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What Color Sheets Go With a Gray Comforter?

By: Sara Čurić

Comforters are those cozy things just about everyone should have in their home. There’s no better way to end the day than curling up in your fave comforter. But also, you want it to fit well with the style of your room.

Gray comforters are fantastic because they can create a completely different atmosphere in a bedroom, depending on the sheets you pair them with. So if you were wondering what color sheets go with a gray comforter, you’re at the right place. Here are some of our top picks.

Pair Your Gray Comforter With a Beautiful Cranberry Lattice Pattern

Pair Your Gray Comforter With A Beautiful Cranberry Lattice Pattern

Latticework has been around for quite a while. And it’s no wonder that people want to replicate that intricate look on their fabrics as well. This pattern is harmonious and symmetrical, it’s a glorious way to adorn furniture. And this applies to sheets as well!

A lattice pattern, especially in a bold color such as cranberry creates a stunning look with any gray comforter, regardless of the shade. The textured look of this pattern will pair well with the texture of a comforter, which is always a plus when you’re decorating your home. 

Patterns in Neutral Colors Work Beautifully With Solid Color Comforters

Patterns In Neutral Colors Work Beautifully With Solid Color Comforters

The best part about gray comforters is their versatility. Especially if they’re a solid gray, without any additional flair. This way can pair them up with any kind of patterned sheets and create a gorgeous contrast.

Patterns in neutral colors add an exciting touch to your bedroom, acting as a piece of decor would. But they’re perfect if you want to stick to your neutrals. Add a gray comforter to the mix, especially if you match the shade with the pattern, and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

Navy Flannel Brings a Chic Touch to Your Gray Comforter

Navy Flannel Brings A Chic Touch To Your Gray Comforter

Navy and gray are a match made in heaven. This is almost considered a fact in the design world. These two colors bring out the best in each other, creating a smart, chic, and oftentimes even luxurious look. This is why choosing navy sheets is a phenomenal pick.

Opting in for navy sheets is one thing, but navy flannel is a whole another level! Flannel is a soft, cozy material that has a sophisticated touch to it. Now, combined with a gray comforter, it creates a stunning look you wouldn’t want to pass up on!

An Olive Shade Creates That Cottagecore Look

An Olive Shade Creates That Cottagecore Look

If you’re wondering what color sheets go with a dark comforter, look no further than olive. There are many gorgeous shades of green, but olive green has a certain vintage look to it. That vintage look fits perfectly with many colors and aesthetics, but it creates a special type of magic with a warm dark gray.

Dark gray and olive can’t help but remind you of a warm, cozy cottage. They have a nostalgic look, that brings you back to those simple times. And if that cozy look was the one you were hoping to achieve, this color combo is for you.

Ginger Sheets Will Add Warmth to Your Bedroom

Ginger Sheets Will Add Warmth To Your Bedroom

Ginger is an exquisite color. Its opulent warmth is contagious. You can’t come into a room with ginger furniture without instantly feeling like a certain weight is lifted off your shoulders. It’s a radiant color, that splendidly balances out the neutrality of the gray.

If you’re searching for a contrast that will transform your bedroom, look into buying ginger sheets. They’re perfect for recreating a Mediterranean look, it’s reminiscent of those gorgeous Mediterranean terracotta roofs. Simply put, it’s a color combination that you won’t forget anytime soon.

Warm Silky Ivory Sheets Will Be a Perfect Match With Your Gray Comforter

Warm Silky Ivory Sheets Will Be A Perfect Match With Your Gray Comforter

Ivory has been a synonym for lavish for quite a while. It’s a color that simply feels expensive. If you’re someone who craves a luxurious-looking home, ivory is a color for you.

These silky ivory sheets will make such a difference in your bedroom, elevating it instantly. But the best thing is – they will pair so well with your gray comforter. You can create that glorious luxe look instantly, all while feeling super comfy!

Choose Light Blue Sheets With a Striped Pattern for a Coastal Look

Choose Light Blue Sheets With A Striped Pattern For A Coastal Look

A coastal bedroom feels airy. It’s as if you can feel the warm sea breeze on your skin when you enter it. If you’re a fan of a coastal look, you know you can recreate it the best by using pastel colors. And gray can be used as a way to tie in the entire room! 

Your gray comforter will look gorgeous against light blue sheets. Add some stripes in there to create a soft look, and you’ve got yourself a gorgeous coastal bedroom. And opting for organic materials for your sheets will help create even more of a cohesive coastal look.

You Can’t Go Wrong With a Botanical Pattern

You Can't Go Wrong With A Botanical Pattern

There’s something calming about botanical patterns. Perhaps it’s the feeling of nature it brings. So if you want to create a gorgeous, yet calming atmosphere, going for a botanical print can be the way to go. And not to mention, these patterns fit beautifully with many different aesthetics.

This specific botanical pattern has a gorgeous hand-painted look. The watercolor look has a chic note to it. And not to mention the sateen fabric which always looks sophisticated. On top of that, the pattern itself is painted in different gray shades, making it the perfect fit for a gray comforter. 

Rose Sheets Are a Harmonious Pick for a Gray Comforter

Rose Sheets Are A Harmonious Pick For A Gray Comforter

If you want to add more of a feminine touch to a room, going for shades of pink is the obvious choice. But if you want an elevated look with that stunning feminine touch, you should go for a rose shade. 

Rose is a great choice for sheets, instantly making your bed look more put together and stylish. Pairing well with a gray comforter, rose sheets are a fantastic pick if you want something simple but effective.

Spice Up Your Bedroom With a Bold Pattern

Spice Up Your Bedroom With A Bold Pattern

Maybe you’re tired of minimalist bedroom looks. Perhaps they’re not your cup of tea. Don’t worry though, you can create that gorgeous eclectic look in your bedroom, without giving up your gray comforter.

Go for a bold pattern. There are thousands of options, yet we can’t help but fall in love with this organic teal print. The teal and blue dots pair perfectly with a gray comforter while also creating an exciting look for your bedroom as a whole!

Go For a Classic Checkered Print for a More Subdued Look

Go For A Classic Checkered Print For A More Subdued Look

If you still want a pattern, but you don’t want something too extreme, don’t worry the checkered print never goes out of style. Checkered sheets have a cozy look that just never gets old.

Opting for this print in beige and light gray will work wonders against the gray of your comforter. It will stand out against a solid color, but it won’t overpower the room. A gorgeous classic look that you’re simply going to love.

Charcoal Colored Jersey Sheets Are a Wonderful Pick for a Monochrome Aesthetic

Charcoal Colored Jersey Sheets Are A Wonderful Pick For A Monochrome Aesthetic

And of course, you can never go wrong with a monochrome look. No matter your taste in interior design, or the style you want to achieve in your bedroom, a monochrome look is always a good choice. Especially for a bed!

Charcoal-colored sheets are a great pair for a dark gray comforter. This combination won’t draw too much attention, but it will always look well put together. If you’re a fan of a clean, crisp look this is the way to go!

In Conclusion

There are many great options for a gray comforter. After all, it’s a pretty universal color, allowing for a lot of versatility. It all comes down to the tone, and the look you’re trying to achieve. 

So don’t be afraid to mix and match, and try out different things. We gave you some of our favorite solid and patterned looks that would pair fantastically with a gray comforter. But it’s up to you to find your perfect match. Best of luck!