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What Color Rugs Go With Grey Floors?

By: Sara Čurić

Simply put – grey flooring is stunning. Grey is a sophisticated neutral color that elevates a space. It’s a marvelous choice for different rooms and all types of interior design styles. But when it comes to finding the right rug for your grey floors, you might not be sure what to choose.

There are plenty of options since grey is a pretty neutral color, as noted above. So when you’re in doubt about what color rug goes with grey floors, look no further than this article!

A White Woolen Rug Is a Classic Choice

If you’re a fan of a classic look and want to opt-in for something sophisticated that doesn’t grab too much attention, white is always a good choice. If you’re a fan of a simpler look, reminiscent of a warm knit sweater, this rug is for you.

The woolen texture adds some extra warmth. It also creates an exciting textured look in your room that creates dimension. A stunning choice that will elevate your room, without overpowering it.

Red Rugs Look Stunning Against Grey Flooring

If you’re looking for a perfect area rug for grey floors, red can be a stunning option. Red rugs pop beautifully against grey flooring, adding an interesting visual point. They’re great for layering with other rugs if you want to create a fun rug combo.

This one in particular is beautiful. These black and white floral accents pair wonderfully with grey floors. Match this rug with an accent chair or some throw pillows for an eye-catching cohesive look.

Don’t Shy Away From Color

As we said earlier, grey floors have that sophisticated look that pairs beautifully with many colors. So if your furniture allows, why not go for a colorful option? It can easily set your room apart from others and create a visually exciting space.

This abstract rug is a perfect example of a colorful rug that looks marvelous with grey floors. The grey of the rug ties in perfectly with the flooring so the rug won’t look out of place. If you want to add some more color to your life, but aren’t quite sure how adding a colorful rug is the way to go.

Moroccan Rugs Look Lovely With Grey Floors

Moroccan rugs are known for their opulent look, tassels, and their colorful aesthetics. Of course, there are options in neutral colors. But the richness and luxury of these rugs persist. This is why it’s a popular style, making these Moroccan rugs the perfect rugs for grey hardwood floors.

The combination of such a luxurious-looking rug, with the elegance that comes with a hardwood floor, is unparalleled. Made out of champagne-colored wool with charcoal accents, this unbelievably soft rug will simply take your breath away.

Blue Pairs Beautifully With Grey

Blue and grey make a classic color combination. It’s a combo that works in practically any setting, be it a living room, bedroom, or any other. So naturally, that makes a blue rug the perfect match for your grey floor.

Since there are so many different shades of blue, you can create different atmospheres with different rugs. You can brighten up your room with a bright blue rug. Or you could opt-in for a darker one with ornaments for a more serious tone. In any case, the possibilities are endless!

A Black Ornamental Rug Makes All the Difference

Finding the right rug for your living room can be a hassle. You want something impactful, but not overpowering. That’s not impossible to find! Ornamental rugs, for example, make glorious living room rugs for grey floors.

But you don’t need to go for a classic ornamental look. This dark ornamental rug takes all of the gorgeous details of a classic Persian rug combining it with a deep rustic brown base. This rug is a perfect choice for a modern farmhouse room that’s in the need of some flair.

Choose a Yellow Rug for a Pop of Color Against Grey Floors

Sometimes classic rug choices just aren’t an option. Sometimes we just want a rug that makes a statement. And what’s a better statement color than yellow? Yellow is a bold, joyful color that pops against the chic neutrality of grey flooring.

This particular rug will blow your mind. Handwoven and hand-knotted, it adds an artisan feel to the room. Its boldness is breathtaking as it creates a marvelous atmosphere. A must-have in your home!

Lilac Rugs Add a Touch of Warmth To Light Grey Floors

When considering rugs for light grey floors, don’t be afraid to look into pastel colors. They’re not the most conventional choices, that’s for sure. But combined with light grey flooring, pastels can find a way to shine.

Perfect for bedrooms, lilac rugs will add a certain tenderness to the grey flooring. This combination looks soft and dreamy, adding a certain warmth to your room. Even if the colors themselves aren’t on the warm spectrum! It’s a color combo that stays with you for a while.

A Zebra Striped Rug Will Add Some Flair to Your Room

There’s something so exciting about animal print. You can create multiple different styles with it. And It just can’t go out of style, no matter what. So why wouldn’t you spice your home up with one of them?

This zebra-striped rug is a gorgeous one. It’s available in different colors, all of which pair so well with grey floors. This rug will add a certain exoticness to your room while managing to look both casual and sophisticated. If you’re someone who loves an adventurous look, don’t shy away from this brilliant rug.

A Charcoal Colored Rug Is a Stunning Fit for Grey Floors

Black has always been the epitome of elegance. Paired with grey it creates a dark and luxurious combination that can easily transform an entire room. And the best thing about choosing a black rug is that you can choose a plain option or go for an intricate design, it will always look equally as good.

This jellyfish rug is the perfect example of a black rug with a stunning design that will make your room feel rich. The jellyfish design is more on the abstract side, creating an intricate pattern that will take your breath away. It’s perfect for any modern or contemporary home in need of a new rug!

In Conclusion

Grey flooring allows you to experiment with interior design. They create a chic base to the room that allows you to build on it as you please. It’s a marvelous flooring option, that you surely won’t regret!

No matter if you’re a fan of neutral subdued rooms or bright, joyful ones, grey flooring will allow for both. And you can create the atmosphere you want just by finding the perfect rug. We showed you some of our favorite options that range from neutral to bold. And now it’s up to you to find your ideal rug. Happy shopping!