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16 of the Best Small Dining Room Mirror Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

When talking about dining room decor, mirrors usually aren’t the first thing to come to mind. But they shouldn’t be the last! Mirrors are a great addition to any dining room. They can make an impact on the way your room looks, especially if it’s on the smaller side.

Do you need more light? Consider a mirror. Do you want to make your dining room look bigger? Consider a mirror. And do you need ideas for the perfect dining room mirror? Consider reading this article.

A Round Mirror Is a Beautiful Match for a Modern Dining Room

Round mirrors always manage to look elegant and sophisticated, no matter the room you place them in. Throughout history, they’re used not just for their functionality, but as a piece of art and decor.

But they’re not just great for traditional rooms. Choosing a rimless round mirror will make a great contrast with modern, more angular furniture. Such contrast will create a harmonious environment that can’t help but look dashing. And if positioned correctly, this mirror will give you some extra light your dining room might need.

This Glam Mirror Offers Versatility

When thinking of small dining room mirror ideas, going for something practical, versatile, and good-looking is the key. And this glam mirror will offer you just that.

It’s a large, beautiful mirror with a metal frame that helps it blend into the environment perfectly. It looks amazing placed both vertically and horizontally across the walls, working well with all kinds of spaces. It’s a mirror that looks glamorous while also opening up your dining room space.

A Mirror Amongst Artwork Is a Visually Interesting Combination

Putting up artwork can make any dining room feel like an exquisite art gallery. But creating the right arrangement of pictures is no easy task. Breaking up your picture wall with a mirror is a great way to incorporate it and add more light.

Not to mention it looks very visually appealing. Putting up a mirror amongst art can make a difference in small dining spaces. It allows you to have a gallery wall without the feeling of an overcrowded room. And choosing a rim that matches the picture arrangement will make sure your wall looks cohesive.

Spice Up Your Dining Room With a Convex Mirror

Convex mirrors are an example of perfect modern mirrors for a dining room. These mirrors are more on the aesthetic, rather than the functional side. Their reflection is slightly distorted, which can create an interesting visual piece.

This convex mirror is paired with a brass square, looking bold and daring. It’s a perfect piece of decor for a dining room that might need some extra flair. Styled and matched with different pieces of decor, it will make a daring statement that’s sure to turn heads.

A Small Mirror Does Wonders to Light Up a Room

Small mirrors are greatly overlooked in dining spaces. But they shouldn’t be. These mirrors can be stunning with other pieces of decor. But they also work well as a standalone decor piece. Choosing a single smaller mirror can work great in more minimal pieces where light is more than necessary.

When it comes to small mirrors, it’s all about the placement. Hanging it up on that perfect spot will light up your dining room immediately. Not to mention it brings a cool, minimal edge to your dining room.

An Accent Mirror Can Make a Lot of Difference

Sometimes your space might just feel bland. You might notice something is missing, and you can’t quite pinpoint it. That’s where an accent mirror comes in handy. Decor-wise, it can be a piece that ties the entire room together. Which is great for small dining rooms where you don’t have that much space to work with.

This mirror adds a lighthearted tone to a dining room. With its charming design and a bit of coastal flair, it adds beautiful light energy to the space it’s placed in. Perfect for a dining room that just needs that little something to complete the look!

Let Your Creativity Loose With Mirror Tiles

If you’re the type of person who’s into DIY or any kind of creative endeavor, getting mirror tiles is just the right thing for you. They can be arranged in a bunch of different ways, allowing you to transform your dining room any way you want.

These mirror ties are stick-and-peel and can be put up easily on any kind of wall, so it’s a perfect match for tiny dining rooms that don’t allow much space. They offer a versatile, contemporary look. And what else is there to want?

A Leather Rimmed Mirror Gives an Interesting Edge to a Small Room

When searching for modern mirrors for a dining room, looking into a leather rim is another fabulous option. Leather always brings a certain edge to the rest of the room. And this mirror doesn’t disappoint in that area!

A leather rimmed mirror brings a touch of sophistication, while still making sure it blends beautifully with the rest of the furniture. It’s also a full-length mirror, which is great if you need an illusion of more space in your room. So if you want your dining room to look and feel spacious and elegant, look no further than this mirror.

