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What Color Curtains Go With Green Walls – 16 Ideas

By: Sara Čurić

When we think of the color green, we usually think of freshness, health, and most of all nature. And well, who doesn’t want to bring a piece of the great outdoors inside? Painting your walls green does exactly that, and it refreshes the room in an instant!

But when it comes to choosing the perfect curtains for a green room, many people don’t know where to start. There are many different shades of green, and choosing the ideal curtains that would complement your exact shade can be tough work.

That’s why we’re here though! If you’re struggling to find the right curtains for your room, these 16 ideas for green walls will make sure your room doesn’t just look fresh and exciting, but cohesive as well.

Plaid Curtains Look Great in a Traditional Dining Room

If you’re an avid fan of traditional home design, but still want green walls, don’t fret it’s doable! Just match them with these plaid curtains to tie it all in. This plaid design fits wonderfully with a traditional dining room, making it feel homely and cozy, but still, beautifully put together.

This plaid curtain pattern is very subtle, so it can fit just right with a room, without feeling overpowering in any way. It still adds that patterned flair though! And that’s just perfect for green walls, as these plaid curtains will just make the room feel even brighter. 

Earthy-Toned Striped Curtains Fit So Well With Green Walls

Green is the color of nature, so of course, it would make sense that it goes so well with other earthy tones. Deciding on earth-toned curtains for a green room will give the room that wonderfully refreshing botanical feel.

These earthy-toned striped curtains are a great fit, as their striped pattern brings in additional earthy hues into the mix. They’re great if you love patterns but don’t want your curtains to dominate the entire room.

White Curtains Make Green Walls Look Rich

If you were wondering what would be a beautiful, grand-looking curtain color for green walls look no further than white. White curtains are simply a classic, and it’s a color you can’t go wrong with.

No matter if you’re more into pure white, or off-white, choosing heavy white curtains will always make your green room look royal and elegant, elevating it immediately. They especially work wonders with darker hues of green, as they get the chance to elegantly pop against the dark green.

Beige Tones Feel Warm Against Green Walls

Beige is a beautiful neutral color that feels as if it was just made for green bedroom walls. If you want to liven up your bedroom with green walls, but want to be a bit more subdued with your decor, beige curtains, this is the right curtain color for you.

These sheer beige curtains will make sure your bedroom gets enough sunlight, making it look warm and captivating. But they also give you privacy when needed. And if you’re someone who loves to have every piece of decor in their room match, beige curtains match great with all kinds of curtain rods, so they can fit in perfectly in any room.

Brick-Colored Curtains Look Exciting With Green Walls

Red and green are a pair of complementary colors that just can’t help but create a dynamic environment in a room. Even though your first thought was probably “Christmas!” This color combination doesn’t necessarily need to look festive. That’s why it’s great to opt-in for a brassier brick red, rather than a crimson color. 

Choosing a brick curtain color for your room is a great choice to lift the environment up in an instant. Green walls are refreshing and exciting by themselves, and pairing them up with their complementary partner will make your space look incredibly lively, and that’s always a great option!

Taupe-Colored Curtains Match Well With Sage Green Walls

If you decided on the more muted sage green color for the walls of your room, you might be wondering what color curtains go with green walls. If you’re into neutrals and like to keep your furniture (and decor) in a more neutral scheme, taupe-color curtains will make sure to tie that all in with sage green walls.

Taupe curtains won’t stand out as much, but will still match these walls beautifully allowing your room to glow with that gentle warmth and comfort.

Lemon Yellow Curtains Pop Against Green Walls

Yellow is a color that you simply can’t take your eyes off. It’s bold, daring, and joyful. And since green is almost equally as exciting these two make a fun pair. If you want your room to look bright, sunny and bring you pure, unfiltered joy, lemon curtains are the curtains for you.

These lemon yellow curtains work well with many different shades of green, so you can’t go wrong with them. Still, though, they will show their true potential when paired with greens with blue undertones, such as seafoam green. These curtains just pop and make a statement!

