unique abstract-looking aesthetic, making it an excellent fit for more innovative living rooms. So, if your living room features other abstract-looking furniture items, don’t hesitate to add this one to the mix! 

You’ll find five spacious shelves within this case, making it the perfect place to stow away all your favorite books and other miscellaneous items. You can even vamp things up by adding in a few decoration pieces. 

Bring Home a Beautiful Floor Plant

If your living room features a relaxed oriental-style zen vibe, why not try filling up any empty spaces with a floor plant or two? Not only will a floor plant match the room’s theme, but it’ll also help to purify the surrounding air.

Plus, plants are known for their ability to promote mental peace and environmental serenity. So, if you’re someone who often retreats to their living room to wind down, consider getting a new plant for yourself. Not only will it help to mentally rejuvenate you, but it’ll also look lovely against your living room’s oriental furniture. 

Consider Placing an Ornate Room Divider Screen 

A set of screen dividers can do much more than just serve as space fillers for the living room. They can help divide the overall room into separate parts. For example, you might be planning on setting up a separate reading corner within the living room. If so, use a screen divider to highlight the boundaries of your reading area. 

Screen dividers can offer added privacy, too. Plus, they take up a significant amount of floor space and are easy to move around. This makes them an excellent option for when you need to cover up any dead space in your living room. 

Cover Awkward Empty Floorspace with a Large Rug

Large rugs are a great way to cover up any problem areas within your living room’s original flooring. They can also help expand the amount of floor space successfully covered by furniture and accessories.

When looking for a new rug, make sure you find one that matches your living room’s existing aesthetic. There’s little point in bringing home a floor rug that doesn’t compliment what’s already there! 

Luckily, the market is brimming with many excellent rug options. So you’re bound to find something that matches your living room’s vibe perfectly! 

Expand Your Living Room’s Seating Potential with a Decorative Chair

Could your living room use some more seating space? If so, consider investing in a new single-seater chair like the one pictured above. 

When buying a new seat, look for exciting options that stand out from the others. If you’re trying to fill up empty space within your living room, you might as well do it with style! 

The seat pictured here flaunts a unique cut-out design and luxurious velvet cover. Its deep blue color perfectly complements its golden base. Thanks to its appealing visuals, this seat can easily uplift your living room’s existing aesthetic! 

Add Deskspace

Most people prefer to fill their living room with electronic appliances (like a TV or Xbox). However, no rule says you can’t add a writing desk to the mix, too. 

So, if you’re an avid writer – or just someone with plenty of office work piling up – consider investing in a new desk. 

Style tip: Look for stylish options that compliment your living room’s aesthetic. Most desks have a serious, unappealing appearance. Stay away from those! 

Hang Up a Decorative Driftwood Mirror

Mirrors do a fantastic job of creating the illusion of depth within a small room. So, if you have a compact living room with bare walls, why not decorate them with a new wall mirror? 

The one pictured here features a handmade frame made from real driftwood. Its all-over white aesthetic will help this piece easily fit in with most types of furniture. This is because white is a neutral color that doesn’t have much trouble blending in with other colors. 

Set Up a Reading Seat by the Window

This monochrome black bench is fashioned from high-quality iron and features a pure, mink-like velvet covering. It would look excellent when placed against matching contemporary-style furniture. Or, if you’d like to add a little drama, why not try pairing it with a contrasting white ornament instead? 

Regardless of how you style it, though, this bench is perfect for cozying up against after a long day. Place it against a large window and wind down on this bench with a good book. You can pair it with a matching bookshelf to carry all your novels within. 

Set Up a Mini-Bar

This stunning wine cabinet flaunts a unique, eye-catching design. It offers excellent functionality and ease of use, thanks to its ergonomic build. But that’s not all; this wine cabinet’s sleek the all-black exterior makes it a perfect fit for contemporary living rooms.

The best part about this wine cabinet is the compact design that allows it to easily fit into any corner of the room. It’s the perfect item to help fill up any small empty spaces. Plus, this cabinet offers ample room for wine storage. There’s also a handy section to store away your glasses in. It doesn’t get better than this! 

Occupy Space with a Corner Buffet Sidetable

If your living room’s corner is looking cold, empty, and dreary, why not dress it up with a new corner-style buffet table? The one pictured here contains plenty of storage space, thanks to its double cabinet and single cubby. There’s also plenty of space for you to place decoration pieces over the countertop. 

Corners are always tricky to decorate. Luckily, this piece was designed with corner areas in mind. So, you won’t need to worry about it not fitting or looking out of place. 

Adorn Empty Centre Space with an Eye-Catching Coffee Table

Coffee tables may come in all shapes and sizes…but you likely haven’t seen one as unique as this! The coffee table pictured here flaunts a one-of-a-kind design complete with an eye-catching wooden finish. It’s perfect for modern farmhouse-style homes, thanks to its organic-looking visuals. 

Coffee tables are a great option for filling up that awkward empty space in front of your sofa set. So, don’t hesitate to place this table within your living room. You can also use it to rest your coffee cup when you need to! 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, this article will have given you some insight on what to do with empty space in the living room.

When choosing new furniture or wall decals, be sure to look for options that match your current furniture. For example, if your living room sports a monochrome black aesthetic, stay away from space fillers that contradict this look. 

With careful attention and some help from this guide, you’ll be able to pick out the perfect furniture pieces in no time!