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15 Mid Century Modern Wall Decor Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Mid century modern (MCM) design is all about marrying traditional design ideas to ones that are more fun and contemporary. 

By this definition, many MCM decorative elements include orthodox materials like wood, as well as modern ones like metal and vinyl. You’ll also see plenty of muted colors as well as lively ones, plus a ton of wooden frames and metallic elements.

Below is a collection of the finest mid century prints, MCM clocks, mid century paintings, and eye-catching wall mirrors out there: 

Embrace Unorthodox Design with a Geometrical Wall Clock

Staying true to the mid century modern theme, this unique clock features both metal and wooden parts. This marriage of smooth metal spokes to embellished wooden rectangular arcs makes for an intriguing design complete with multiple textures.

Its black and silver color scheme makes this clock ideal for mid century modern homes styled under a similar color pallet. To enhance its visually striking appearance, try placing this clock against a contrasting white wall. 

Introduce Your Wall to the Phases of the Moon

This minimalist approach to expressing the moon’s many phases will make for an excellent addition to your mid century home. 

Remember, MCM fashion is all about experimenting with unorthodox art styles while simultaneously paying tribute to traditional mediums. 

In this case, the traditional element would be the wooden frame and its clean-cut borders. The unorthodox approach is characterized by the gouache-like texture decked across the moons. 

Introduce Faux Texture with a “Wooden” Bird Print

If you’re not keen on using actual wood, why not opt for a faux wooden effect instead? This art print can help you achieve such a look. 

Both birds bear a printed wooden texture that’s typical of mid century modern wall art. You’ll also notice an ode to minimalism within the simplistic bird legs. This painting isn’t too bright or bold yet manages to make a lasting impression upon the onlooker. 

Appreciate Muted Pastels with a Unique Framed Print

This mid century modern artwork features a modest range of muted pastel colors. MCM design is about keeping things simple and functional. That being said, it is also about experimenting with pops of color that look great without taking center stage. 

This print features all of these elements, making it an excellent example of mid century modern wall art. Its MCM feel is heightened by the clean, prominent frame surrounding it. 

Add a Pop of Color with a Colorful Wooden Frame

Like many mid century paintings, this one, too, features a unique color scheme that overlaps with the ‘retro’ design theme. 

This print features a wooden canvas, which is one of the most popular materials employed within mid century modern design. 

The design’s simplistic approach to creativity is another thing that ties it to the MCM aesthetic. Unlike more flamboyant themes, like glam or electric, mid century modern design believes that true beauty lies in ergonomic, minimalist patterns. 

Bring the Sun Home with this Sunburst Wall Clock

This golden wall clock resembles the sun in all its glory. Not only can this clock help with telling the time, but it can also uplift your room’s appearance with its glossy finish. 

If your room’s furniture contains a gold trim, this clock will fit right in! Many mid century modern dressers, beds, and seats include golden elements – so there’s a high chance of this clock complimenting them. 

Deck Your Walls with Succulents

If you’re a fan of succulents, take a look at these stylish mid century modern planters! Their use of straight, unbroken lines helps these planters pay tribute to MCM design. Plus, you can add an organic element by including tiny plants within the pots!

These succulent pots are also a great way to liven up a dull room without straying from the core theme. Thanks to their eye-catching golden finish, these planters will look great against even the plainest of walls. 

Appreciate Symmetry with this Minimalist Art Print

This print features a muted color scheme that will complement both contemporary and mid-century modern furniture pieces. 

The artistic design itself has been crafted from clean, unbroken lines, which is a signature element of mid century style. There’s also a keen tribute to the art of symmetry, which, too, overlaps with MCM design.   

Moreover, this print is available in a variety of sizes. So, feel free to choose one that best fits in with your wall’s aesthetic.

Decorate with a Framed Cat Print

If you’re a cat lover with a mid century modern home, this print is purr-fect for you!

This art print pays tribute to the MCM style with its use of retro-themed colors and geometric shapes. The wooden frame surrounding this print further enhances its mid century modern feel.

Despite its relatively simple approach to art, this print is not boring nor shy. Although the colors do share a muted feel, they also manage to beckon at the onlooker by subtly leaping off the canvas.

Feel Like You’re Flying with this Airplane Print

Take a trip to the first-class cabin of a mid century airplane with this stunning art print. Complete with a peek-a-boo feature from the traditional brown leather seats from the 60s, this painting is a true MCM masterpiece! 

Style tip: Match this print with a dark, wooden frame to enhance its mid century modern aesthetic! The frame will also protect this print’s edges from becoming dog-eared over time. 

Appreciate Colorful Minimalism with this Yellow Art Print

This minimalist print features an interesting design that’s made solely of yellow semicircles. 

Geometrical mid century prints like this one were extremely popular during the 60s. The idea of using creative geometry within art prints was created at a time when the MCM style was at its prime. 

So, if you’re looking for an authentic mid century modern art print, this one might be perfect for you! Plus, its wooden frame will likely match your MCM furniture! 

Hang An Abstract-Patterned Circular Mirror

There’s no harm in experimenting with a mid century wall hanging that’s more glam than muted! If your MCM room already contains elements featuring a shiny luster, this mirror will fit right in with the rest!

This wall hanging offers ample space for you to observe your reflection. Hence, it combines an appealing appearance with functionality. This feature allows this mirror to stay true to the rules of mid century modern design. 

Opt for Functional Minimalism with a Simple Wooden Mirror

MCM design is appreciative of functional minimalism and wooden elements. This mirror includes both. Its wide diameter makes this mirror large enough to serve as the perfect addition to your dresser. Plus, thanks to its pretty wooden rim, this mirror can double up as a decorative wall piece, too! 

On the note of mid century modern design, this mirror contains clean, unbroken lines, too. This feature increases its relevancy to the MCM decorative style.  

Experiment with Color Using These Framed Prints

This stunning frame set features a balanced color pallet containing both bright and muted tones. This collaboration between orthodox, uncomplicated colors (like grey and black) and eye-catching ones (like yellow) aligns well with the MCM style.

We can also see the all-black frame paying ode to the mid century modern aesthetic. Once again, we see the unbroken, solid lines that are typical of MCM frames. 

Decorate with a Vintage Framed Picture

This photograph dates back to the 20th century, making it the perfect classic addition to any mid century modern room. Its grayscale color scheme gives it an old feel, while the model’s crisp dressing adds the element of modernity. 

There are no hazy illusions or unnecessarily vibrant colors within this piece. Few photographs come this close to truly encapsulating the MCM aesthetic. 

Finally, the precise, rectangular frame accurately embodies MCM design by championing straight, unbroken lines over more flamboyant options. 

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, going over this list of MCM décor ideas will have helped you find the perfect piece for your empty wall.

When finalizing your selection, be sure to take your room’s color scheme into mind. Though all the pieces noted above are purely mid century modern, not all of them will match your room’s unique interior. 

So, for example, if your room has yellow elements, invest in a wall frame that includes a splash of yellow, too. This will help your room appear more aesthetically pleasing than before.