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Small Living Room Ideas

By: Evelina Nilsson
Small Living Room Ideas

A living room is one of the most important corners of a house. It has a function as a corner to gather around with your family. That is why some people have a big concern about decorating their living room.

Moreover, there are a lot of good styles which are perfect for your living room. You can choose the design style based on your favorite colors or the space of your living room.

It is not a big deal if your living room has not too much space. A small living room still has an attractiveness.

If you still have no idea on how to decorate and organize the things in your living room, you might see the best ideas below.

There are a lot of interiors which can be chosen even for your living room with a small space.

Exposed Brick Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Shutterfly

A small living room has limited space that you cannot load too much furniture and details. However, you can try to manage this limited space into a tremendous one.

The key is on the color scheme that will be used. A neutral color is a perfect choice for your small living room.

White is highly recommended for a tiny room. It will help to make the room look larger and has more space.

If you feel that all-white is too plain, you can use it just for the furniture.

For the wall, you can use exposed bricks or just use brick-patterned wallpaper on one side. It will help to liven up your living room without making it stuffy.

Additionally, you can hang a big picture above your sofa. Minimalist but still has an artistic sense.

Multi-Purpose Small Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Telegraph

It will be a little bit difficult if you have to share your living room with a dining room.

Actually, it is commonly found in some minimalist houses. There is no limitation between the living room and dining room.

However, it can be the best characteristic of your house if you can get the right layout. You can drag the dining table to the corner of the room. Make sure that your dining table is not that big so there will be a space left.

Then, you can place two sofas which one of them has to back to back with the dining table. It is a little bit tricky but you will get the point when you are doing right.

Don’t forget to lay down a big carpet in a living room area that has a matching color and pattern with the concept that you have.

If there is still space, you can add a side table with a small sofa in the corner across to the dining table.

Small Living Room for Studio Apartment

Small Living Room Ideas By Thespruce

Living in an apartment is the best choice for some people, especially for those who want to take it simple.

However, it will be a little bit confusing if we live in a studio type of apartment. From the name, we have already known that it has limited space.

Sometimes, for the living room, there will be not enough space. Don’t worry about that since there is a way to get a cozy living room for your studio apartment.

The key is you need to stop the unessential things in your living room. A sofa with no more than two chairs and a table is enough.

It will be better if you can get a floating shelf for organizing your things. You can drag the sofa back to back with the window, so it will save the space.

Get the carpet which has medium size so it will not pass the area of your living room. The color theme should be neutral, like white, grey, black, or light brown.

Pop Art Style for A Small Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Urban Jungle
Small living room design by Urban Jungle

You can apply a pop art concept to your small living room. You do not need to take too many details or furniture due to limited space.

Just get the color theme and place the necessary things only. Since the room is tiny and the vibrant color will make it look so stuffy, you can choose a soft grey wallpaper.

Then, you can apply the pop art style to your furniture. A sofa is the main point for a small living room.

Vibrant color is the best choice, but a neutral color never goes wrong. If there is still a room, you can also place a single sofa with patterned cover.

Additionally, the cushions must have a pop-art vibe with vibrant and outstanding colors.

Coastal Living Room Interior

Small Living Room Ideas

Soft and light color is highly recommended for a small room, especially your living room.

The domination of soft and light colors will help to give an illusion of a bigger look. A coastal style with pastel color is one of the best choices for this concept.

To liven up your room, you can choose a pastel color as dominated color and vibrant color to support.

You can also have a fireplace in your small living room. It will not take too much space as long as you have the right measurement.

Paint it with white color and place a DIY mirror above it. The detail can be added as long as there is still room for you to move freely in the living room.

Modern Monochrome Living Room

Living Room Design Minimalist

Monochrome design interior style is one of the best choices for a small living room. The color is neutral and it will help to make your living room look wider.

The wall should be all plain white so you can decorate it with other kinds of accessories.

A single sofa is the best idea. It will not take too much space and enough for your living room. The color of your sofa can be black completed with its table.

Hang a big picture that you like above the sofa and two side lamps on each side. You can also mix this monochrome concept with a patterned rug.

The color must be outstanding so it will not be too plain. Drag a big plant in the corner of the room if there is a space.

Then, you will get a cozy monochrome living room in a new mixed style.

Cozy Small Living Room Ideas

Living Room Design For Small Homes

Another key to making a small room look wider is a mirror. It will give an illusion that there is a space behind but a mirror.

Some people like to use a standing mirror or a DIY mirror for their tiny room.

Meanwhile, you can try to use a mirror on a whole side of your wall. It will make the look neater. Plain neutral wallpaper is a common point for your small living room.

A single sofa with a table and a side table is enough for furniture in your living room. If there is a space, you can also place a small dining table with two seats only near the window.

Make sure that it will not be stuffy. A stones-pattern rug will support the interior to look greater.

Colorful Interior for Small Living Room

Living Room Design Minimalist

A neutral color is key for a small living room, so it will make your room be wider.

However, you can also use a colorful concept for your small living room as long as you can have the right mix and match.

