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What Color Curtains Go With Beige Walls – 20 Ideas

By: Don Pedro

Picking the right curtain color can have a huge impact on the quality of your life. Creating a cozy, comfortable living environment is one of the keys to living happily, and as crazy as it sounds, the color of your curtains can either make it or break it.

When it comes to curtain color for beige walls things might seem simple. It is a pale, neutral color that looks great by itself and has a relaxing effect on people. The softness makes it easy to pair it with a plethora of other tones, whether they are neutral or more colorful.

Still, this wonderful backdrop goes better with curtains of certain colors, and we did the work and picked several of our favorites. We believe these colors combine wonderfully with beige walls to create various effects. Read on to discover our choices!


Those looking for an elegant combination might want to look into burgundy-colored curtains. This hue will create an eclectic look and add some more color to your room, without making it too colorful.

These curtains will fit into your bedroom or living room, and you can even go for burgundy patterned models. If you decide to go for that route, we’d recommend placing them in your bedroom as they will add quite a bit of personality to the entire room.

Generally, burgundy curtains go best in rooms with plenty of light and they will pop from the beige background and create an autumnal atmosphere in your home. Those looking for curtains to match beige walls should look into burgundy-colored curtains for a wonderful look.


Beige is a shade of color that comes from brown, so naturally, these two make a wonderful fit together. When combining the two, you can go for a seamless look, or try to create a contrast.

The base color of brown is beige-like, meaning these colors create a beautiful pair. You can choose from a multitude of shades of brown. For instance, you can try dark cocoa-colored curtains or ones that are light brown.

Brown and beige create an amazing look together. Brown curtains will emphasize the gorgeous color on your walls and the beauty of the architecture inside your apartment or house. The best way to hang these curtains is to lower them to the floor.

With a light brown curtain color for beige walls, you will create a monochromatic look, which also looks extremely stylish. 

Dark Gray

Gray is an incredibly trendy color, so if you decide to pair your beige walls with gray curtains it is hard to go wrong. Our suggestion would be dark gray curtains which will provide a wonderful contrast to your walls.

You can also try to mix in other tones of gray, and even add some white or silver details to create a seamless look. This is a color for those that like a modern look for their home. Combine these sheets with a nice rug to complete the effect.

Gray has a nice effect in that it creates a contrast with the walls, but they will also seem well integrated. It can also look modern and elegant at the same time, creating a unique look. These curtains are a great pick for basically anyone.


One classic choice we simply had to mention is black curtains. This is for those that want to create a clear contrast between the beige walls and their curtains. It is a brave pick without a doubt, but it can look wonderful.

To pull this off you will need furniture that is colored in some softer accent colors. Also, having plants around helps soften the extreme contrast. Once you get the hang of it, black curtains across beige walls will add definition and warmth to your living area.

Despite being in such stark contrast, these colors can be in harmony with each other. You will find this combination being used in offices quite often, but don’t let that discourage you from trying it out in your apartment.

Black is a favorite color in the world of fashion, so it makes sense that you would want to try out black curtains. We definitely won’t discourage you.


Moving onto what other color curtains go with beige walls, we have the color pink. It is a cheerful color that can also be found in a variety of tones. It will add a romantic vibe to your room and it can work in many different designs.

For those that are looking for something a bit more fun, this could be an excellent choice. The transition from pink to beige is not seamless, but it can seem that way because of the softness of both of these colors.

Pink-colored curtains can add many different effects to your room, depending on how you combine them with your beige walls. It can look fun, trendy, and relaxed, but also quite elegant and cool.

The shade of pink that has been quite popular recently is dusty rose so you might want to look into that one.

Violet and Purple

These two colors are quite similar and have a similar effect so we paired them together. These curtains are a great choice for those that lack some color in their interior. 

The richness of violet and purple will liven up the room quite a bit, but also keep things calm and serene. It is hard to escape the feel of elegance with these colors, so expect your room to seem that way to anyone who enters.

