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What Color Rug Go With Black Furniture?

By: Shanze Ijaz

Simply put, rugs are incredible. They’re cozy, warm the floor, and help liven up otherwise dull interior spaces. What’s not to love?

Sadly, finding the perfect rug to match your room isn’t a simple task. This is especially true when working with a challenging furniture color, like black. Luckily, we’ve got just what you need to combat this problem.

Below is a collection of the best rugs for black furniture. So, if you’ve been wondering what color rug goes with a black couch or table, you’re in the right place!

Check out our great list of complementary rug colors for black furniture here:


What’s better than cozying up near a stylish black fireplace on a rug that’s the color of flames?

Orange is a brilliant, sanguine color. Placing an orange rug within your home can help cultivate a positive and welcoming environment. This makes orange carpets an excellent option for lively living rooms.

Moreover, blue sits right across orange on the color wheel, making it the latter’s antithesis. So, to help calm the fiery ferociousness of your new orange rug, consider adding a few blue ornaments to your living space. Or, if you’d like to heighten the atmosphere’s existing passion and warmth, switch out the blue pieces for red décor instead.


One look at this sand-colored rug is enough to tell you that it’s a perfect match for the black trunk pictured above.

Did you know that black and sand both fall under the ‘neutral tone category’ despite their obvious differences? It’s impossible to deny that black is an intense, willful color. Similarly, we can’t disagree that sandy hues are the exact opposite. However, modern color theory actively recognizes black as a neutral shade. On the other hand, sand brown falls within the warm whites family, making it a relatively neutral tone, too. As a result, both these colors help tame one another and create an eye-catching visual that’s hard to beat!


Similar to black and sand, white is also a neutral color. This gives it an advantage over most shades. Neutral colors are known to blend in with most colors comfortably. Moreover, their neutrality makes them commendable backdrop options. This is accentuated by the fact that neutral tones, like white, don’t steal the limelight when against other colors.

Plus, as both black and white are neutral tones, they’re bound to work well together. In fact, black and white are a classic preset pairing acknowledged by the art world at large. As a result, white rugs are an excellent complementary choice for black furniture.

Black on Black

If you’re going for an intense, mysterious vibe, consider pairing your black sofa with a matching black rug. But be wary, though – such pairings only work if your room’s overall setup compliments it.

To help soften the look, try partnering your black furniture with a warm or neutral backdrop. A plain, wooden floor (like the one pictured above) is an excellent option. Such colors will help calm the black rug’s extreme intensity and create a more homely atmosphere.


If an all-black aesthetic isn’t your thing, don’t worry. Try livening things up with a bright and bold multicolor rug instead!

Thanks to its extensive color pallet, multitone rugs work well with most pieces of furniture, including black ones. Additionally, adding a multicolor rug to your interior space can help tie together contrasting or conflicting items.

It’s also a great way to add a new accent to an otherwise black-dominant space. For example, suppose your new, colorful rug contains plenty of blue. In that case, you can add a blue vase and frame to your room as complimentary accent pieces. And, thanks to the multicolor rug, your blue artifacts won’t clash with the black furniture. Isn’t that brilliant? 

Warm Grey

The warm grey rug pictured here contains generous splashes of faded dark blue. Regardless, there’s no denying how well it complements the black marble fireplace next to it.

True to its name, warm grey maintains a relatively cozier and more homely appearance than its regular grey counterpart. As a result, it can make your home feel more lived-in and welcoming. This is a staple feature of most warm-toned hues. Plus, such colors work well against fireplaces and can help improve your living room’s snug vibe.


Minimalist rugs are currently all the rage. So, if you’re keen on jumping onto the trend bandwagon, consider investing in this ergonomic off-white rug.

Off-white complements black furniture by offsetting the latter’s potent presence. Moreover, unlike black, off-white is a gentle color. Plus, it can help foster an aura of warmth within home spaces. So, if you’re afraid your black furniture (like the shelf pictured above) might darken the mood, lighten it up with an off-white carpet!

Light Blue

According to modern color theory, light blue is one of the most soothing colors out there. So, if you’re looking for a way to add tranquility to your room, why not incorporate a blue rug into your living space?

Consider the one pictured above. Not only does it add to the gentleness of the preexisting setup, but it also compliments the black rocking chairs well. This is because, unlike most colors, light blue has the potential to soothe black’s powerful intensity. The result is a stunning, soft, pacific layout.

Denim Blue

Perhaps you’re searching for something more eager than a simple, light blue rug to match your black seats. If so, take a look at this stunning denim blue circle mat.

Thanks to its unmatched resemblance to the classic American blue jean, this rug celebrates modernity with a homage to the State’s culture. It also works well against the black sofa base pictured above.

Plus, this rug is an excellent option for outdoor seating. Not only does it compliment the pool’s cool blues, but it also serves as a darkened reflection of the daytime sky. Simply put, this rug is nothing short of poetic, and it’s all thanks to its gorgeous denim blue color.

Final Thoughts

Calm, sanguine, lively, powerful…your new rug can help cultivate any of these moods, depending on The color you choose. So, when selecting a carpet, be sure to ask yourself what vibe you’re going for.

Hopefully, the list above will have granted you valuable insight into what color rug goes with black furniture best. So, don’t hesitate to employ the advice listed in this article when selecting a new carpet for your home!