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Industrial Kitchen Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Industrial Kitchen Design 10

While you are choosing the style of interior design for your house, you should prepare carefully for each room. It does necessary to think about the interior design for your kitchen as well.

If you prefer to apply an industrial design for your kitchen, the following ideas could be the best inspiration ever for you.

Let’s check this out!

Colorful Industrial Kitchen Pattern

Industrial Kitchen Picture

The unique concept of industrial style nowadays is adding some other styles. For the newest one, you can get a new modern industrial idea with a colorful touch.

The key point of this concept is metal or stainless steel, woods, rolling chair and table, and also alloy wheels miniature.

With this concept, you will get all silver touches. For the bar or dining table near the kitchen, you can get a rolling table with rolling stools.

Most of this furniture is made from metal or stainless steel, which is perfect for this style concept. To get a colorful accent, you can install colorful patterned tiles to the backsplash.

All Grey Industrial Kitchen Design

Industrial Kitchen Design

Having limited space for the kitchen and dining room is not a big deal. You can merge these two corners in one place.

In this case, you do not need to build a bar or partition. Just let both of the functions come into one.

Since the concept is industrial, you need a grey wall with metal furniture. For the kitchen set, you can combine the raw woods with metal.

On the other side, you can get an old wooden table which is for your dining table. It will be suited well with the concept.

For the chairs, you can get the steel chair in three tones of color like sky blue, yellow, and also black. For the ceiling part, you can install the lamps and many lamps to get a brighter corner.

Black Kitchen Cabinet for Industrial Look

Industrial Kitchen Picture

Do you want to get a one of a kind kitchen style? You may try this style.

You do not need to install your cabinet and kitchen set to the corner. Instead, you can use a kitchen island that has a built-in cabinet. You can get the modern kitchen island, which has a sink and stove.

Since it is in the middle of the room, you can install two standing chimneys.

All the sets should be black, which will make it look excellent and elegant at once.

For the rest of the space, you can place your refrigerator, additional cabinet, and other storage to fill it up.

The concrete floor in this kitchen is pretty dope, though.

Underground Industrial Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Picture

If you do not have more space on the main floor, you can set your kitchen on the bottom floor.

The room must be bigger than getting space on the main floor. You can get like a whole area for this room.

Moreover, the pipes will be the more natural interior for the industrial kitchen. You can also get a full wooden interior for this concept to get a warmer vibe.

From the stairs, you can build it from wood and metal. Then, you can go with wooden floors.

There are many options for the floors, like hardwood, vinyl, or wooden tiles.

For the ceiling, you do not need to decorate it again if the ceiling has a wooden accent. However, the white color for your wall must be the best one.

Exposed Bricks Wall

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Choosing an exposed brick wall might be one of the most common ideas for industrial kitchens.

However, it is still something of hype up until now. Many people use this idea of applying exposed brick walls for their room, including the kitchen.

Although you have limited space for your kitchen, you can still implement this style pretty well.

You can get the exposed brick on one side only then combine it with the white color.

To make it more balanced, you can install the wooden floor, and use the wood accent for your kitchen set.

Subway Tile for Industrial Kitchen Wall

Industrial Style Kitchen

You might be wondering how to manage a corner with a tilted roof. Some people like to use it for a bedroom or storage.

If you have a kitchen near this corner, you can get this corner as a minibar. You can decorate it into the industrial bar.

For the wall, you can use a white wallpaper with a brick pattern. To make it looks greater, you need to install the floor from the wooden plank in a light color tone.

For the table, you can make a log table made from a thick plank with the unused metal barrel as the leg.

You can use three to four metal barrels based on the length of the table that you want to have.

Then, you can place various types of bar stools, and your minbar is ready. To get a more industrial vibe, you can install the pipes lamp on the wall.

Use A Unique Lighting Fixture

Industrial Kitchen Design

The high ceiling will be more advantageous for getting an industrial style. It will help you to combine and focus on other aspects to decorate.

To give it a more industrial look, you can have an exposed brick wall. Just apply this concept all around the corner.

Moreover, you can also install a kitchen set made from wooden in black color combined with the black marble.

Besides, you can also get a raw wooden dining table. The shape and texture of this kind of dining table will bring you to nature.

On the one side, you can get a long bench from the same woods. Meanwhile, you can get modern dining chairs in black color. These two will be well combined.

Do you know what else could make this design even more industrial?

The lighting fixtures indeed.

Beige Color and Light Brown Tiles Floor

Industrial Style Kitchen

For the righter industrial concept style, you can go with beige and brown colors. The wall can be plain pastel pink or beige color. This color is still neutral but will give a brighter side.

At this time, you do not need a brick wall or an open ceiling.

For the ceiling, you can install some windows on the top to get more natural exposure from the outside. Get the wooden frame for the chimney.

Meanwhile, the floors can be light brown tiles which have a stone-like pattern.

Modern Industrial Kitchen Look

Industrial Kitchen Design

The industrial interior nowadays has various concepts. You can get the old or the modern one. If you want something neater, then you can go with the modern industrial idea.

It has a neater look than the old version one. The key to this concept is the combination of woods and metal color.

You can make all the furniture made from the woods. The recommended color for this style is light brown.

