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How to Light a Room With No Overhead Lighting – 19 Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana
16 Multi Functional Floor Lamp

Does it happen that you enter a room that lacks direct lighting? Maybe it feels quite dull and dingy – and what if the windows are also not wide enough to let in ample natural light? Well, in such a case, you have an option to be creative. Knowingly or unknowingly, there are several ways to light a room with no overhead lighting.

Whether playing with a focal point or creating a desired mood, these creative ways to light a room are quite intriguing to the eyes. So, here is a list of 19 ideas to think outside the box when choosing lights in a room with no overhead light.

Shiny Floor Lamp

Lighting pieces don’t necessarily have to be old and boring! You can add a focal decor piece like this glam-style floor lamp to add a characteristic charm to your space. An authentic free-standing piece, it will definitely brighten the aura of your room while giving life to that empty corner.

Moreover, even if you are short on space – this lighting decor piece will solve multiple purposes – and at the same time. 

Spotlight Floor Lamp

Looking for a way to emit tons and tons of light? Well, this modern and mid-century style floor lamp is a way through it. You can place it in the corner and pair it with your lighter-toned upholstery to feel light and refined.

With the help of these spotlights, you can easily conduct tasks such as reading books and working on your computer! Isn’t it a total bliss that these floor lamps are multi-functional?

Rustic Wall Sconce

Utilizing the surface of the walls – incorporating wall sconces is a great way to flaunt off some style at a height. You can either place a singular, focal piece or use a number of sconces to add a sense of balance to the room.

Moreover, if you have an artwork to highlight or a spectacular accent to show off – this is probably one of the best ways to do so. Also, don’t forget that this is a great space-saving solution!

Fairy String Lights

It is time to think magical and mystical! And just in case if you want that specific charm, incorporating string lights would be a great solution to no overhead lighting. They can be easily hung on the ceiling using hooks – thus, creating a pattern and desired aura in the room.

Especially for industrial, rustic, and bohemian interior design styles – these Edison bulbs definitely add a statement of style and charm.

No-Shade Floor Lamp

One of the biggest challenges with no overhead ceiling light is the lack of ample direct light. And since this floor lamp is devoid of a shade – you simply get the access to direct bulb lighting. So, isn’t that a win-win solution, already?

Moreover, the sleek and modern aesthetics of this decor piece is absolutely stunning. Even though it doesn’t take much of your space – you can simply place it in a corner and feel delightful. This is a classic way to light a living room with no overhead lighting.

Focal Table Lamp

Using a focal table lamp is a creative solution to no overhead lighting in the bedroom. Since these personal spaces require more background and ambient lighting, it is necessary that you use larger-sized table lamps for the space to feel well-lit and yet functional.

Whether you are a vivid reader at night or have a constant desire to watch television, this lighting piece offers a perfect backdrop to the room.

Adjustable Wall Sconce

Not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, this adjustable swinging wall sconce provides a great alternative to overhead lighting. It is sleek and ultra-modern – and moreover, is responsible for injecting twice as much durability and style into the room.

Whether you are lounging on the chair by the nightstand or reading a book on your bed – this flexible piece of lighting decor has got many solutions for you!

LED Strip Light

There is a certain charm these LED strip lights play in creating a sense of drama in the room. A great way to light a living room with no overhead lighting is by placing this strip along the walls and furniture edges to add an intriguing pattern. 

Although, you should know that this type of lighting might need another backup through floor lamps and table lamps to offer a perfectly well-lit area. 

Lamp With Multiple Bulbs

An eye-catchy way to attract lots of light is by incorporating a floor lamp equipped with multiple bulbs – just like this one. Sleek free-standing piece of lighting, you can absolutely add it to a corner or by the focal furniture to create a stark contrast.

You can timelessly use this floor lamp with most of the interior design styles. Moreover, keep a note that these multiple bulbs don’t emit too much heat in your room. 

