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What Color Hardware Goes With White Kitchen Cabinets?

By: Nishtha Sadana

White cabinets are one of the most common and versatile options to have in your home. They’re clean, crisp, and refreshing – and will also never go out of style! However, there are different kinds of white to opt for, on the cabinets. Cool or warm, blue undertones or yellow – the hardware has a major role to play! Depending upon the interior design style and color scheme, you have quite a few finish options to choose from.

From bronze to black, copper, brass, silver, steel, pewter, and white – the list is truly endless when it comes to styling white kitchen cabinets. And believe it or not, this is one of the easiest color cabinets to work with! So, let’s get started and observe how to best beautify your white cabinets with the help of knobs and pull handles. 

Matte Black

Contradicting the white cabinets, the matte black finish on the knobs and pull handles tend to protrude out and exhibit a clean and crisp appearance. Especially for interior design styles like modern transitional, Scandinavian, and contemporary – this color duo is bound to play a dominant role.

You can further streamline and create a cohesive appeal with the help of black sanitary fixtures, pendant lights, and black artwork frames. Even though chrome finish fixtures wouldn’t be a bad option – yet, I still recommend matte black! 

Oil Rubbed Bronze

Oil rubbed bronze has a rich patina and a deep chocolate brown finish that can make your cabinets appear vintage, industrial, and antique. So, if you have a design style that defines the features of French Country, industrial, or farmhouse – flamboyant oil rubbed bronze finish is what you must have an eye on!

You can further pair this duo with a brown countertop, a couple of wooden shelves, and industrial-style pendant lights.

Satin Nickel

Especially for warm-toned or creamy white cabinets, the satin nickel finish works the best. This warm hardware finish can feel quite antique, vintage, and industrial – thus, great enough to pair with your white cabinets. And since it’s neither too shiny nor too bright, it can easily blend with the existing kitchen panorama.

Furthermore, this finish is quite timeless and versatile – and you can pair it with any color palette and scheme. 

Polished Chrome

Do you want to achieve a cool, relaxed, and laid-back vibe in your kitchen? Well, with the cool white cabinets – it’s ideal to choose a cool silver or blue hardware finish like polished chrome. It feels like a mirror finish that can easily blend with the existing cabinet panorama.

And since it doesn’t stand out too much, you can choose this finish to create a subtle and subdued look. 

Antique Brass

Antique brass tends to look darker and more worn-out as compared to polished or satin brass. Hence, if you want to achieve a vintage, industrial, or farmhouse appeal – this antique brass finish is something to look forward to!

Furthermore, these knobs can be best complemented with a warm white marble countertop and a similar finish for the pendant lights, wall sconce, and artwork or mirror frame. 

Antique Bronze

With an authentic, rustic, and industrial look, the antique bronze finish has a stronger look and appeal. It has a tinge of red and yellow that appears quite warm and traditional. Especially for interior design styles like French Country, traditional, farmhouse, and English style – these knobs would work the best.

Furthermore, this color hardware beautifully complements the warm-toned off-white color on the cabinets. And don’t forget a likewise warm-toned marble countertop to complement the palette.

Aged Brass

You can never go wrong with aged brass! This is a classic brass example with a matte-finish coating for a vintage-inspired look. It appears quite timeless and can totally make your kitchen look flawless and versatile. Especially with the pull handles, this color hardware is bound to look sleek and transitional. 

Also, if you admire a monochromatic vibe in the kitchen, this finish will beautifully complement the cabinets, white-hued backsplash, and brass pendant lights.

Polished Brass

The combination of polished brass pull handles and white cabinets will never go out of style! This luxe and sophisticated duo makes a great match for transitional, modern, glam, and contemporary interior design styles. This finish tends to protrude out and make a fundamental accent in any home. 

Furthermore, ensure to add a touch of polished brass to the lighting fixtures, mirror frames, and sanitary fixtures. This is a “to-go” palette for a rich experience!

Satin Brass

If you don’t want a gaudy look and at the same time, the brass fixtures and pull handles to stand out, this is the hardware finish to look forward to. With a perfect tinge of “gold” and a dominant matte finish, this color hardware is quite muted, subdued, and subtle.

So, whenever in doubt – choose satin finish brass for the pull handles and knobs. This is a great recommendation for glam, eclectic, transitional, and modern interior design styles. 

Weathered Black

Weathered black has a fusion of black and brown that creates a rustic, industrial, and vintage appeal. So, if you have a farmhouse, industrial, rustic, or vintage-styled kitchen – these knobs are what you must have an eye on! They tend to break the monotony of an all-white kitchen and make it even more visually appealing and stunning.

Furthermore, you can complement this duo with wooden floating shelves, patterned backsplash tiles, and solid hardwood floors.

Summing It Up

Now you see, pairing with the best hardware finish for the white cabinets is quite easy and fun. However, all this while, you must ensure to have an eye on the color saturation of the cabinets – whether warm or cool. 

If you like the feel of old and vintage – it’s time to focus on antique finishes with flamboyant designs. Whereas, in modern designs, don’t hold back from brass and black! So, which particular finish mesmerized you the most? Well, do let me know in the comments below!