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Outdoor Kitchen Designs

By: Evelina Nilsson
Outdoor Kitchen Design And Layout Ideas 20

The only reason people want an outdoor kitchen is to create a more unforgettable moment with friends, family, and loved ones while cooking.

An outdoor kitchen allows us to have a view while preparing meals or making beverages; therefore, the construction has to be planned accurately.

You can begin planning a theme and then the view you desire. Here are some ideas that will inspire you. They provide different designs and schemes to fulfill your dream outdoor kitchen!

Relaxing View Out Of Stone Cut Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen is using stone cut to beautify the flooring and the kitchen counter construction, which is accompanied by a lovely granite kitchen countertop.

The kitchen is supplied with necessary items such as a grill and dishwasher. The kitchen is guarded by some sturdy white pillars too, which enhances the overall look.

To give contrast to the white pillars, set wooden planks to cover the ceiling.

A Shady Outdoor Kitchen with Open Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

This outdoor kitchen is located under a tall tree, making it shady. You can feel the breeze carrying your cooking’s aroma to your neighbor’s house.

Cooking in this place seems to be very relaxing, isn’t it?

Another exciting idea is to cover the preparation station with pergola, which is the wooden construction above it. This adds value to the kitchen. It looks more aesthetic and eye-pleasing.

Whitewashed Brick Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

This outdoor kitchen employs a rustic style. The design includes whitewashed bricks to construct the kitchen counter and fireplace.

The rustic look is balanced with modern metal kitchen appliances such as gas stove, dishwasher, oven, and water faucet.

Moreover, the cabinet, which is made of cherry wood, truly makes up the rustic motive.

Patio Outdoor Kitchen and a Massive Fireplace

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

This outdoor kitchen looks stylish with a patio and stone fireplace.

The fireplace is an essential point in an outdoor kitchen to give warmth during a windy night cooking or to make a gathering more comfortable.

The access from the seating area to cooking space is fully open to ease you to move. By looking at the composition, we know that this idea is a well-balanced and warm outdoor kitchen.

Lakeview Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

If you have a balcony or space looking over a lake, you should not let it go to waste.

Take advantage of it by transforming the entire space into a soothing outdoor kitchen. Incorporate the deep blue color of the water to kitchen design.

Here, the deep blue color can be spotted on the sunbathing chair, the fridge’s edge, the clock, and the plant pot.

Let the rest of the interior be painted white to catch the natural sunlight, so the kitchen looks bigger and brighter.

Overlooking the Forest Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Facade

The forest gives out a calming and relaxing atmosphere. The breeze coming from its direction will help you release stress and pressure of everyday work.

While enjoying cooking, your eyes will be pleased with this greeny view. The kitchen stools are positioned to face the forest.

Meanwhile, the kitchen is also supplied with a built-in stove, grill, and dishwasher.

Spacious Outdoor Kitchen with Entertainment Area

Outdoor Kitchen Facade

This outdoor kitchen uses a large open space in the backyard, so the view is directly overlooking the open field and the neighboring houses, separated by a rustic fence.

The built-in grill, oven, and ingredients cabinet are attached in this beautiful stone cut counter. While preparing the meals, parents can keep their eyes on their children playing on the grass.

Open Rustic Outdoor Kitchen with Pergola

Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

Pergola is always a nice touch because it gives the preparation station more character. This outdoor kitchen is strong with a rustic theme.

The counter is built using rough wooden planks that match the deck and topped by a beautiful granite countertop.

The counter is surrounded by stone cut construction that elevates the overall look.

Outdoor Grill and Sufficient Prep Station

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas For Small Spaces

Nice weather is not something you want to miss out on.

To make a dream come true, transform your backyard into an outdoor grill and prep station.

The station is not too large, yet sufficient enough for two people. The grill is excellently placed in the middle, sending out the aroma to everyone when grilling.

Extend the patio to cover the seating area and add a pergola above the counter to give shade during a sunny day.

Breezy Summer Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen looks like a place to have an epic summer dinner party. With such an open view of nature, the color of nature is reflected in the materials.

The kitchen counter has a nature-inspired color, and the appliances which are made with sleek silver color make the kitchen look stylish.

A Very Inviting Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

Summer is a time where everyone needs to go out and enjoy the weather.

Having an outdoor kitchen would be a great investment. You can optimize the kitchen by using natural materials.

For instance, the counter and prep station are built using stone. To connect the prep area to the eating area, the owner uses the same tile.

Coastal-colored Rocks Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you want an outdoor kitchen with a unique framework, pergola should be your choice. The wooden framework gives a distinctive shade on the ground.

Looking at the ground, the owner placed the tiles in an organized way. In between the tiles, coastal-colored rocks are packed together, creating a natural-inspired scene.

If you want a contrast from the natural scene, you can add these silver appliances. The sleek design gives a balance to the calming nature-inspired mood.

Mediterranean Style Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This Mediterranean style kitchen is supplied with stainless steel appliances such as the huge grill that becomes the center of attention at your summer party.

The bar is large too. It is sufficient for more than five people. The stonework on the bottom part of the pillar is a nice work, elevating the Mediterranean feeling.

