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10 Outdoor Shoe Storage Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Outdoor shoe storage is essential for many people, especially those who prefer to take their footwear off outside before coming in. Traditional Japanese households are particularly keen on outdoor shoe cabinets and even have a separate pair of slippers for indoor use!

However, finding an outdoor shoe bench that’s perfectly suited to your needs can be tricky. Luckily, though, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re wondering how to store shoes outside, you’re in the right place! Below is a collection of stylish outdoor shoe storage options worth exploring:

Decorate with a Golden Boot Tray

This golden tray is perfect for outdoor use. Thanks to its durable finish and use of high-grade metal, it won’t rust, nor will it fade under the sunlight. Plus, its gold color gives the tray a striking, appealing appearance. Moreover, the tray’s grand color scheme makes it an excellent choice for glam-style homes.

You can use this attractive tray to store your wet rainboots before entering the house. Or, if you’re currently experiencing summertime, feel free to kick off your slippers and leave them here!

Or Opt for a Minimalist Black One, Instead!

If glamorous gold isn’t your vibe, don’t worry. You can always select a different boot tray that’s better suited to both your home’s exterior and personal taste.

The tray pictured above is made from organic wood, making it an excellent option for rustic, farmhouse-themed, or bohemian homes. In addition, it has an appealing old-world, industrial charm resulting from the tray’s black and brown color scheme.

This front porch outdoor shoe storage tray can comfortably accommodate two to three boots in one go. Hence, it is the ideal choice for small families or individuals living alone.

Place a Garden Bench That’s Just for Shoes

Though unconventional, you can experiment with a small garden bench and store your shoes upon and underneath it. Of course, you shouldn’t place this table near any outdoor seats – it’s for shoes, not setting your afternoon tea upon!

Consider pushing the bench up against a nearby wall. This could be any wall, from your house’s exterior to your apartment’s hallway wall. Or, if you have a patio, you can set this table near your front door.

Install a Two-Tier Marble Shoe Rack…

If you’re looking for a luxury storage option, this marble outdoor shoe rack might be the perfect option for you!

This storage rack contains two spacious tiers crafted from high-grade natural marble. Each tier rests upon a pair of dull golden metal holders and can easily accommodate up to three pairs of footwear.

Style tip: This rack will look lovely when placed outside either neutral-colored or glam-style doors. Pair it with a small potted plant to enhance the overall look.

Or Opt for a Metal Shoe Rack, Instead

If you’re looking for a more ergonomic, casual-looking shoe rack, consider investing in a simple metal one instead. The one pictured here contains two tiers, similar to the marble option noted above. It is noticeably wider than the marble rack and can accommodate up to ten pairs of shoes overall.

This rack is made from rust-proof metal, making it excellent for outdoor use. Thanks to its rain-resistant quality, it is the perfect example of waterproof outdoor shoe storage.

Opt for a Storage Bench with a Sliding Door

This storage bench sports an attractive farmhouse look complete with a sliding barnyard door and rustic wooden exterior. It contains four cubbies featuring adjustable shelves, allowing you to decide how high or low you’d like to store your shoes. You can lift these shelves higher, for example, when trying to accommodate tall boots in the lower storage compartment. Plus, you can use the sliding door to cover up your shoes, hence preventing them from direct rain or sunlight exposure.

Try a Two-In-One Shoe Rack Organizer

This pure wood shoe rack features four tiers, allowing for enough space to accommodate all your footwear in one place comfortably. 

In addition, its sturdy build makes it well-suited for outdoor use as it can easily handle any weather. Still, try keeping this rack away from direct rain or harsh sunlight. This shouldn’t be a problem if you’re storing this shoe rack within a covered patio or outside your apartment’s main entrance.

Opt for a Closed Shoe Storage Box

This closet storage box is excellent for homes that gather plenty of dust from their surroundings. If you live in an area prone to dusty winds, you should stay away from exposed storage options. An open shoe rack will only result in dirty footwear. Light-colored and suede or velvet shoes are especially susceptible to harsh dust-containing winds. So, if you’re fond of such shoes, your best bet at keeping them safe outdoors is by storing them within a closed box.

The box featured above contains a comfortable, light grey cushioned seat. You can rest upon it when putting shoes on or taking them off.

Store Shoes within an Outdoor Storage Bench

If you’re looking for an unobvious storage section for your shoes, look no further. This outdoor storage bench could be just what you need!

Unlike regular park benches, this particular option contains an under-seat storage bin. Luckily, this bin is large enough to accommodate all kinds of shoes, ranging from tall wellies to casual slippers. Plus, thanks to its spacious interior, you can stow multiple shoes within this single bench without ever needing an extra storage rack.

Fancy a Rotating Shoe Tree?

Trees belong outdoors, as does this innovative shoe rack.

Thanks to its spacious, multi-tier design, you can accommodate up to 24 pairs of footwear within this rack. This makes it an excellent option for large families that require plenty of storage space. Plus, its handy rotating feature improves this rack’s functionality, making it a practical choice for everyday use.

Final Thoughts

Going through this list of innovative outdoor shoe storage ideas will hopefully have helped you find one that’s perfect for your home. But, if you’re still struggling to decide which rack to opt for, try taking your home’s theme into account. 

For example, if your house is farmhouse-themed, consider opting for a sliding barn door storage bench. Or, if your apartment’s front door boasts a bright, flashy color, you should accommodate a golden shoe tray to match!