A good thing about these colors is that you can add some embroidery or patterns to them which will add some more luxury to your room, albeit in a discreet manner. While it may seem like a weird choice, curtains in these colors make a great combination with beige walls.

Natural Colored Stripes

While not exactly a color, we’d feel wrong if we didn’t mention the striped pattern as one of our picks. It just goes so well with beige walls, especially if they are in a subtle, natural color like light green, gray, or brown

This is a wonderful choice for those that want to avoid simple white curtains and will add some liveliness and character to their living area. 

Subtleness is key here, and the stripes can be either vertical or horizontal, it doesn’t matter. As long as they aren’t all up in your face when you enter the room.

For those that would like to make the stripes on their curtains stand out a bit more, they can combine them with furniture that will accentuate their color. 


Our next pick on the list of best color curtains for beige walls is orange. This is for people that want to make their curtains stand out more, but also create a warmer room. 

These curtains will stand out but will fit nicely with your tan walls.

An excellent choice for those that prefer more colorful rooms, orange will add some spice to your living area. The way the flowing orange curtains stand in contrast against beige walls makes for a breathtaking combination.

This is quite a popular choice among those that want to add some accent to their beige walls. The color creates a really dramatic effect. If you want to make the transition between the two smoother you can always add some white details to blend it better.

Bold Red

If you want to pair your beige walls with a darker shade, a bold red is always an excellent choice. Combining red and beige together will make your entire room pop but also give it some warmness.

It can go both ways, you will either create a bohemian style room that will be reminiscent of hot, summer days, or something more autumnal. Red can be a flaming color and it needs to be calmed by being contrasted to beige walls.

The red spectrum is fairly wide, and we already mentioned burgundy, but there is plenty of room to play around with color here. Red is a bold choice for people with a strong personality that want to add some of that personality to their homes.

Cream and Light Yellow

Both of these colors create a similar effect so we grouped them. The lighter shades of yellow blend extremely well with beige walls and create a flawless-looking combination. The same goes for cream curtains.

Of course, this has a lot to do with the fact that beige has a similar color base to these two colors. We are not talking about the bright yellow here, the one that will add a more colorful style to your room (more on that later). 

No, this one is all about simplicity and harmony. The color of the curtains and the walls complement each other due to the same undertones. They truly do pair wonderfully together. 

Both cream and light yellow curtains are soft additions to your beige walls and can be coordinated nicely. Add a floral print for a more romantic, softer feel.


If you are looking to add more brightness to your room, try pairing green curtains with your beige walls. A good shade would be sage green, which will open up your room more and make it easier to combine some other colors into it, like white or blue.

A good idea is to pair your green curtains with some plants. This will create a unique, natural look and make your room feel almost otherworldly. 

Of course, the contrast between the walls and curtains will be there, but it is not as strong as with some other colors. Using furniture of the same color as the curtains is also an option, which will make the contrast even weaker.

Try to pick long curtains that go all the way down to your floor for the best effect.

Navy Blue

You really can’t go wrong with navy blue curtains. This color pairs with basically anything, so of course beige walls are a wonderful fit. Get yourself a set of navy blue curtains for a look that fits any time of the year.

Still, a good piece of advice is to try and balance the dark color of these curtains with white or gray details. Make sure that your other pieces of furniture have some white on them and your living area will look picturesque.

These curtains are great for those that are looking to achieve a Mediterranean feel. Even though you might not live by the seaside, with a combo of navy blue curtains and beige walls, you will feel like you’re there.

Light Blue

Light blue is yet another excellent pick for those looking for curtains for tan walls. This color will give your room an airy look that will surely always lighten up the mood.

Adding some white accents is a great idea if you want to put more emphasis on the light and airy mood, or you can use some navy blue details to tone that feel down a notch.

Light blue is the color that will lighten up your interior more than any other color when paired with beige walls. It will help you keep things serene, calm, and cool.

