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What Color Hardware Goes With Navy Cabinets?

By: Nishtha Sadana

Navy blue color is a symbol of richness, power, authority, boldness, and utmost luxury. It beholds a certain sense of depth and character that can undeniably energize any space and infuse enthusiasm. In the kitchens, navy blue color has always been a superpower! Homeowners have always loved the feel and ambiance of these navy blue cabinets that can ultimately bring power and a “wow” factor to any space. 

However, choosing a complementary color scheme is ideal to further make your kitchen awe-inspiring and Instagram-worthy! And it all begins with the color of the hardware. Yes, this decor element has the potential to transform the vibe of your kitchen and make it look transitional, glam, farmhouse, contemporary, or modern. Don’t believe it? Well, have a look at these gorgeous 12-color hardware ideas for navy blue cabinets.

Satin Brass

There’s something absolutely glam and rich about the combination of navy blue and satin brass. This duo feels utmost luxurious, timeless, and versatile – and believe me, it can add that “wow” factor to the kitchen. Especially for interior design styles like transitional, Eclectic, and contemporary – this fusion is quite good to go.

Secondly, you can always pair these cabinets with white backsplash tiles and white backdrop paint to further protrude the palette.

Stainless Steel Pull Handles

Stainless steel pull handles will perfectly give your cabinets a formal, modern, and timeless touch. It doesn’t tend to stick out much (like the satin brass) – rather, blends seamlessly with the panorama. Especially for interior design styles like modern farmhouse, modern, contemporary, and eclectic – this combination is worth having an eye on!

On the other hand, if you’re not just sticking to a particular blue and rather want a blend of two colors on the cabinets – the stainless steel finish is something that will play one for all.

Antique Nickel

Do you admire the rustic and vintage feel of a cabinet? Something that reminds you of the old Countryside cottage? Well, if you’re looking for a likewise vibe, it’s quite ideal to choose an antique nickel finish that blends and creates a rustic and vintage appeal.

This navy blue cabinet is further equipped with a wooden countertop to add a flair of timelessness and versatility. Furthermore, add rustic wooden floating shelves to complete the look.

Iron Black

Who says that iron black pull handles don’t complement your navy blue cabinets? Well, if you’re craving a subtle and informal look in your kitchen – one of the best color hardware to choose would be iron black or matte black. And especially when you have a farmhouse-style kitchen, this option definitely makes a number one choice.

The black knobs will blend with the blue and create a monochromatic-like effect, overall. Hence, whenever you’re in doubt – just simply choose this color on the hardware!

Polished Brass

Polished Brass is a stark and bright gold finish that can add a perfect touch of glam and splendor to a space. When placed on the navy blue cabinets, the result is even more eye-catchy and sleek. So, if you like the feel of gold accents and want to equally play loud – this is the finish that you must look forward to. Else, satin brass is recommended for you.

This combination is doable for Eclectic, Hollywood Glam, and transitional interior design styles.

Satin Bronze

The satin bronze finish has a touch of playfulness that can give your cabinets a completely unique makeover. Unlike the gold, brass, or matte black – this hardware finish complements your navy blue cabinets and exhibits a sense of femininity and eccentricity.

This finish on the hardware can also suit the white cabinets – which is why you can consider the blend of both (on the upper and lower cabinets). Lastly, note that this duo is ideal for bohemian, eclectic, and glam design styles.

Polished Chrome

One of the most popular hardware finishes, polished chrome has a shiny silver touch that can undeniably pair with the navy blue cabinets. It has a slight mirror finish that can make your cabinet and kitchen look flawless and sleek. It tends to stand out and play a focal – hence, think twice before choosing the size of these pull handles and knobs.

This duo is quite ideal for transitional, traditional, and eclectic-styled kitchens. Also, don’t hold back from choosing a white marble countertop to go with it!

Satin Chrome

Since the navy blue cabinets can be quite loud and bold – you can choose a subtle finish like satin chrome on the hardware that can easily blend and calm down the palette. It doesn’t have a shiny texture, unlike the polished chrome finish that almost looks like a mirror.

You can best complement this palette with chrome-framed mirrors, sanitary products, and ample indoor plants to go! 

Satin Nickel

One of the major differences between satin nickel and satin chrome is that the former has a slightly yellow or warm finish, unlike the latter which has a dominant cool finish. For your navy blue cabinets, either of these is going to work – however, depending upon your personal preference and vibe.

So, if you want a slightly cozy and vintage appearance, a satin nickel finish is the one to choose. It can also make your cabinets stand out! 

Matte Black

Matte black is one of the most admired finishes in the interior design industry. It has a perfect touch of sophistication and elegance to it – hence, definitely a recommendation if you want to play modern, contemporary, or farmhouse in your kitchen. 

With your blue cabinets, the matte black pull handles would blend and create a subtle look. Yes, it wouldn’t stand out and make the navy the boss of your room!

Navy Blue Knobs

You can never go wrong with navy blue knobs on your navy blue cabinets. Yes, it will create a unified look and make your kitchen look one! Well, this is one of the best ways to decorate a monochromatic blue kitchen with a tinge on the backsplash tiles and backdrop wall.

You can either choose a glossy white-gray marble countertop or something in wood with this all-blue kitchen theme. Note that it works the best in vintage and farmhouse designs!

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze is a very dark tone of bronze – well, something like chocolate brown that can exhibit a sense of depth and character to the kitchen cabinets. They can almost appear like a matte black finish with little light in the room. 

This finish mimics the finish of aged bronze and can also reflect a deep copper undertone! With your navy blue cabinets, you shouldn’t give a second thought to this finish. Especially if you have vintage or farmhouse style design. 

Summing It Up

The navy blue cabinets have the potential to play absolutely versatile and timeless. And now that you see it – most of the finishes can well complement these navy blue cabinets. And it all boils down to the kind of vibe and ambiance you’re trying to create. Of course, in amalgamation with your interior design style. So, which finish appealed the most to you? Well, do let me know in the comments below!