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Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 18

Nowadays, you can find the various styles of interior design for a kitchen. Form the minimalist to the glamorous one.

However, there is one thing that should be concerned which is storage. You can get a cabinet or shelf to organize things in the kitchen.

If you want to display your kitchen tools, you can get an open kitchen shelving. The design might be various, so you can mix and match it with the theme of your kitchen decoration.

Moreover, it will also make you easier to organize your stuff in the kitchen. If you still have no idea, here are open kitchen shelving ideas for you.

Simple Open Shelving for Coffee Corner

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 1

Do you want to have a coffee corner in the kitchen?

Basically, you do not need too much decoration to get this corner. The most important part of this corner is your coffee maker and all its equipment.

You just need two rows open shelving in medium size. On the top row, you can place your collection of coffee makers.

Meanwhile, various mugs and cups can be displayed on the bottom rows. Just place them as naturally as you can without taking too much effort.

Open Kitchen Shelving under Kitchen Set

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas 12

Recently, most of the kitchen has to have a kitchen set.

Basically, it lets your kitchen look neater while you need to store many things inside. If you do not want to get it plain, you can also combine it with open shelving under the cabinet.

The color of this shelving must contrast with the color of your cabinet so it will look more natural.

In the corner, you can place the oven and other kinds of kitchen equipment.

However, you can just display some artificial or real plants on the open shelving if you do not want to make it full of things.

Farmhouse Floating Kitchen Shelving

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design 5

Rustic is one of the interior styles that can be perfectly matched with your kitchen. It will mostly take the wood base for the floor, wall, and other details.

If you want to install a shelf, it is better to use floating shelving for this style. It will not block the interior and make it more aesthetic.

You do not need to take a floating shelf with a longer size. Just take the small ones and then arrange them into three rows.

It will be best if you can install them near the window side to side. Then, avoid putting too many things on it.

Raw Wood Kitchen Shelving

Farmhouse Style Kitchen Design 9

Installing an open kitchen shelving near a window is a good idea. It has an opened design so it will not make your kitchen feel stuffy.

For the best material, you can use raw woods. It is strong but has an aesthetic look. You do not need to decorate it again. Just show its nature as a wood.

For the size, you can adjust it with the corner that will be used. Since you will install it near the window, make sure that it will not block that much.

If you have a larger space, you can get the bigger ones. Placing an artificial plant is a bonus for this style.

White Minimalist Kitchen Shelving

Mid Century Kitchen Rack Style

If you feel that installing open shelving for both sides of a window is too suffocating, you can choose one corner which is more suitable.

It will be better if you can install it near your bar side. It will help the look neater.

For the color, white is the best choice for a minimalist concept. You can get the plain white with its prop. You can display your tableware or wine bottles.

Ideally, you will need three rows. For the top side, you can put things that rarely or will never be used.

Just use it for displaying your things there while you can put anything that will be regularly used in middle and bottom rows.

Simple Modern Kitchen Shelving

Sleek Modern Kitchen With Mid Century Style

Some people think that the kitchen does not need too much decoration. It will be better if it goes as simple as possible. It is not a wrong idea.

You can get this concept if you prefer a clean and neat kitchen.

However, you can still get an aesthetic touch by using an open kitchen shelving. For this concept, get a long size of the board and make it into two rows shelving.

If you do not want to make it look messy, get a space from one thing to another.

Open Shelving on Sparkling Kitchen

Mosaic Patterned Stainless Steel Kitchen Backsplash

Do you need a sparkle in your kitchen?

You can get glass tiles to get its glam. This kind of decoration will give an illusion of a sparkling room.

You can apply the glass tiles for your kitchen’s wall. Once it has been installed, your kitchen will give a different vibe.

To complete your interior, you can install the wooden shelving on this sparkling wall. The combination will be great since it will shine the shelving without adding any lights.

Since the glass tiles already made the glam, you do not need to display too many things on the shelving. Just make a simple display on it.

Hanging Kitchen Shelving Ideas

Curved Ceiling Spanish Kitchen Style Hgtv

Rather than a cabinet, some people prefer to install a hanging kitchen shelving. It will display your equipment kitchen.

However, you need to make sure that the stuff will be arranged neatly. Mostly the hanging shelving can be placed on both sides of the stove corner.

It has a function for tableware storage. Three to four rows is enough for this type of shelving.

Stainless Steel Shelving

Sagaponack New York Architecturaldigest Kitchen

A modern look with an industrial vibe is a great combination for your kitchen’s style.

Wood and stainless steel is not a wrong combination at this point. It will be blended well and give a new vibe for your kitchen.