Taupe Medallions

Once more we decided to pick a pattern instead of a color, but we believed it deserved its own entry. Taupe medallions are an excellent way to make two colors complement each other.

Pick cream or gray-colored curtains with taupe medallions and there is no way that they will clash with your beige walls. The taupe medallions will make the curtains and walls balance out wonderfully.

These types of curtains will give an airy, elegant look to your living area. They have a strong vintage vibe, so if that is something you’re into, this might be a great choice. The taupe accents of these curtains will blend seamlessly with your beige walls and your living area will look as if it was decorated by a professional.


Another pattern on our list, but this time it is floral. Pick one with natural, soft colors to create a girly, romantic look. Your room will have a nice vintage, bohemian vibe with curtains with a floral pattern.

They pair well with beige walls since it is a neutral color. Just make sure to not go overboard with the colors of your floral pattern. A nice light green or blue will do just fine.

Combine these curtains with the color of your plants, couch, pillows, or vases, and your entire room will feel as if it came out of a fairy tale. These curtains are the right pick for radical dreamers and romantic types.

Neutral Linen

Another type of curtains to match beige walls nicely is linen curtains. They will look well and add some much-needed texture to your living area. Beige walls might feel bland all by themselves, so linen is an excellent choice to make things feel less boring.

This is a great pick for people that don’t like a lot of color in their rooms. The neutral shade of these curtains will add some much-needed style and flair without being too loud and in-your-face. 

Also, you will be able to decorate the rest of your room to your liking, since the colors of your furniture won’t clash with linen curtains. Overall it is quite a safe choice but not boring by any chance.

Aqua or Turquoise

This is a good choice for people that like colorful curtains but still prefer to keep things classy. Beige combines well with a lot of colors, but some tones just fit better than others.

Aqua and Turquoise are among those tones because they fall under the ocean colors umbrella. These colors create a unique atmosphere and will open up your room and make it feel more airy and bohemian.

While these colors do provide contrast to beige walls, they still somehow achieve a look of perfect balance. However, if you feel like they stand out a bit too much you can always add some furniture or other details in those colors.

Bright Yellow

While we already mentioned light yellow curtains that are more similar to cream-colored ones, here we need to talk about bright yellow curtains. While it may seem tacky or paradoxical to try and combine such a bright color with beige walls if carefully selected they make a wonderful fit.

Bright yellow curtains will blend with beige walls but also create some contrast. They will lighten up the room and add some airiness.

Those looking for a colorful vibe should look into bright yellow curtains. If you want a vintage, elegant look you should avoid them, but we feel like younger folks might actually love this color. Another great option is gold-colored curtains!


There was no way we would fail to mention the safest option possible – white curtains. However, even if it is safe, it doesn’t mean it can’t look beautiful and elegant. 

White is a neutral color so it can be easily combined with just about anything. By using white curtains you are making it easier for yourself to pick other pieces of furniture or decorations, so keep that in mind. You will be more flexible for sure.

Sheer white curtains are a great pick for rooms that don’t get a lot of sunlight. They will brighten up the room and won’t block the sun from entering. Overall, it is hard to go wrong with white curtains for any kind of wall, let alone beige walls.


To end off our list, we had to go with beige curtains. While a combination of two same colors might seem strange, trust us, it works.

This is a great pick for people that like their rooms simple and clean. If you’re a fan of minimalism this could very well be the best pick for you. These curtains can still look stylish, you just need to know how to combine everything together.

First of all, you should pick a different beige tone for the curtains than the one on your wall. Then you need to play around with your furniture and add some colorful details. Of course, try to add a lot of white for that nice, minimalist look.


There you have it, our picks for the best curtain colors for beige walls. Of course, other colors can fit quite well, but we believe that these 20 picks are the best choices.

It will all depend on whether you prefer a more elegant style or a bohemian vibe, or you simply love colorful rooms. We picked something for everyone and we’re sure you will find something you like among our choices.