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8 Rug Pads for Vinyl Plank Flooring

By: Sara Čurić

It’s no wonder more and more people are choosing to install vinyl planks over other types of flooring. They are affordable, easily maintained, and water-resistant. And not to mention that vinyl planks can last up to 20 years if they are properly taken care of.

Despite their sturdiness, the finish on these vinyl planks can easily be scratched if you don’t have your carpet or rug anchored, or if you’re using the wrong type of rug pad. To help your floors stay spotless, here are 8 ideas for some of the best rug pads for vinyl plank flooring.

Extend the Life of Your Flooring With a Quality Pad

Extend The Life Of Your Flooring With A Quality Pad

While we all love our vinyl floors for being hard-wearing, they easily get scratched and stained by a rug. Especially the ones which aren’t anchored. To avoid heaving your vinyl flooring damaged, don’t forget to place a suitable pad under your rug.

Another crucial part when shopping for pads is to check their quality. Always look out for harmful chemicals which could, in time, ruin your flooring. It’s important to look for quality recycled materials, meaning your rug pad won’t leave an impact either on your floor or on the environment.

Keep Your Rug In Place With Rug Grippers

Keep Your Rug In Place With Rug Grippers

You probably hate when the edges and corners of your rug get folded, most of us do. Here to help us keep our rugs straight and in place are rug grippers. They come in a pack of eight and are extremely easy to install and maintain.

However, since you have a vinyl type of flooring, you should pay attention to the chemicals and materials rug grippers are made of. Vinyl tiles and their finish are prone to damage and deterioration, so be sure to check that the grippers don’t have any corrosive adhesives.

Non-Slip Grip Will Make Your Life Easier

Non-Slip Grip Will Make Your Life Easier

Nothing makes us more furious than a rug that won’t stay straight. Having to fix it every time someone walks over it can be a nuisance. That’s why you, and everyone else, need a non-slip grip rug pad.

Apart from being a potential slipping hazard, friction and constant moving of a loose rug can damage your vinyl. That’s why choosing the right non-slip rug pad for vinyl plank flooring is very important. You won’t have to be afraid of tripping, and vacuuming will become much easier.

Low Profile Pads Are Desirable

Low Profile Pads Are Desirable

Many think that a good rug pad will have to sacrifice its low profile to be effective, which just isn’t the case. There are many high-quality pads that won’t make your rug stand out or seem bulky.

This type of rug pad is made of recycled top-grade fibers and materials, making it green label plus certified. Apart from the pad being eco-friendly, it will keep your flooring and your rug safe and protected.

Cushioned Pads? Your Feet Will Thank You

Cushioned Pads? Your Feet Will Thank You

Want your rug to be anchored but also comfortable? That’s where cushioned rug pads come in! Even after being a long time in rooms where there is high traffic, like kitchens and living rooms, these pads will make your rug comfortable and your feet will thank you for it.

These kinds of rug pads come equipped with an extra middle layer which will add to the overall support and softness. These pads also possess the expected grip, which will secure and lock the material under your soles.

Comfort Comes First With Cloud Comfort Rugs

Comfort Comes First With Cloud Comfort Rugs

When you first step on your rug with this rug pad underneath, you’ll think you’re walking on clouds. Cloud comfort pads are really what you expect from them; extremely comfortable. If you, or someone close to you, have trouble standing for long periods, cloud comfort rugs will act as a true remedy.

These rug pads are made of memory foam, which will not only be soft and easy on your toes, it will be easy on your rug fibers. Another bonus is that cloud comfort pads act as a water and moisture barrier, while also allowing your vinyl flooring to breathe.

Anchor Grip Pads Love Vinyl Flooring

Anchor Grip Pads Love Vinyl Flooring

Anchor grip pads are possibly one of the best non-slip rug pads for vinyl plank flooring. They are sturdy enough to hold your rug in place and prevent any kind of bunching or slipping, and comfortable enough to make standing on them a walk in the park. 

These anchor grip rug pads are made from felt and rubber, without any toxic chemicals or materials that might discolor or deteriorate the finish on your vinyl planks. The material is also odor-free while also having soundproof and insulating properties.

Add Luxury to Your Home With Eco Plush Pads 

Add Luxury To Your Home With Eco Plush Pads

Another type of pad that will make your rugs immeasurably comfortable is eco plush cushioned rug pads. These pads are made from the leftover unused fibers of rugs and carpets, making them environment-friendly and cost-effective.

Another great benefit of these rug pads is that they are made of 100% felt, without any toxic and corrosive chemicals like glues or adhesives. Your vinyl tiles will remain spotless and protected and your feet will be grateful.


So, you’ve just finished refreshing your space with vinyl plank flooring, but before you decide on which rug to use as a finisher to your ensemble, don’t forget to place a proper rug pad underneath.

Vinyl tiles, while wear-resistant, are still prone to having their finish damaged. It’s important to protect your floor, and also bring comfort to your feet, with a suitable rug pad. We hope our list has helped you choose the right rug pad for you. Happy shopping!