The outstanding and vibrant color without good lighting tends to lead a room to be stuffy. To make it right, a white color should be part of the concept to neutralize.

Then, you can use a wallpaper with a big pattern so it will let your room look bigger.

For the furniture, get a neutral one with not too many accessories. It will be more advantageous if your living room has a big window, so it will get enough exposure.

If you want to get pictures to hang around, use a big frame, and do not cover all the walls with them. It will help to keep the room look breathable in a colorful concept.

Simple Grey Living Room

Tiny Living Room Ideas

A simple interior with soft theme color is a good choice for a living room with limited space. You do not need to put too much effort to decorate this simple.

It applies a basic interior concept with a neutral color. It will be good if your wall is already white. It is commonly known that white will help to make a room look wider.

Then, a single sofa is enough. You do not need to get too many sofas in your living room. A grey sofa with numerous cushions on it will be the cozy one.

For the floor, you can choose hardwood or wooden tiles to make it warmer. Just place a tiny table for decoration and it will not make the room get stuffy.

A small to medium rug will be greater and the pattern should be match and soft.

Romantic Minimalist Living Room

Living Room Design Minimalist

Soft color is the best concept for a room with limited space. The color combination will not be too strong but still has a wonderful vibe.

All white color applied on the wall and floor is the best key you can use. The white as neutral color will let your room look breathable.

It will be great if you have the living room near the window. It will help to get light exposure. For the furniture, you can get a light brown sofa with full cushions on it.

The cushions might be pastel and vibrant colors, so it will not be too plain for your living room. A circle fur rug also can be used as the accessories of this style.

Contemporary Wooden Living Room

Living Room Design For Small Homes

A living room in a different space is another type of design layout. It usually already has a partition between one room to another.

Although you have a small space for this kind of living room, you do not need to worry to decorate.

The key for limited space does not ever stuff many things inside your living room. You can try to minimize the use of furniture in this room. Choose the essential ones, like sofa and table only.

Drag your sofa to the side of the wall with its table in front of it. The leather sofa with a neutral color is the perfect one.

If you want to have a TV, you do not need to put it on an additional table or cabinet. Just hang the TV on the wall, it will help to save the space.

The interior should be neutral with a plain white for a wall and hardwood for a floor. The key point is the partition. You may use a ventilated wooden door.

Modern Minimalist Ideas for Small Living Room

Living Room Design For Small Homes

You can get a big sofa with two additional sofas in your small living room. However, you have to make sure that there are not many accessories or furniture that will be dragged into your living room.

There are two key points for this style, which are the neutral color theme and floating shelves.

You cannot avoid placing all your books or collection in the living room but it might make your room full and messy.

That way, you can have permanent floating shelves that stick in your wall. It will not take space so you still can get your dream big sofa.

If you need it, you can make a fireplace with a designated size. A fur carpet will complete this look and you will get a cozy small living room with a big sofa.

Sweet Tosca Small Living Room

Small Living Room Design

A very limited space sometimes drags you to limit your idea to decorate a living room.

Basically, you just need some key points to decorate your limited living room to be more attractive. The first key is the color that will be used.

Avoid a mixture of outstanding colors or you can mix it with a neutral color as a dominant. In this case, you can combine turquoise as a vibrant color with all white colors.

The wall can be white while the floor is patterned grey, but you can use cushions, carpet, blanket, or other accessories in turquoise without dominating the room.

The second key point is placing the necessary furniture only. Since it is for a living room, you will only need a sofa and table in basic situations.

You can get a small-sized sofa in soft grey and two additional modern roller chairs with a simple table. If there is a space, you can get a standing lamp that will not take too much space.

Attic Living Room

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

People usually use an attic for their bedroom or even a bathroom. However, you can manage your rooftop to be a cozy living room.

With limited space, it does not mean that you cannot get a spacious living room. You just need three essential things for your living room in the attic.

The first is on the sofa. You can get a medium L-shaped sofa and a single sofa. The color can be neutral, like a light coffee brown. Don’t use too many cushions on this point.

The second essential thing is the table. You can get a table for your TV and a side table. You can choose a simple with exposed legs table to help the room look spacious.

The third essential thing is the lamp. There are two kinds of lamps which are a standing lamp and also a table lamp.

The color theme for this concept that is most suitable is light brown and white. These two colors are the best combination to light up the attic.

Simple Modern Living Room Style

Small Living Room Design

A simple modern living room is usually applied for a living room in an apartment. It usually has limited space without a partition.

The design interior will also follow the whole interior. At this point, you just need to match the interior with the furniture that will be used.

For the cozy vibe, you can get an L-shaped sofa in neutral colors, like grey or white.

Then, there will be a table that can be found in a certain brand of furniture. If you need a multifunction shelf, you can try to get a simple shelf that later a TV can be placed on.

Small Living Room in All-Grey

Compact Living Room Design

Having one tone concept is not a bad idea for your living room in limited space. Grey color has a soft yet strong color for your living room.

You can apply all sides and corners of your living room with all grey color.

However, make sure that the tone that will be used is different to avoid the plain room. The wall can be a darker tone while the floor has a lighter tone.