You can even make a floating and hanging shelf from stainless steel. Two rows of the open shelving above the stoves for your kitchen equipment.

Meanwhile, you can install a hanging shelf across the window for your tableware.

Open Row Kitchen Shelving

Mid Century Modern Kitchen Style

A small kitchen is a little bit tricky to decorate. You need to choose the right interior and layout to make it look cool and breathable.

Basically, you need to organize the furniture and its equipment well.

If you feel that the cabinet is too suffocating, you can install an open row kitchen shelving. It will let the kitchen look bigger since there is no partition.

Moreover, you can install the open shelving around the kitchen.

At this point, you can store all the stuff that you have in the kitchen. Make it in three rows from corner to corner which is above the sink and stove.

To make it balance, you can add some accessories like small artificial plants on the shelving.

Corner Vintage Kitchen Shelving

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 1

Vintage interior design is still a trend. Nowadays, there are so many cafes that use this concept, as well as the kitchen.

The combination of old stuff with great decoration makes this concept eternal. You can combine brick and old wooden patterns in your kitchen.

The white brick for your wall, while a white wooden pattern for your furniture. It will be the best combination to make you be more comfortable while cooking in the kitchen.

For the shelving, you can install a corner shelving near the window. You can use the same pattern as your furniture.

The pattern can be like old wood in white color and you need to find the vintage one. It is carved on the bottom side which has a larger surface.

Open Kitchen Cabinet

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 18

Actually, hanging shelving is perfect for every style of the kitchen’s interior. To combine, you can also install an open cabinet.

This combination will make your kitchen look amazing. It will not be too plain, especially if you have a plain neutral color for your kitchen.

For the first, you can install open shelving on the top of the window in one row. Make sure that the size is not too smaller or bigger than the window and it will not block the light exposure.

If you do not want to place any kitchen equipment or your tableware in this shelving, three to four artificial plants on it.

For the second, install the open cabinet on the top of the cooking area. You can make it in a full corner, so you can place some equipment in there, especially for your oven.

This cabinet can be used to store your tableware and other kitchen equipment. You can organize them well to make it look clean and neat since it has an open display.

Corner Kitchen Shelving Cabinet

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 17

What is the difference between an open shelving and an open cabinet?

The basic concept of these two is the same, it has an open display.

However, the cabinet has a partition while shelving is a board on the wall. If you have a larger space and need a space to fill, you can get an open cabinet.

The partition might not be too large but you can designate as needed.

Like a usual cabinet, it has some space that can be divided into some rows in various sizes for each. It will make you easier in organizing your kitchen equipment.

Floating Bar and Kitchen Shelving

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 16

Floating bar and kitchen shelving basically had no difference from other types of shelving kitchen. It is a board that will be installed against the wall with two or three rows.

For this style, you only need to focus on the placement of the shelving. You need to install it near the bar which is nearly the corner of your kitchen.

It must be on the side of the bar so you can display your wine bottle and glass. To make it look elegant, you do not need to install it in a big size. Just install it in a small size for three rows.

Open Kitchen Shelving with Lights

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 15

If you want to give another vibe for your kitchen, you install an open kitchen shelving with the lights. You need to install it as usual, which is on the top of the cooking corner.

So, it will be on the two sides. The recommended material is wooden in light brown color so it will be blended well with white color as a concept of your kitchen.

Then, get LED lamps which have a small size. Install them to the bottom surface of the shelving from the corner to corner.

Usually, you just need to stick on, so it will not take too much time to install.

Open Kitchen Shelving in Monochrome

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 14

A monochrome concept is also applicable to a kitchen. If you do not want to make it look darker, you can dominate the kitchen with white color.

It will help the corner look brighter and wider but still in the concept. It will be easier if you want to install an open kitchen shelving.

You can install the shelving along the wall. Install it into two rows without any space.

Since you need a longboard for this shelving, you can add props on some points. It will help to bear the weight.

Clean and Neat Open Shelving

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 13

If you prefer a clean look, you need to install an open shelving in a modern and simple look.

You just need a board for shelving without any props. The props will make a space between each row and will not make it look neat.

Just make it plain and thick, so you can get a clean look. Arrange your stuff based on its colors and do not place too many things.

The key is, the lower row is for the most used stuff while the higher row is for accessories or the less used stuff.

Wooden Open Shelving Kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 12

A combination of opening shelving and cabinet will be the best furniture that you have in the kitchen.

It will be best if you can get this type of furniture from wood. The texture of the wood will make it look even more aesthetic.

Install the open shelving to the corner side of your kitchen. It can be above the sink. It has to connect with the cabinet.

Then, you can store your equipment in the cabinet while the rest stuff on the open shelving.

