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What Color Curtains Go With Pink Walls? – 10 Ideas

By: Sara Shores

If you’re looking to or have already painted your room pink, you might have trouble finding some curtain ideas for it. Examples abound of curtains for white rooms or even blue rooms, but pink is sometimes underrepresented in the world of interior design. 

This list will explore some subtle and unique curtain ideas alike so you can make your room truly your own. 

Pair Dusty Pink With Sheer White Curtains for an Elegant Room

Sheer white curtains are slightly different from typical opaque curtains since they increase the amount of natural light and can add subtle elegance. Paired with a wall color like dusty pink, this elegance factor can be multiplied. 

This is an especially great option for simpler rooms that use monochromatic tones with a single pink accent color. Because of this, it would fit well in either a minimalistic or a modern style room. 

Pair Light Gray Curtains With Light Pink Walls for Subtle Elegance

Another tone that goes well with pink is light gray, especially if you use a light pink wall color. This is a perfect option if you like the light color palette of white curtains, but want to offset how bright they are.

Paired together, the two colors have a very subtle elegance. 

Use Opaque White Curtains for a Classic Flair

In comparison to sheer white curtains, opaque white curtains are better for blocking out bright light. In some rooms, this can contribute to the aesthetic, as the additional shade can accentuate light gray tones that may otherwise be confused for white in bright rooms. 

When you have pink walls, however, you can add these curtains to a colorful classical room, adding a subtle touch of elegance. 

Use Pink Curtains With Pink Walls for a Matching Look

If you’re struggling to find the right colored curtains for your pink walls, there’s a simple solution– use pink curtains. If you use the right shade, pink walls and pink curtains can make your room feel more cohesive than it would otherwise.

To add visual interest, you can also mix and match different pink shades, like dark pink with light pink curtains for contrast.

Add a Warm Look With Cream-Colored Curtains

When it comes to painting your walls, it can be difficult to choose between white and cream. While the colors are similar, they have different effects. White walls can add contrast with dark furniture for modern rooms, for example, or create an art gallery effect that makes every item pop. Cream colors, on the other hand, can soften stark contrast and add subtle warm tones.

In the same sense, choosing cream curtains instead of white ones can change the look of your room even if the walls are pink. You can use it to soften bright pink colors or to seamlessly fit in a warm-colored room.

Add a Natural Touch With Gray Tree Branch-Patterned Curtains

If you love the modern and minimalistic look of solid gray but want some extra pizazz to make your pink room stand out, you can find gray patterned curtains instead. 

These curtains in particular feature a visually interesting tree pattern. Thanks to the varying branches, it can add both visual texture and a natural flair. 

Go With Dark Blue Geometric Curtains for a Modern Look

If you’d rather have some contrast between your curtains and the color of your walls, you may want to go with light pink walls and dark blue curtains. Contrast is an important element in modern designs, and in this case, it can make your curtain design stand out.

Adding to this modernity is the white geometric design on the curtains since clean geometry is often associated with modern interior designs as well. 

Make Your Room Pop With Green Patterned Curtains

Green and pink might make you think of watermelons, but this color palette is sometimes used in interior designs as well. It isn’t super common, which is perfect if you’re trying to decorate a unique room. Depending on the shades you use, it can make the room feel bright and cheerful. 

These green patterned curtains in particular have a geometric pattern on them, perfect for decorating a modern room with a unique, colorful twist.

Go For an Eccentric Look With Bright Pink Walls and Purple Curtains

If you have bright pink walls, you may want to consider adding purple curtains. Pink and purple are used together in a variety of color palettes. This makes sense considering that the two colors are adjacent on the color wheel, and adjacent color combinations tend to have great harmony with one another. 

If you’d like to give your room a unique and eccentric feel, adding purple curtains for a pink room would work perfectly.

Go With Striped Lime Curtains for a Unique Room

Lime green is a favorite in the minds of many interior designers, mainly because it can add a bright pop of color to make a room stand out. 

These curtains are no different. The bright lime green color paired with the white stripes are incredibly unique-looking, especially if you pair them with a pink wall color. For a softer look, you can paint your walls a medium tone or slightly lighter color pink. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a stark contrast, you can add a bright pink color to help your room stand out even more. 

Final Thoughts…

Rooms with pink walls might not be the most common, so it can be difficult to find ideas and inspiration as to what curtain colors for pink walls you should pick. Thankfully, there are so many options out there, from stunning dark blue curtains to tasteful cream-colored ones. No matter your style, you’re sure to find some curtains that match it.

We hope this list gave you a place to start in styling your curtains for pink walls.