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What Color Curtains Go With Purple Walls – 10 Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Purple is a core color that has many exciting branches. When browsing purple walls, you’ll find various shades and tones, including lilac, lavender, and plum! Each shade of purple has a unique aura and hence requires a specific color to compliment it.

In this article, we will go over some of the very best curtains for purple walls. This includes curtains for different types of purple, plus a small lesson on how to match undertones! 

So, are you ready to learn more?

Let’s dive in!

Try an All-Over Lilac Look

Monotone styles, like the lilac-on-lilac theme pictured above, are an excellent way to epitomize a minimalist look without appearing dull. Though minimalism typically consists of white-on-white designs, there’s no harm in experimenting with a bit of color, instead!

While a monotone white look may be perfect for adults, a lilac one is better suited to children’s rooms. This is because the color lilac radiates an energy that is both cool and calm, yet youthful and fun, too! 

Look Pretty in Pink 

Blush pink curtains are a perfect match for rich, plum walls. Plum is a special shade of purple that has red undertones. This distinguishes it from other members of the purple family that share blue undertones. 

Pink also bears a close resemblance to the color red, so the color pink compliments plum so well. So, if you’re looking for a pair of light-colored curtains to match your plum purple walls, you better think pink! 

Match Cream White Drapes with Lighter Purple Walls

If you’re not too keen on pink or try cream white curtains instead. While there are many shades of white out there, we’d recommend cream white to anyone who admires sophisticated simplicity.

Cream white bears a yellow undertone, which energizes it and adds a cozy vibe to the color. The color white itself represents purity and peace. There’s nothing complicated about this shade, which makes it an excellent option for calm indoor spaces like your bedroom or reading corner.

Try Bright Angel White Curtains for a Purple Bedroom

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated color with an energizing vibe, consider angel white. Unlike its cream-white counterpart, angel white is bright, bold and full of vitality.

Angel white curtains look even brighter under strong sunlight, making them an excellent option for windows that receive plenty of outdoor light. This is a neutral color, too, and can easily blend in with your purple wall and matching furniture. 

Hang Silver Curtains to Match a Purple Wall

If you’re keen on introducing a metallic finish to your interior space, buy yourself a new set of lustrous silver drapes!

Silver is a brighter, livelier version of grey. Where grey adds a formal, collected vibe, silver adopts a more fun and bold approach. This is primarily due to its shiny luster – something that regular grey just can’t offer.

When matched with a brilliant purple background, a pair of silver drapes can shine like no other! In addition, their neutral-colored appearance helps to balance out the rich, deep aura maintained by the color purple.

Go for Brown Curtains to Compliment Deep Plum Walls 

As noted above, the color plum maintains a red undertone. Luckily, brown is an offshoot of the red family, too. As a result, brown curtains work remarkably well with plum-colored walls. 

Brown curtains are ideal for rooms that want to maintain a formal, reserved aura. But if you’d like to add some fun to the mix, try experimenting with different curtain styles. 

Style tip: Try roman curtains as an alternative to regular drapes.

Hang Beige Drapes to Add Serenity to a Plum Wall 

Beige curtains are another excellent option for plum walls. Though plum and beige don’t share the same undertones, they can still work remarkably well together. This is because beige bears a yellow undertone, whereas plum has a red one. 

Luckily, it’s this difference that strikes a subtle contrast between the two shades and ultimately yields a mesmerizing visual. 

Style tip: Place beige furniture to further help your beige curtains blend in with a plum-colored wall.

Match Violet Drapes to a Violet Background 

Another excellent example of monochromatic supremacy, these violet drapes look stunning when set against a matching violet background.

A brilliant way to distinguish your violet drapes from a violet wall is by employing texture either within the curtains or the wall. For example, if you have a plain wall, try adding textured curtains. Or, if your wall has a pretty texture or sports a beveled wainscot, go for non-textured curtains. 

Install Red Curtains to Contrast with Lilac Walls

Red curtains can instantly uplift your purple wall. Try pairing red drapes with a shade of purple that shares a red undertone. The soft, pinkish lilac tone seen above is an excellent example of this. 

You can also strike an interesting contrast by pairing your red curtains with a blueish purple wall (think violet!) Despite their differences, the two can work well together as long as there are plenty of other neutral-colored elements within the room.

Choose Light Green Curtains for Pinkish Purple Walls

Pinkish purple and grass green are on opposite ends of the color wheel. So, from the perspective of traditional color theory, light green curtains are a perfect match for light, pinkish-purple walls! 

Consider adding green drapes if you’re decorating a room with purple walls that boast a pink undertone. 

And, if you’d like to take things a step further, try adding a few pink elements to the room (like a pink seat). This will help encourage the green shades present on the walls to stand out even more. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone over this brilliant list of curtains for purple walls, it’s time to make a choice! 

Although there are many exciting options here, you can only choose one. So, be sure to look at your purple wall’s undertones before picking a curtain to match. For example, consider curtain colors with a blue undertone if you’re looking for curtains for lavender walls. 

Or, if you have plum walls, opt for curtains with red undertones – brown and pink are excellent options!