Arched Floor Lamp

Quite trendy and contemporary, this arched lamp plays one for all, truly. To be placed by the sectional or the accent table, it creates a great focal point while adding ample lumens to well light up your room with no overhead lighting.

Also available in various metallic tints, this lamp is much admired in the modern and contemporary backdrops. Moreover, they can be adjusted – hence, a great win-win solution for the users.

Hanging Sconce

How often do you get the opportunity to add an artistic touch to your home? Well, this creative piece of wall sconce includes a brass-finish mounting plate and hanging bulb to direct sufficient artificial light in the room.

It is a great piece if you prefer reading light during nighttime in your bedroom. Moreover, you also have the opportunity to choose from two finishes to further create a refined look in your space.

Jute Hanging Pendant

Technically a wall sconce that appears more like a hanging pendant, this stylish piece of lighting decor proves to be a great alternative to the overhead ceiling light. However, ensure to place it at a higher level so you can enjoy both the worlds – comfortable task lighting and overall aesthetics!

Regardless of the remarkable textural details, this pendant light also makes a great statement in Bohemian, Country, and Coastal interior design styles.

4 Light Sconce

This wall-mounted sconce is bound to hit your room with ample lighting in all the directions. Style so classy and unique, it adds depth and substance to your walls while exhibiting a perfect aura in the bedroom. And undoubtedly, it offers more light than you would ever need for tasks such as reading and working!

Also, don’t forget – you can either hang it vertically or horizontally, creating a geometric juxtaposition in the space.


Is your room equipped with an outlet for a fan? Well, why not add one with an additional lighting feature? This multi-directional modern and contemporary fandelier is a great medium to induce sufficient lighting in a room. Also, it serves as a smart one for all solutions, doesn’t it?

Moreover, the remote control feature can make it easier for you to change the fan speed and light settings from a distance. You can also dim these lighting settings and alter the warm or cool saturation.

Firefly Table Lamp

It is time that you think outside the box and replace an old-school lighting fixture with an interesting bulb filled with battery-powered firefly lights. It is bound to create a certain mood in your space while exhibiting that glow you need.

You can also place a couple of them on the nightstands and accent tables along with consoles for that majestic appearance. Moreover, note that you might have to pair it with table lamps to achieve direct task lighting in the room.

Multi-Functional Floor Lamp

Functionality to the utmost, this piece of floor lamp speaks wonders! Not only is it serving the purpose of lighting your room but also as a side table. The sleek metal edges and glass-top adds a perfect backdrop to Scandinavian, Modern, and Contemporary setups.

The shade allows to create an ambient aura in the room and at the same time – offers a well-lit experience. It also wouldn’t take much of your space!

Sleek Sconce

More than lighting, a piece of wall decor and artwork, this sleek sconce offers a great sense of balance and beauty in your room. Creating an ambient solution to the simple backdrops, this no overhead lighting solution makes a seamless statement in the Scandinavian, Modern, and Glam-styled rooms.

The simple and clean dimensions throw a soft glow from every corner – thus, fulfilling the necessities while offering a smart solution.

Edison Bulbs

Designed for the rustic and industrial interior design styles, Edison bulbs play a major role in adding an authentic backdrop to the walls and furniture in a room without ceiling light. Offsetting direct light to its surroundings, you can easily place them in pairs in a corner for an added level of comfort and coziness.

Else, you can also use it with your favorite pair of hanging pendant lights!

Tree Lamp

If you prefer furniture that speaks functionality and flexibility – then this is a perfect piece for you! It can easily be directed, adjusted, and twisted – based on your needs and requirements. Also, if you are multitasking, you have a solution right here!

This mid-century modern style lamp requires less space and can easily be used in apartments with no ceiling lights! Hence, a wonder, isn’t it?

Summing it Up

Creativity is never-ending! And you can definitely inject that in a room with no ceiling lights! So, are you excited to incorporate some of these decor ideas? I would love to know your thoughts on this article, comment below!