This Burgundy Colored Print Is a Bold Pick for Green Walls

If your walls are a colder shade of green, burgundy is a great way to add some dynamic to your room. It’s the same red-green complementary combination, just in a colder hue, which brings a sort of formality and elegance to this combination.

Adding this beautiful burgundy pattern to the mix just ties everything together in a beautifully rich cohesion. These burgundy colored patterned curtains are just the right choice for those who are bold, and daring but still want a touch of elegance in their house. 

Gray Curtains Against Light Green Walls Feel Just Right

It’s sometimes hard to find the right color curtains for light green walls. But when in doubt, go for a neutral color. Gray is a great neutral that fits like a glove with green walls. 

These gray curtains are embellished with tiny flowers that fit just right with the light green, giving the room a bright, airy, natural feel. These curtains are proof that gray isn’t a boring color at all!

Gold Tones Work Wonders With Green Walls

Gold is always a synonym for luxury and wealth. And gold is a great match for green walls that have a warm undertone. So if you were wondering what color goes well with an olive or a pistachio shade of green, don’t shy away from the golden decor.

These curtains are made of a beautiful opulent gold that does wonders with the green walls of your home. No doubt that your green room will look elevated, and very rich. The elegant draping of these curtains also gives the impression of luxury that you can’t possibly ignore.

Tangerine Curtains Pop Beautifully Against Green Walls

Green walls in themselves are a refreshing pop of color in a home. But these tangerine curtains are fun if you want to take that idea further, and just create a joyful living space. They’re versatile in a way where they work well with both bright and muted wall colors.

Pairing these tangerine curtains with a bright green wall will create a bright and powerful living room that has a tang of that childlike joy. If your living room is painted in more of a muted shade, these curtains will surely pop and create a very memorable contrast.

These Floral Curtains Light Up the Entire Room

As seen already, a floral pattern works wonders for a green room. No matter if your walls are bright green or a bit on the darker side, there’s a perfect floral match for every single shade. For example, these yellow floral curtains look amazing with an olive green wall.

Their elegant draping and the way they flow are just some of the reasons why these florals make a statement. Their beautiful yellow color, combined with the blue detailing brings sunshine into the room. Which again, works perfectly with the natural greens

Orange Curtains for a Pop of Color

Orange curtains aren’t your usual pick. But there’s something so special about the way orange fits in with green walls. This color combination is very captivating, and it leaves an impression on everyone who enters the room.

Choosing orange curtains for a green room brings the best out of these two colors. If you’re a fan of mid-century modern style, this is the color combo that checks out all the boxes. 

This Wheat And White Combination Allows for a Variety of Looks

These wheat-colored curtains with a sheer white layer bring the versatility into your home that you might desire. The colors fit with almost any color scheme, and you can style them in many different ways, which can in turn change up the look of your entire room.

Curtains such as these ones are great for people who like to redecorate their spaces often, as they allow for a lot of variety, without making you spend any money.

Green on Green for a Monochrome Look

Monochrome spaces are some of the most beautiful and coherent ones you can find. If executed right, the room looks incredibly sophisticated. And green is a beautiful choice for this.

If you want your green-on-green monochrome look to be chic and elevated, make sure you play around with the contrast. Choosing a lighter color curtain with dark walls, or vice versa helps create that cohesive monochrome look

Choose Blue Curtains for a Breath of Fresh Air

Blue curtains are another great option for green walls that are a bit on the bluish side. They fit beautifully with turquoise and sage green walls. You can even create an interesting illusion of a gradient look with furniture and other room decoration, that looks interesting and unique.

These blue curtains are perfect if you have accent furniture in this shade of blue. Matching them together creates cohesion like no other, and is a simple way to make your green room look beautifully put together.


Bringing the great outdoors inside by painting your walls green might seem like an impossible task in the beginning. 

But after reading this article you’ll see that green is a pretty versatile color. There are many shades for sure, but with that in mind, there are many other shades that match them well. And there are dozens of curtain options that will make your freshly painted green room become your dream one in no time. Happy shopping!