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15 Mid-Century Modern Rug Ideas

By: Nishtha Sadana

Sharing synonyms with functionality and simplicity, Mid-Century Modern Interior Design is all about clean lines, organic forms, crisp edges, minimal ornamentation, and an undeniably timeless appeal. Many homeowners have seemed to absolutely adore this style and you know why? Well, that is mainly because this style will never go out of fashion!

When decorating Mid-Century Modern, incorporating rugs is a great way to fuse those bold hues with geometric patterns. Not only pertaining to this style but you are also quite likely to incorporate these rugs in Modern and Contemporary backdrops.

So, just in case if you are looking for retro-modern rug designs, here are some of our absolute favorites!

Metro Multicolor Rug

Featuring urban-inspired motifs with a notable color scheme, this subway map-inspired area rug is bound to align with your Mid-Century background settings. Popping hues of yellow, orange, and green in the most intriguing ways – it is time that you feel delighted with the dynamic and contemporary vibe this rug offers.

Apart from the aesthetics, these Ruggable rugs are also quite easy to maintain as they are washable and kid and pet friendly!

Sunflower Trellis Area Rug

Stunning, cheerful, and bright, this classic Mid-Century Modern area rug is a perfect way to radiate positivity and motivation. Fascinating pattern motifs and a yellow splash of color, the best way to pair this area rug are with gray or black upholstery – linen or faux!

It has a great quality, thick texture pile to make your feet feel plush and comfortable as you walk barefoot. Also, don’t forget to multiply the hue and pattern on your pillows and throws to achieve a seamless look. 

Geometric Ivory Area Rug

How fascinating is this Mid-Century Modern rug, right? Very unique, chic, and quirky in its own ways – this geometric ivory rug flaunts off some timeless patterns and a theme to rather grab the attention of the viewer. The neutral background amplifies interest in your space while creating an illusion of making it look larger.

This area rug also further streamlines the color palette of your space by popping those intriguing hues up to a certain limit!

Hollywood Abstract Rug

Instantly transforming the power and focus of your room to this rug, isn’t this a beautiful cool-toned Mid-Century area rug to have in your home? Not only are the patterns quite eye-catchy and notable but also the color coordination is something to have an eye on!

This area rug has a half-inch pile height – thus, good to feel fluffy and comfortable underneath your foot while you walk around barefoot!

Handmade Tufted Gray Rug

This classic Mid-Century Modern rug style fuses clean lines with muted tones and definite patterns to create a palette that is pretty much retro. Seamlessly blending with your dark hardwood floors, fixtures, and settings – this rug can exhibit a color and creativity boost in your space.

Furthermore, with a thick pile height – this rug offers immense comfort while also catering to the high-traffic areas of your home.

Abstract Art Rug

When in doubt – choose an abstract rug for your Mid-Century Modern rooms! Speaking of expressionist art abstracts, incorporate this area rug in your spaces that have warmer-toned accent hues like red and burnt oranges.

Apart from Mid-Century Modern, you can even use this area rug in modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, and transitional-styled homes. Not to forget – this Ruggable rug can easily be washed and cleaned at home – without having to worry about maintenance.

Multi Triangle Mosaic Area Rug

This joyful area rug makes a great statement in your living rooms, dining rooms, kids’ rooms, and play areas that crave a little attention in terms of focus and cheerfulness. The irregular triangle patterns and natural world motifs throw a splash of color and excitement at the same time.

Complying with the rules of Mid-Century Modern interior design style, there is a wide array of patterns, crisp lines, geometric forms, and interesting hues – thus, definitely to have something in your rooms!

Mid-Century Modern Valeria Rug

There is something so timeless and unique about this rug that it can be used with any and every interior design style. Adding a perfect chic retro charm to your floors, this monochromatic design peaks extreme visual interest and depth to your room.

Don’t worry too much about the durability and comfort as it is equipped with a thick pile and extra cushion to make you feel cozy and warm!

Mid-Century Modern Lotus Rug

Strong lines, sharp edges, and bold hues make a perfect Mid-Century Modern rug! The beautiful geometries and right angles would definitely compliment your setback with a major focus on simplicity and thoughtful design. 

Also, did you observe that golden lining running across the surface of the area rug? Yes! That is quite likely to mix and match with your metal tinted lighting fixtures! 

Vibrant Chevron Area Rug

Defining utmost sophistication and a playful vibe, this vibrant Mid-Century rug pattern will never go out of style. Whether you plan to place it in the living room, bedrooms, or even as kitchen and hallway runners – the patterns outcasted will complement and blend in with your style.

This area rug will also add energy into the room without stealing too much focus from the adjacent furniture and accessories.

Trutina Mid-Century Rug

Inspired by the abstract works of Bauhaus artists, you must have an eye for detail to be liking an authentic Mid-Century Modern area rug like this. Featuring a playful balance of oversized shapes in solid and dramatic hues such as red, yellow, and blue – this rug will truly take your space to the next level of art!

At the same time, it feels quite unique and fun-loving to moderately create the desired aura – stylish yet sophisticated. 

Abstract Handmade Wool Blue Area Rug

Say goodbye to old and boring Mid-Century rug patterns for something more trendy, stylish, impressive, and dramatic. This perfect geometric multicolored area rug is far beyond those basic, primary shapes. Rather, it makes use of striking forms and edges to give your room a brand new makeover!

Responsible for fostering a lively and enlightened vibe – you can best use it in the living room, bedrooms, and even your kids’ rooms and nursery!

Green Blue Area Rug

Introduce a natural vibe indoors by incorporating this green and blue mid-century modern rug style that very well complements your live home decor with a soothing touch. Intriguing patterns and straight edges define immense depth while splashing that cool-toned hue to refresh the ambiance.

This is a recommended rug in case you have ample pool parties and BBQs as it can easily withstand high footfall! 

Anza Polychrome Mid-Century Modern Rug

Showcasing geometric weave-like patterns, this Mid-Century Modern area rug is quite a classic example. Its dynamic character can be observed through a play of fun-loving colors, sleek lines, and angular shapes. And not to ignore, this area rug also makes a perfect statement in other variant interior design styles!

Whether you plan on specifying a neutral-toned couch or an eclectic brighter-hued loveseat – this area rug will prove to be one solution for all!

Hera Round Mid-Century Modern Rug

Your area rug doesn’t have to necessarily flaunt the splash of colors all the time! Sometimes, you can even choose solid bold hues with major patterns defining the character of the rug. So, one such classic example is this round rug that is no lesser than the other multicolored rugs!

You can let the bold color on your rug play dominant while pairing it with subdued hues to create balance and focal perspective in your space.

Summing it Up

You must have observed that Mid-Century Modern area rug designs are quite timeless and flexible to use. So, even if you plan to decorate and redecorate your homes quite often – these rugs will never go in vain!

With this wide plethora of rug designs – did you particularly like something? I would love to know your thoughts, comment below!