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What Color Curtains Go With Blue Walls – 16 Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

Painting your walls blue is a great decision! Your room won’t just look amazing, it will also make you feel both calm and productive, as blue generally does. And when you find that ideal shade that works just right for your home it’s time to find some curtains to match the blue walls.

There are many types of curtains so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all of the options. But worry not, that’s why we’re here! In this article, you will find great options for curtains that go with blue walls. So let’s begin.

White and Blue Are a Match Made in Heaven

If you’ve ever wondered what color curtains go with blue walls, know that white is always the right answer. Even though white is that universal color that goes well with every color, there’s something special about that white and blue combo that will always blow your mind.

This color combination is truly special, as it brightens up the room instantly. The best part about it is that it works with different styles of interior design. So that’s why both sheer white curtains, as well as their heavier counterparts, work wonders with blue walls. 

Patterned Curtains Look Amazing Against Blue Walls

It’s easy to be scared that patterns might feel overwhelming in a room. But these curtains with this fun geometrical pattern can’t help but look amazing with blue walls. The pattern doesn’t force itself onto you, but these curtains still make a statement in a room.

The indigo blue pattern will tie in perfectly with your walls, and if you’re a fan of white room decor these curtains will make sure it all looks bright and cohesive..

Brown Curtains and Blue Walls Make an Unusual Pair

Brown curtains might not be a conventional choice when it comes to pairing them with blue walls, but it’s definitely not the wrong one. This rich brown color makes the room feel warm, homely, and very comfortable.

And if you’re a fan of traditional style, you can’t go wrong with these brown curtains. This color combination isn’t your usual go-to color scheme for traditional decor, but it works just as well as any other popular one! You can easily match your decor with either color and still make the room look well put together. 

Pearl Pink Colored Curtains for a Soft Light Look

Pearl pink is a soft color that brings a touch of femininity in every space you put it in. Choosing pearl pink curtains for navy blue walls softens up the seriousness of navy blue. This creates a beautiful harmony in your room that is bound to bring you a sense of peace.

Choosing a sheer curtain in pearl pink can look especially beautiful. They allow more light, which is something that’s always a good idea when your room is painted a darker color, such as navy. And as light shines through these pearl pink curtains it can’t help but bring a special glow to a room, bathing it in soft light.

Dusty Pink Curtains for a Toned Down Look

Dusty pink curtains are a great neutral choice with blue walls. Dusty pink is a great shade for curtains since it doesn’t draw too much attention. These curtains still look cohesive with any light blue.

This color is very toned down, and its neutrality combined with the pale blue opens up a room. Curtains in this color will make the room look sophisticated and elevated above all else. If that’s what you’re looking for, dusty pink is the color for you.

Don’t Shy Away From a Floral Curtain

The floral pattern is already a classic among patterns. So if you’re looking for patterned curtains for a blue bedroom, these lovely floral ones are a great choice. Their silky sophisticated look is a perfect touch for a bedroom.

Although they look the best paired with light blue colored walls, they can really pop against a darker blue as well. These floral curtains are elegant and versatile and are sure to make an impact in a room.

Gray Curtains Pop Against Blue Walls

Gray is the definition of a neutral color. It brings a certain elegance and seriousness to a room. But when paired with a color such as midnight blue, it can’t help but pop. That’s why choosing gray curtains for dark blue walls is a smart design decision.

Gray and blue are another classic pair. They can’t help but look smart, classy, and elegant together. Pairing gray curtains with blue walls, no matter the material, will look amazing in any room. If you have a hard time choosing, go for this color combination, you won’t regret it.

Yellow Curtains Look Stunning With Turquoise Walls

Sunny yellow is a color that’s just known to uplift a room in a matter of seconds. And with blue, it creates a simultaneous contrast that’s very interesting to the eye. Knowing that, you can see why yellow curtains are great for a pop of color in a modern-style home.

If you want a funky curtain color that can’t help but make a statement in a blue room, sunny yellow is the color for you. It just looks stunning, exciting and will lift your mood whenever you come inside.

