19+ Painted Staircase Ideas for Your Home Decor Inspiration

Blue staircase color
Blue staircase color

Making a painted staircase ideas will be enjoyable DIY jobs that considerably change typically ignored, uninteresting and plain stairs. Staircases are practical architectural functions that can be extremely ornamental. Wood stairs that are doing not have any interest can be become incredible focal points that make a declaration.

1. Colored Staircase Pattern

cool painted staircase ideas
DIY painted staircase

When you come near your stairs from the bottom, the point of view provides you a view of the risers just, without any treads.

Depending upon the length of your staircase, you could be taking a look at a vertical surface area of approximately 3 feet broad by 8 feet high, that’s 24 square feet of visual surface area trying to find a style treatment.

That’s great sufficient need to paint the stair risers: that enormous location of vertical realty.

2. Colored Staircase Cover

stairway paint color ideas
Blue staircase color

Rather, this is a business item developed to totally cover the existing stairs with ornamental covers. After setup, stair tread and riser covers look precisely like the genuine thing.

3. Wood Painted Staircase Ideas

stairway paint color ideas
Wood painted staircase ideas

Staircases differ in products, style styles and sizes. If you have wood stairs you may desire to include fascinating images to your uninteresting stairs and develop fantastic optical impressions with interior paint.

You can include various texture and patterns with flooring carpets, however absolutely nothing offers a fresh look like a paint, integrated with imaginative designing style ideas.

4. White and Black Staircase

staircase wall painting ideas
Black and white staircase by Maison de Pax

Wood stairs that are open and without any carpet can be cheer up with a splash of color that matches or compliment your interior embellishing color design.

Monochromatic interior paint color will wonderfully mix your staircase style into house interiors, while contrasting interior paint colors will stimulate interior decoration.

5. Vibrant Staircase Paint Color

cool painted staircase ideas
DIY linen staircase covering

Painting the stairs with a strong interior paint and producing a border will provide a completed want to your staircase style. Interior paint is a flexible embellishing product that appropriates for all wood stairs and staircase style styles.

Country home embellishing ideas and home decoration can particularly benefit with an innovative, whimsy and fascinating embellishing style and painting ideas.

6. Creative Staircase Painting Ideas

cool painted staircase ideas
Red colored and lettering design

Here is a collection of initial and excellent wood stairs and painting ideas that may motivate you to include an individual touch to your staircase style.

If you have an excellent sense of music you can selected painting the lyric of your preferred music on the stairs.. Books on book racks are another terrific concept for your staircase embellishing style.

7. Optical Illusion Painted Staircase

stairway paint color ideas
Colorful staircase ideas by sako.co.jp

Producing magnificent optical illusion with an interior paint include a special feel to your staircase style and bring an intriguing embellishing style into interior decoration. These wonderful staircases are fantastic motivations for developing distinctive staircase style.

8. Dark Painted Staircase Ideas

stairway paint color ideas
Black DIY painted staircase

Imaginative painting ideas are perfect for turning narrow and dark staircases into real house decors. House staircases do not have to be neglected, they can include character to your interior decoration and jazz up house embellishing ideas.

You have to prepare your wood stairs for painting by roughing up the surface area with a light sanding paper and use an interior paint developed for staircases or outside paint which can hold up against the wear.

9. Creative Staircase Decoration

cool painted staircase ideas
Patterned tape staircase decoration

Include innovative designing style to stairs walls. Blending various paint color tones and utilizing matching colors include extra interest to staircases embellishing style and develop a sensational focal point that instantly gets the attention.

10. Multicolored Hues Staircase

cool painted staircase ideas
Multicolor painted staircase

Painting each stair riser a various color can include a pop of color to an otherwise undetected area and depth to a little staircase location.

11. Fancy Painted Staircase Ideas

cool painted staircase ideas
Stairway paint color ideas by art-moms.com

Rather of utilizing a carpet, lay down some paint and provide your stairs fresh elegant appearance. The routine stair runners are extremely excellent alternative for the stairs, however in some cases we desire something contemporary however uncommon.

12. Painted Circular Staircase Ideas

cool painted staircase ideas
Beautiful painted spiral staircase

Circular staircases are utilized in standard living-room style to keep a location intriguing, trendy, and inviting.

This style component is utilized remarkably well here, and the beauty is even more boosted by the playfully different slopes of the ceiling, the abundant brown oak wood floorings, Persian rug, and fleece English-style sofa, easy chair, and ottoman.

13. Grayscale Staircase Ideas

stairway paint color ideas
Black and white paint colors for staircase and walls

The color of the staircase need to certainly be black if you have white walls in your home. It will incredibly stick out, given that white and black are contrasting colors.

An excellent recommendation in this scenario is to select a spiral drifting staircase and contribute a lot more to the remarkable appearance.

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