A Full-Length Mirror Looks Chic While Making Your Dining Room Feel Bigger

There’s a specific dash of luxury that a full-length mirror brings to the table. And if you’re interested in formal dining room mirrors, opting for a full-length mirror could be a perfect choice.

A golden rim brings an additional touch of opulence to your dining room, elevating it in many different ways. These mirrors allow for a spacious look, because of their length and reflection. And they’re a chic addition to your space. Simple and elegant, these mirrors show that less truly is more.

Unusual Mirror Rims Always Make a Statement

People often say that your home decor is an extension of you. So if you’re a daring, bold person, going for bold decor that makes a statement is the logical step. And of course, there’s a mirror that fits those needs perfectly.

Patterned mirror framing adds a bold touch to the simplicity of a mirror. Such a frame will look cool, and it can carry the entire room decor. You can’t miss with such a mirror.

Arc Mirrors Are Perfect for Any Dining Room

There’s something eye-catching about arc mirrors. They can open up a room while giving it a touch of softness at the same time. It’s a very appealing look that looks divine in just about any dining room.

No matter if you’re more on the minimalist side, or if you’re someone who just loves decor, this arc mirror will look right at home in your dining room. Different sizing options exist, allowing for a graceful layered mirror look, which always turns heads. Another great option for dining rooms on the smaller side.

Geometric Mirrors Look Dashing In Modern Dining Rooms

Another amazing way to spruce up your modern dining room is to add some edge. Angular decor stands out wonderfully in a modern room. There’s a way to add that geometric touch to a modern room through a mirror as well, which doubles in decor and practicality.

This particular accent mirror is a perfect example. It’s a contemporary take on a mirror that looks stunning in a modern-style dining room. Its unique look easily creates harmony with the rest of the furniture. An exciting choice!

Achieve a Comfy Farmhouse Look With a Wooden Accent Mirror

There’s such a cozy, warm feeling that wood brings into a room. That’s why often people associate the farmhouse style, characterized by all kinds of wooden decor, with home. And if you want to achieve that farmhouse comfort in your dining room, an accent mirror made of wood is a great decor choice.

This beautiful wooden mirror has a classic arc silhouette that can’t help but look stunning. It would fit just right in a traditional home, as well as a farmhouse one. Having the undeniable versatility it creates, it’s a beautiful asset to your home.

A Yin Yang Mirror Set Will Fit Just Right in a Boho Dining Room

Creating peace and harmony in the home is of utmost importance. And what a better way to do so than embellish your dining room with the yin yang, the symbol of balance and harmony. And this mirror is just the perfect piece for a dining room decorated in a bohemian style.

If you’re considering a mirror that’s more decorative than anything, this harmonious yin yang one will likely do the trick. Combined with wall art, it can help create the home of your dreams.

Choose a Champagne Colored Mirror Rim for a Dash of Luxury

When talking about luxury, champagne is often the first thing people think about. And for a good reason. The color of champagne looks rich and opulent. And well, that’s exactly the look a lot of people strive for when it comes to their dining room.

An architectural arch offers a special kind of elegance, reminding you of the opulent art deco. It’s a luxurious option that can shine in a dining room, no matter what size. 

Consider an Oversized Mirror to Expand Your Dining Room Space

Dealing with a small dining room can be frustrating. But it’s not the end of the world. Especially since a mirror can come in handy. Choosing an oversized mirror for your dining room will work wonders, allowing more light inside while also creating an illusion of a bigger room.

There are many options for these mirrors, so you can find your ideal one easily. This one, for example, features a black rim that’s suitable for many different decoration styles. Its design allows it to be hung both vertically and horizontally, making the mirror very versatile.


Putting up a mirror in your dining room can have a major effect on the way your entire room looks. It’s a piece of decor that never disappoints. So if you’re struggling with your dining room a mirror can be a perfect choice for you.

There are many different shapes, sizes, and styles for a mirror. While some of them are more on the universal side, you can find a mirror that fits just right with your specific design style. There’s a perfect mirror for everyone! And we hope that with these tips, you’ll be able to find yours.