For the accessories, you can add an outstanding color for one item only and the rest can be all grey.

Aisle Living Room Interior

Compact Living Room Design

The room in the aisle is a little bit tricky. However, you will get the most attractive living room in the aisle if you can get the right furniture and color theme.

Since space is lengthwise, avoid choosing furniture in a rounded shape. It will take more space for your aisle living room.

An L-shaped sofa and a living room set are enough for this type of living room. It will save more space but still look elegant and neat.

Metropolitan Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas Mind The Gap Behind The Sofa

A living room near a big window is the right choice. It will let your room get more light exposure.

The style that can be applied for this layout is a metropolitan style. You will only need a neutral color with some deep colors.

The key point is the opened shelf which will be placed on one side only.

For this style, it is better to have a big shelf on one side rather than small shelves that will be scattered around the living room.

Don’t forget a big carpet which has a big pattern in a neutral color.

Small Living Room for Bibliophile

Small Living Room Ideas The Power Of The Tuck

If you want to store your books in the living room, you need the right shelves to display them. To make it spacious, you can get an opened shelf.

If one is not enough, you can get two of them and let a space between them, like a table for your plants.

Moreover, you can also get a floating shelf. Since there are a lot of things already, you can get a small simple sofa for your living room.

Choose the sofa which is comfortable and has a vibrant color since it will be a peaceful place where you read your book.

Warm Minimalist Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Apartmentlist

Limited space and limited furniture do not make your living room less attractive. You can build a warm vibe for your small living room.

A plain white wall with a wooden floor is the key to this style. You can get a minimalist grey sofa with exposed legs and a simple table.

To make it warm, you can have a big fur carpet with a big pattern. Then, hang a circle mirror above the sofa to make it look greater.

Colorful Eclectic Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Apartmenttherapy

A white wall with wooden floors is a basic concept for a small living room. You can play the color if you prefer a colorful vibe.

However, make sure that it will not make your room getting messy. The secret is choosing two main vibrant colors, like dark blue and vibrant pink. These two colors are the best to combine.

A colorful carpet with a big pattern also can be included in this style.

Since you choose a colorful concept, make sure that the furniture in the living room will not too much to make it more breathable and neat.

A Small Living Room with Mid-Century Touches

Small Living Room Ideas By Ballarddesigns

If you already have a simple living room before but want to change it into a different vibe, you can try a mid-century style.

You do not need to change all the furniture. You just need to add some new additional things.

For this style, you can use three types of sofa with different colors and patterns.

It means that you can use your old sofa and get two kinds of new sofas. The new ones should be a single sofa with one of them having a contrast color.

You can let your white wall and floor as before since you just need to lay down a textured light brown carpet.

The key is a circle table. You can place one in the middle of sofas and another side to a big sofa. Your living room set also still matches with this concept.

Navy Living Room Design Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas By Loveincorporated

Actually, you can also use a deep color tone for your small living room. One of them is the navy which has a deep but elegant look.

This navy color can be applied on one to two sides of your living room’s wall.

For the combination, you still need white colors for the rest side of the wall.

Meanwhile, you can get wooden or neutral colors for the floor so it will be easily combined with a patterned carpet.

Then, the navy also can be applied for your sofa. It will be better if you can get various sizes of cushions in grey, monochrome, and deep green colors.

Exciting Pastel Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Loveproperty

White brick and pink pastel is a combination that will bring a happy vibe. The soft color will make your room look brighter so it can be applied to your living room.

Minimize the use of furniture and change them into simple ones to save space.

You can use an opened shelf with a portable cabinet. Small plants can be used for the best accessories for your living room.

Vintage Small Living Room Ideas

Small Living Room Ideas By Morningchores

For vintage style, you might get a sofa with a unique style. Pastel pink is the best one.

Then, you can lay a vintage carpet that will not fill up the whole room. A circle wooden table will be cute to combine with.

You can do the DIY for this type of table if you cannot find it in the stores. A seat cushion that has a match pattern and a rattan chair will complete this style enough.

Warm Grey Small Living Room

Small Living Room Ideas By Nimvo

If you like a living room with more space to sit around with many kinds of cushions, you can get the warm grey concept.

The main color that will be used is grey that will be combined with brown and white colors.

If you already have an L-shaped sofa in grey, then you will only need to add two seat cushions in brown tone and a chair. To get a warm look, you can cover the chair with white fur.

Just place cushions in different sizes, colors, and patterns as many as you want on the sofa. The floating shelf also can be an additional accessory to display your photos.

Small Living Room with Home Office

Minimalist Living Room Ideas

For people who live in an apartment with small spaces but have to work from home, this home office and living room combo must inspire you, especially in these pandemic days.

Using a small foldable table and a bentwood chair, the homeowner creates a simple yet functional office to get the work done.

The best thing about living in apartments is commonly they have big windows and the homeowner really takes advantage of it.

Additionally, the Ikea Kallax bookcase is put beside the window. And as you can see, its function is not only to store files from work but also to hide the radiator heater efficiently.