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10 Shaker Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Shaker kitchen cabinets are simple, yet incredibly gorgeous. These cabinets shine on their own, making their statement in the kitchen. But when it comes to your kitchen looking gorgeous and put together, it’s all in the hardware.

Choosing the right hardware for your kitchen will decide on its style, which is quite a big deal. So don’t take this design decision lightly. So if you want your shaker kitchen cabinets to look their best, but aren’t sure which road to take, here are some of our recommendations.

Long Golden Pulls Look Dashing on Shaker Cabinets

When it comes to kitchen cabinets, you simply can’t go wrong with gold. Gold hardware looks gracious, luxurious, and polished. Depending on the type of hardware, it can look more or less lavish.

But these simple golden pulls are perfect for practically any household. They’re not overwhelming in the kitchen at all, and their length and shape give them a pretty modern twist. Overall a fantastic pick!

Short Sterling Nickel Knobs Have a Modern Look to Them

The fantastic thing about shaker cabinets is how versatile they are. Even though the shaker cabinet look has a long history and has been popular for hundreds of years, they fit gorgeously into modern spaces. You just have to add some modern shaker cabinet hardware, and you’re good to go!

We recommend these short sterling nickel knobs, as they’re subdued yet stunning. These knobs look modern but don’t stand out way too much. They’re perfect for minimalistic kitchens!

Colorful Ceramic Knobs Will Add Life to Your Kitchen

If you want to do something different with your cabinets and add a unique twist you absolutely can. You’re not limited to your usual metals and colors, and you can do your own thing!

These blue ceramic knobs are a perfect example. They fit beautifully with shaker kitchen cabinets. Their embossed details look glorious on their own but especially pop against that gorgeous blue background. It’s a subtle touch of texture that makes all the difference in a kitchen.

Thick Brass Pulls Are a Gorgeous Pick

Brass pulls are quite similar to gold ones, but they’re more muted and less dainty. This doesn’t take away from their drama though, as they can look equally as effective. 

Brass pulls are a bit easier to maintain and look lavish. It’s a durable long-lasting material that will ensure your cabinets shine in their glory for a long time. Going for a thicker pull feels sturdier and allows for a better grip which is always useful in a kitchen!

A Square Knob Is Simple and Effective

This one is for the farmhouse fans! Farmhouse kitchens are very popular and for a good reason. They look well put together but are still quite cozy. And black knobs on white shaker counters are one of the staples of that farmhouse look.

Going for a square knob in black will help you achieve that easily. But these knobs look fantastic in a more modern setting, against a darker background as well. So their versatility brings them extra points. You just can’t go wrong with this simple yet super effective hardware choice.

A Birdcage Iron Knob Adds A Rustic Look to Your Shaker Cabinets

Once again you can see the beauty of these fantastic shaker cabinets. You can put them in a rustic kitchen, and they’re going to fit perfectly. Simply choosing the right hardware can transform your regular shaker cabinets into rustic heaven.

Iron is your go-to metal when it comes to that rustic style. And going all in with a gorgeous birdcage iron knob will add a glorious classic look in your kitchen that isn’t easy to match. A fabulous option for rustic lovers!

Pick a Drop Handle Pull for That Soft Vintage Look

If you wanted to create a beautiful vintage look, or just add a bit of a classical piece to your kitchen, going with a drop handle pull can be just the thing. These handles for shaker cabinets are simply stunning.

With an antique brass finish, you can’t help but feel as if these pulls are glorious vintage pieces that have been around for a while. They’re sturdy, long-lasting, and will surely look fantastic with your shaker cabinets.

A Darker Champagne Colored Pull Fits Gorgeously With Dark Cabinets

When we’re talking about shaker cabinet pulls we often focus on gold tones, brassy tones, and steel, but other metallic colors shouldn’t be forgotten. If you have dark-colored shaker cabinets, be it black or some of those darker gray tones, this one’s for you.

Modern, straightforward, and super stylish, a champagne-colored pull in a darker tone will fit beautifully in a dark kitchen, making sure it looks elegant and put together. They won’t pop and demand attention, but rather these pulls will make sure your kitchen looks chic and cohesive.

Be Daring With an Unusual Knob Choice

Don’t be scared to experiment. As mentioned before, shaker cabinets are super versatile, and with them, you can easily create the kitchen of your dreams. So if you want a bit of an eclectic look we have some interesting knob choices that you might like.

These round knobs have quite an unusual look to them. They offer a play on a regular round knob, but with a concave look, and a fantastic texture. No matter if you choose black or gold, these knobs will make sure to amaze anyone who enters your kitchen.

A Rustic Cup Pull Fits Perfectly on A Shaker Cabinet

Another stunning farmhouse choice, when it comes to shaker drawer pulls is a cup pull. Cup pulls also have a gorgeous vintage vibe to them, and are quite easy to handle.

This cup pull in particular has that vintage, rustic look as it’s made of iron. Perfect for both farmhouse and rustic kitchens, this pull will ensure that even the most modern cabinet has that soft look these two aesthetics look for. All in all, a great choice!


Shaker kitchen cabinets are beautiful. They’ve been around for hundreds of years, and yet they still manage to fit the most modern of homes. And it fits well with a lot of hardware options, so you have many to choose from.

From brass to nickel, and rustic to modern options we gave you some of the best hardware options for shaker kitchen cabinets. And we hope we inspired you to spruce up your kitchen with some of these. Happy shopping!