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13 Amazing Pink and Grey Bathroom Ideas

By: Elena Johnson

Pink and grey are an underrepresented, yet winning, décor combination for bathrooms. Pink embodies all kinds of dreamy, romantic, and cozy connotations, while different shades of grey can further that softness and sense of relaxation, or add some energy to it.

No matter what your style is, there is a pink and grey color scheme to match it. You can play with different tones, as well as other elements like texture and shape, to create the perfect space for your home. 

Here are several chic, exciting, and classic pink and grey bathroom ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Focus on the Walls

Nothing establishes the tone of a room like the walls. A new coat of paint can quickly change an environment from one of energy to relaxation to any in-between you like. Wallpaper can add dynamism and excitement to an otherwise simple space.

That’s right. Wallpaper isn’t just for the bedroom or living areas. In fact, papering the bathroom allows you to enjoy more vibrant or daring patterns that you would hesitate to put in a more trafficked space. You can also invest in nicer prints as you likely won’t be covering large areas.

Brighten Things Up With White

Pink and grey bathroom décor provides a dreamy, relaxing air, but if you want just a tad more energy in your getting-ready space, you can always add white into the mix. 

White has “clean and bright” connotations, yet it doesn’t have to overpower your color scheme since it counts as a neutral. White is especially useful if your bathroom doesn’t have great lighting, as white features will maximize light reflection.

Embrace Florals

Where do you find pink most in nature but as flower petals? Lean into that natural source and embrace the romantic side of pink by incorporating some florals into your bathroom.

You don’t need to overuse your grandma’s country rose motif to death either. A single, eye-catching floral pattern in a wallpaper or curtain does the trick without transforming your bathroom into a mew. Balance it with solid, darker colors and your bathroom will still look tastefully modern.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Dark

Pink and grey sounds can certainly be a light, playful, and even feminine combination, but if you make use of very dark shades of grey, you can add a new dimension of drama and sophistication. Your space will feel modern and quieting, while those pops of pink will keep the space from feeling depressing.

When choosing a color scheme, you don’t have to opt for the same shade for every detail. Mixing light and dark grey especially can add a powerful sense of sophistication to your space, while those hints of pink temper the look to make it a little gentler.

Add Harmony With Repetition

Most of your pink and grey bathroom ideas will focus on the colors themselves, but you don’t want to forget about other design principles while you’re at it. Especially when you can only invest in a few pieces or changes, repeating elements will add cohesion to your design and harmony to your space.

Repeat structured shapes with framed mirrors and art pieces or use drawer knobs that are the same shiny silver as the faucet. If you do add in another color, have it match something else in the space, too. 

The more similarity between elements the more your color scheme will come together with less effort.

Paint the Furniture

Your walls aren’t the only thing that can be painted. Most bathroom counter cabinets are wood-based, meaning they can usually be given a new look. Likewise, your bathroom mirror can easily be treated to a new frame – and with a bucket of paint, you can focus on the right mirror shape and paint it any shade you like.

Use Copper As a Shade of Pink

While you may not think of copper as a true pink, it absolutely counts when it comes to décor. If you’re intrigued by these pink and grey bathroom ideas, but you aren’t feeling the softness that comes with pink, you may like the bolder vibe that metallic copper pieces can provide.

You don’t need a fanciful copper bathtub or sink, either (although if you can find one, go for it). A few matching counter accessories or art pieces will add a shiny and modern pinch of pink to your bathroom. Add stone grey tile or a combination of light and dark grey accents for a chic space.

Opt For Muted Tones

While a pink and grey bathroom can be a gorgeous and vibrant color combination, that doesn’t mean you have to keep your tones highly saturated. If a bright and airy contemporary look is more to your style, opt for muted shades, especially in greys. Your colorful scheme will be much more subtle and your bathroom will become a quiet space for relaxation and pampering.

Use Pink Tile

Pink is one of those divisive colors. You love it or you hate it and it commands a lot of attention, but don’t be afraid to lean into that and let pink be the star of the show with a cheerful rosy tile. 

Adding tile to your bathroom adds texture to your room. Pink tile adds a playful, cheery feel to your bathroom and can still be matured with accents of charcoal grey. There’s no reason your cozy, modern bathroom can’t have a streak of boho pink.

Use Pink as a Soft Accent

Pink is a soft, romantic, and fun color, but too much of it can quickly turn a sweet and dreamy space into a funhouse – or send the message of being a little too childlike.

Pairing pink with light to medium shades of grey is already a good way to keep that ethereal softness, while also maturing and toning down the youthful aspects of pink. However you can take that a step further by using pink as an accent color and letting grey dominate. This is also a great way to incorporate feminine pink in a shared bathroom.

Choose the Right Curtain

Although it may sound obvious, you don’t want to underestimate the power of the right bath curtain if your bathroom has a tub. The bathing area often takes up the most space in the room and the large swath of color(s) in the curtain will set the tone for the whole space. If you invest in one piece, make it the shower curtain and let your other décor decisions revolve around it.

Give it a Colorful Feel

Although it may seem contradictory, you can focus on your main colors and go for a colorful effect at the same time. Opt for unusual shades like salmon which will stand out or make use of various shades of grey such as charcoal, light grey, grey-blue, etc.

Throw in a pattern and make use of the neutrals you already have in your bathroom (like white or natural wood) and you will have a dynamic, yet complementary, set of colors. Your bathroom will be chic and different.

Keep it Subtle – Decorating on a Budget

 You won’t always be able to create the stunning bathroom of your dreams, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a perfectly well put-together bathroom décor scheme. 

Focus on a few matching basics like a shower curtain, rug, and hand towels that will unify your color scheme before you can add more luxurious elements.

You can also make use of what you already have. Use naturally grey floors or walls as a base color to match and make sure your pink additions complement it well. Your tasteful bathroom may not be as far away as you expect.

Final Thoughts

Pink and grey bathroom décor is only limited by your taste and imagination. No matter which color you choose to highlight, which shades you prefer, or what other elements you plan to pair with your color scheme, you may be happily surprised at how versatile your pink and grey bathroom is.

Remember, this is your happy place for relaxation, rejuvenation, and just plain old getting ready for the day. Take your time, think over these ideas, and don’t be afraid to create the bathroom of your dreams.