Beige Curtains Are Another Great Neutral Against Blue Walls

Neutral-colored curtains have been popular for decades. And for a good reason too. If you don’t want your curtains to draw too much attention in a room, but still want them to protect you from the sun, beige curtains are the way to go.

Most importantly, all kinds of neutrals look amazing with blue walls, especially the darker tones. Beige curtains allow your blue walls to dominate the room, while they subtly enhance its chic look.

Black Looks Great With All Shades of Blue

Black curtains are a bold choice. They can’t help but draw attention. So if you’re looking for curtains for a blue room that will surely make an impact, black is your color.

Black curtains are stylish. They definitely bring an unconventional but, on the other hand, modern look into a room. As they’re both simple but impactful, they allow for your blue room to be as dressed down, or as decorated as you wish.

Blue On Blue for a Monochrome Look

A famous artist once said, “Blue has no dimension, it is beyond dimension”. And that’s the best way to describe blue curtains on blue walls. This wonderful monochrome combination works great for all shades of blue, making your room truly feel otherworldly.

Blue curtains are great for blue walls, as you can match them exactly if you wish. And if you don’t, you can still make a great design combination, by combining a darker color curtain, such as midnight blue, with a more neutral duck egg blue, for a modern style room that leans towards monochromatic decor.

Brick Colored Curtains for a Contrasting Look Against Blue Walls

Brick-colored curtains are simply beautiful. There’s this daring elegance about this color that you just have to admire. And when laid against blue walls it creates a powerful contrast.

Brick-colored curtains always bring a touch of luxury and regality in a room and combined with blue walls, this daring contrast makes for a regal, but a daring pick for sure. It’s an exciting color combination that will make all your guests turn heads.

Sheer Patterned Curtains Fit In Great With Blue Wall

Sheer curtains have the wonderful transformative ability to look both cozy and simple, as well as elegant and luxurious just based on their surroundings. If you pair these beautiful sheer curtains in a midnight blue room, you’re going to be left speechless by how they make a stunning pair.

If you were wondering about the perfect curtains for your dark blue walls, these sheer patterned ones might be the right choice for you. The white pops with dark blue walls while the subtle patterns give them additional flair.

Baby Pink Curtains With Baby Blue Walls

Baby pink curtains make any room feel youthful and exciting. If you pick baby pink curtains for light blue walls, you will make sure your room feels light and vibrant. This draped look just adds a bit of a chic look to this already bright room.

These baby pink curtains look great in a baby blue bedroom, especially for girls. These curtains will bring that “princessy” playfulness into a bedroom. And as they’re also darkening curtains, they’ll be able to block out light when needed. It’s a perfect pick!

Fun Geometric Print Makes a Statement With Blue Walls

If you want your curtains to make a statement, while the rest of your room stays simple, this fun geometric print is right for you. These geometric curtains are fun, vibrant, and colorful bringing vibrant positivity into the room. This color combination works great if you want to spice up your blue walls that are on a more neutral side.

On another note cotton is a great material for curtains. It’s natural and airy, as it allows the room to breathe. This makes the curtains look flowy, while still blocking out enough light.

Latte Colored Curtains With Stripes Bring Coziness Into a Room

Choosing the right curtains for blue living room walls can be a hassle. They need to work well with the rest of the furniture while bringing something to your living room. These latte-colored curtains are a great choice, as they’re very much neutral, while still draping elegantly.

The stripes on these curtains are a great way to spice up the neutral-colored curtains. They make the curtains draw just enough attention without taking all of it for themselves. They’re a smart choice as they can work with both dressed up, as well more minimal spaces.


Dressing up blue walls with curtains seems hard at first. Making sure all of it matches, while also trying to fit your room in a certain aesthetic isn’t easy. That’s why making sure you know what style you want to go for is crucial when you’re decorating. your home.

Sometimes though, you just don’t know what options you have. Or if the thing you imagined looks as good as it does in your head. That’s where this list will come in handy. We hope to inspire you to find just the right curtains for your blue walls. Best of luck!