Mini Open Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Facade

A small space is not an obstacle to own a beautiful mini outdoor kitchen. The small prep station and a modest grill give out an impression of simplicity.

The counter is sufficient enough for two people preparing meals, and the dining area in front of it looks stunning. To create a deep ambiance during dinner, add some warm candlelights.

Modern and Sleek Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This outdoor kitchen is facing the skyline from afar. This situation makes preparing meals more enjoyable.

Imagine how the city looks at night, and you are enjoying dinner with a significant other. How romantic!

The design of this open balcony kitchen is made sleek and modern. As a contrast, a varnished floating dinner table is assembled. Then, put together the entire design with patio pavers.

Completely Outdoor Kitchen with a Firepit

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

The owner is taking the outdoor kitchen’s meaning literally by having this completely open kitchen by the woods.

For a dinner or a chill night out, this kitchen, which is accompanied by a square stone cut fire pit, will make the time unforgettably cozy.

The kitchen is designed to be simple and ergonomic. There are two mounted racks on the outside part of the counter for extra storage.

Curved Pergola Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Above the kitchen set is a pergola made of cherry wood. The wooden framework is adorned with decorative lights, making it perfect for dinner parties.

The open kitchen incorporates a large grill and a sufficient prep station. With an open bar style, the kitchen uses different sizes of a stone slab.

Backyard Outdoor Kitchen with Patio Umbrella

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This curving kitchen unit includes a spacious and comfortable eating table. The area provides plenty of room serving your social gathering need.

The kitchen incorporates a large grill, sink, take-out rubbish bin, and a pretty large preparing station.

The overlooking view is mesmerizing too. The open lake will make you feel relaxed. Complete the set by adding a unique patio umbrella. Its vibrant color radiate positivity and cheerfulness.

Modest Urban Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas On A Budget

This prep station is designed to be very simple, and it comes with two rustic racks mounted on the wall for extra open storage.

The owner transforms the rustic elements into an urban kitchen style by adding some plants and hanging lamps.

Then, give the kitchen a touch of modern lifestyle with deep grey kitchen cabinetry with a built-in oven.

Outdoor Kitchen Paradise by the Pool

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

A private pool that is taken care of really well must be used not only as a swimming pool but also as a party charm.

Complete the package with an outdoor kitchen, which can also function as a minibar.

The kitchen puts in a large grill and built-in mini-fridge. For the countertop, this kitchen uses concrete material, which gives out a sleek and clean impression.

Outdoor Kitchen with Luminous Design

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

This design proves that you can have an exceptional outdoor kitchen, even with limited space.

The designer makes sure that in such a limited space, you still have convenience when moving around preparing meals.

This kitchen includes an oven, stove, fridge, and cabinets. Enhance your cooking experience by mounting wall lamps.

A Secret Outdoor Kitchen

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Do you have an empty corner outside of your house?

Rather than letting it go to waste, you may as well transform it into this adorable secret outdoor kitchen.

With all the plants beside the deck, your only option is to go with neutral colors, such as white. To complement the brightness of the white, stainless steel appliance is equipped.

Sustainable Outdoor Kitchen

Modern Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you prefer barn style outdoor kitchen and you want to use existing materials, this outdoor kitchen idea is excellent.

The kitchen is built using reclaimed bricks. The fading red color adds its own value to the kitchen’s aesthetic.

To emphasize the barn mood, put some green accessories such as actual plants, vegetables, and cookie jars with plant patterns.

Here, stainless steel appliances become a fabulous match.

Private Outdoor Kitchen Overlooking the Water

Outdoor Kitchen Facade

If you have a large yard, you can build a private outdoor kitchen like this.

Since you live by the water, manage to have the kitchen facing the water because such an overwhelming view shouldn’t be wasted.

The owner uses brick to build the kitchen due to its affordable price and convenient availability. The ceiling is made of wood that has been painted white.

Rustic Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

This kitchen accentuates its exposed brick materials. The reclaimed bricks in the kitchen are similar to the house’s facade. The deep-colored patio balances that rustic value.

With such size, the working region is limited. Even so, the kitchen is equipped with a large grill, wine cooler, and stove. The eating area is furnished with picnic-style seatings.

Vibrant Outdoor Kitchen for Summer Parties

Outdoor Kitchen Designs For Small Spaces

On a good day, the weather can be very nice. During that time, a garden party is a great idea. To have that, you must have an inviting outdoor kitchen like this.

The colors shown here are vibrant and uplifting.

Even though the design is modest, and it is equipped with simple appliances (medium size grill, oven, and washbasin), the kitchen appears to be unique and offers easy maintenance.

Outdoor Kitchen with Mediterranean Style

Outdoor Kitchen Inspiration

This kitchen is exclusively designed with a Mediterranean style. The size of this outdoor kitchen is spacious.

Moreover, creative lighting placement creates a cozy feeling. This efficient design is completely equipped with a huge grill, built-in wine cooler, oven, and more.

There are plenty of seatings too. You can choose to hang out at the bar or the armchairs near the main building.