Then you can combine it with a little bit of metal material and marble in metal color. It will shine in your kitchen.

Moreover, you can also install black marble to balance the color in your kitchen. Finally, the modern industrial look with light color is yours.

Metallic Kitchen Under the Stairs Concept

Industrial Kitchen Design

Previously, you will see so many concepts of an industrial interior with exposed brick walls and an open ceiling that shows the pipes.

Nowadays, this concept develops following the era. You will see this concept has been growing with more detail in metal, wood accent, and also neater look.

You can bring your kitchen to the under stairs. This space will be perfect as long as you have the bigger one or at least enough space for cooking.

You do not need too much decoration. Install the cooking set in the middle of the room. You can make it from marble in a grey color.

For the backside, you can install open shelving where you can store your kitchen apparatus or tableware side to the refrigerator.

For the last point, the floor can be wooden tiles, hardwood, or vinyl in wooden patterns in a light color.

Industrial Interior for Tilted Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen

Having a straight room usually makes it easier to decorate.

However, it will be more tricky when you have a tilted room.

You need to get the right measurement for the furniture and the interior to make it look better.

In this case, you need to place the furniture against the shape. Install your kitchen set in the middle of the room with the opposite placement with the tilt direction.

Make sure that you have installed it right in the middle, so it will get more space to move around.

Then, you can install the storage right in the corner of the kitchen.

Industrial Kitchen with Iron Stools

Industrial Style Kitchen

What will come through your mind when people say industrial interior design?

Yes, pipes!

This is an essential thing for the industrial concept. Either for the old style or the modern style, both have pipes as the details. It also can be said that pipelines are the mark of this concept.

If you do not like an open ceiling that will show off the pipes on the top of your kitchen you can try to make them into an item of furniture

Basically, you will not have real pipes.

You can make it from steel or metal, which has a pattern and texture that looks like a pipe.

The first thing that you can make is a dining table. You can use the steel to shape into big pipes as the legs of the table.

Then, you can use a raw wood countertop as the surface of the dining table as it needs a durable material.

Second, you can make pipes stool. Like the legs of a table, you can take it from steel or metal.

Turn it into a stool which has detail like pipes in red color.

Lastly, you already got a set of dining tables in the industrial concept.

Neat Industrial Kitchen

Industrial Style Kitchen

A simple and neat look also can be drawn in the industrial concept. You just need to take the open ceiling concept. It has to get a wooden accent on the top.

To balance the look, you need to install hardwood for the floor with a light brown color since you want to make it as simple as possible.

Then, you can just install a cooking site in the middle of the room.

Then, the backside can be a storage corner.

To get the details, hang on a chandelier with match color. This concept needs enough exposure.

Modern Industrial Design for Open Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

An open kitchen is one of the dreams of some people. It has enough exposure, so it will not get more additional lights.

Moreover, it will look more breathable than the close kitchen. If you have this kind of concept, you can also mix it with the industrial style.

You just need to install grey marble floors. Then you can apply the ceramic tiles on the wall.

To make it look modern, the ceramic subway tiles are chosen more than the brick.

Meanwhile, the furniture can be made from wood combined with marble as the surface.

If you need storage, you can make some open shelving where your tableware and kitchen stools will be showing off.

Metallic Cabinet for Simple White Kitchen

Industrial Kitchen Design

A modern concept with a simple and neat look can be combined with a strong style of an industrial interior.

Nowadays, you can even find a modern industrial concept which is neater and looks brighter than the previous style of industrial design.

For this concept, you can go with a metallic color. You can apply for the furniture like the kitchen set, shelving, cabinet, and even a bar table in the kitchen.

Then, you can combine it with a wooden touch.

Simple Gray Tiles for Wall

Industrial Kitchen Design

Do you want a simple interior for your kitchen but love to use an industrial interior?

You can go with the simplest one. Grey and wooden accents are two things that will be the main point for this style. You can apply all grey from the wall to your furniture.

The furniture like the kitchen set, sink, shelving, and dining table can be all made by grey color.

To balance the tone, you might install a wooden plank for the floors. So, you got a simple kitchen with an industrial concept.

Wooden Cabinet and Table Set

Industrial Kitchen Design

If you have a larger space for your kitchen and want to get a minibar, you can go with this interior.

For the kitchen set, you might build it like it is made from a shining metal. For the most durable material, you can use marble in a light color.

However, the color will not be as shiny as a metal. Move to the sink; you can make it from pure marble, which has a deep grey color.

Right in front of this sink, you can install a table bar made from a wooden stick to the sink side but in a longer length.

Add the wooden stool, then your kitchen will be prettier than ever.

Simple White Color Domination

Industrial Kitchen Picture

A kitchen on the attic is not a bad idea. You can even get the most unique kitchen.

There are two types of the ceiling for this corner, the tilted and the A-shape one.

For the A-shape ceiling, it will be better to not use an open ceiling. Just make it neat and paint it into all white.

Then, you can install a kitchen set rounding to the corner. It has to be in U-shape, so you will have a cooking corner to the middle corner.

On the other hand, you can also separate the sink corner and stick it with the minibar.

If there is more space, you can get a dining bench made from woods and steel to be placed straight to the kitchen set on the right or left side.

Since the attic seems smaller, you need to install wooden planks in white color as the floor.