Open Shelving Above Sink Ideas

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 11

Having a small kitchen is not too difficult to decorate. As long as you can arrange it with the correct layout and design, it will be turned into the greatest kitchen.

To utilize the space, you cannot let it empty. Installing open shelving around will be a good idea.

First, you can install on the left and right side above the sink. In the middle will be a window, so it will not be suffocating.

For the above window, you can install a wooden open shelving into two rows.

If there is a space on the side corner, you can also install an open shelving made from glass. This combination will be perfect for your kitchen.

Four Rows Wooden Floating Shelves

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 10

Kitchen set and its storage is an important part that you have prepared ahead. You have to think about how the interior and the furniture will match each other.

For storage of your kitchen equipment and tableware, it needs a cabinet or shelves. For the cabinet, you can keep the stuff in a closed area so there will be not too much dust on it.

However, open shelving will make your kitchen look elegant and breathable since there is no partition.

If you prefer an open shelving, you can get it into 4 rows. The materials must be strong woods. You can buy it at the store or make it by yourself.

Since you will put all your tableware and kitchen equipment, you have to make sure that the board has stuck properly on the wall.

That is why you also need to make sure that the board is thick and strong to bear the weight.

Bar-Like Open Kitchen Shelving

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 9

Basically, an open shelving has the same concept and shape. You just need to modify it based on the interior and layout of your kitchen.

If you want to put it on the straight line, it will be easier.

You do not need to cut them into some pieces. You can let it hang from end to end of the kitchen. The difference is the finishing that must be matched with the concept that you have.

You can get a bar-like concept. At this point, you can display your collection like wine bottles, jars or unique tableware.

Floating Shelving Across to Windows

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 8

Mostly, people tend to install floating shelving on the wall.

In fact, you can also install this kind of shelving across the window. If you have a big window in the kitchen, it will be a perfect interior to avoid the emptiness.

However, you need it hung on the ceiling and stuck on the wall side of the windows. You can get this kind of shelving from the stores with various materials.

You must note that it will be better if you just display some accessories on it rather than storing all your kitchen equipment.

Open Kitchen Shelving in Traditional Touch

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 7

For the open kitchen shelving concept, it must be standard. Since it is formed by some wooden boards then arrange into some rows.

You can adjust the size for reach rows which will make them more suitable for each corner.

At this point, you just need to put some elements to get a vibe with your concept. For traditional interior style, you can display plates and mugs made from woods and ceramic.

Moreover, you can also place earthenware at some point.

Hanging Shelving for Coffee Bar

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 6

Do you like the vibe of a coffee bar? You can bring this vibe to your kitchen. What you need to do is install a hanging shelving made from raw woods.

Then, place a wooden box on the top rows. For the second rows, you can display your equipment that are rarely used. All of them can be can or glass materials.

If there is a space, you can also place a small pot of artificial plants.

Meanwhile, the bottom rows can be glasses or other tableware.

To get into this vibe, you need two to three vintage hanging lights.

Industrial Hanging Shelving Ideas

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 5

The industrial interior concept is not only for the living room or bedroom. You can also get this concept for your kitchen.

The brick wall with open ceilings or pipes is the most natural interior. At this point, you can also install hanging shelving.

The shelving has an open concept so you do not need to open or close to get the stuff that you want.

To make it look more industrial, you can also install pillars for each side in front of the shelving. It can be made from steel or pipes.

Open Shelving for Aisle Kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 4

If you have a kitchen in the aisle, open shelving is the best solution to store your stuff neatly.

Basically, you have two sides which are for sink and cooking for each. For the cooking side, you can install a cabinet on top to avoid the dust or dirt while cooking.

In opposite, you can install the open shelving above the sink. The material can be wood as the surface of your kitchen set.

Then, you can place all your plates, glasses, and other tableware neatly.

Hanging Open Shelving for Mini Kitchen

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 3

Monochrome with balance tone is the best concept you can have for your mini kitchen.

You can have a full kitchen set for the dishes side. There will be cabinets and other types of storage that all of them are closed.

Meanwhile, you can show off some of your tableware of kitchen equipment on the other corner by installing a hanging open shelving.

The combination of woods and black steel will make it look warmer.

Corner Open Shelving in Pink Combination

Open Shelving Kitchen Ideas 2

Do you feel that it would be better to store all the stuff like kitchen equipment and tableware in the cabinet?

It is not wrong since the cabinet has a closed side so the dust or dirt will not get into easily.

However, if there is still a small space in the corner of your cooking side so you need to install an open shelving.

You do not need a big one, just get the small one which is perfectly fit to the corner side.

Then, place some accessories in vibrant pink color. It will balance the interior well.