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What Color Sheets Go With a White Comforter?

By: Sara Čurić

You simply can’t go wrong with white. A white comforter always looks crisp, clean, and put together. No matter the style you want to go for, or your personal taste. White just goes well with everything.

But when there are so many options, it’s hard to pick the perfect one. And that’s exactly the issue when you want to pair your favorite white comforter with a brand new pair of sheets. Which color to choose? Here are some of our favorites that will help you find your ideal sheets.

Teal Sheets Fit Beautifully With a White Comforter

Teal Sheets Fit Beautifully With A White Comforter

There is a certain magic that comes with teal sheets. Teal is a color that looks fresh and bright. And just like many other shades of blue, it brings a certain serenity to a room. Yet unlike other lighter blues on the spectrum, teal is a color that simply pops.

Now, who wouldn’t want that in a room? Of course, teal would pair gorgeously with a white comforter, creating a cohesive look like no other. If you crave some brightness in your room, make sure you choose teal sheets.

Burgundy and White Make a Great Combo

Burgundy And White Make A Great Combo

If you were wondering what color sheets go with a white comforter, look no further than burgundy. Burgundy is one of those colors that looks and feels expensive. It simply adds a touch of luxury to any room it’s in.

Now, combining that with a white comforter, you get a match made in heaven. Burgundy and white create a crisp, modern combo that will make your room pop. This combination will simply elevate your bedroom, creating a luxurious look that you simply can’t resist.

Choose a Print for a Bright but Regal Look

Choose A Print For A Bright But Regal Look

There are thousands of patterned sheet options to choose from. So many options, yet it can be so difficult to find the right one. But when you’re unsure, always start light. 

Opting for a simple pattern placed on a white background can add that gorgeous pop of color you might need in your room. This golden floral print looks fabulous against the white. The golden touch adds a regal look, without being too daring and overpowering. It’s a stunning choice if you don’t want to go for a too-bold look!

Go For Beige Sheets if You Want a Crisp Look

Go For Beige Sheets If You Want A Crisp Look

Sometimes, you don’t want your bedroom to be overpowering. You just want a calm place to rest. And a neutral color palette offers a calm look like no other. Beige sheets will ensure your bedroom looks simple yet crisp, while also pairing beautifully with the white of the comforter.

This combination creates that sharp clean look that many desire in their homes. And not to mention that the material of these sheets adds to that gorgeous crisp feeling you can’t help but love.

Navy Sheets Work Wonders Against a White Comforter

Navy Sheets Work Wonders Against A White Comforter

Navy is another color from the “blue family” that makes for a stunning pick when it comes to bed sheets. Navy feels serious and smart. But it also has that chic modern tone that many crave in their bedrooms. It sets a tone in your bedroom and creates a special ambiance.

The seriousness of navy bedding will be softened against a white comforter, creating a chic-looking setting. If you want your room to feel expensive, this color combination is likely the one for you.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Sage Sheets

You Can't Go Wrong With Sage Sheets

Another gorgeous color we can’t get enough of is sage green. Sage is a color like no other with a rich history, and calm energy to match. It feels soft and natural, creating a lightweight ambiance that lights up your space immediately.

Combined with a white comforter, sage sheets add brightness and light to your bedroom. It’s a great combo when you want to achieve a more natural aesthetic, such as that super popular cottagecore look. All in all, a fantastic choice.

Add a Pop of Color to Your Room With Pink Printed Sheets

Add A Pop Of Color To Your Room With Pink Printed Sheets

Your bed is one of the biggest surfaces in your room. So if you want to make your room look bold and colorful, picking bright colored sheets is often the way. It doesn’t matter that you have a white comforter, going for a color such as pink will make your bed pop regardless.

Pink sheets with a daring print look bold and fun. Combined with a soft silky material, it’s a fabulous option that will win your heart over instantly. Don’t worry though, pairing it with a soft white comforter won’t ruin their flair!

You Can’t Go Wrong WIth Stripes

You Can't Go Wrong With Stripes

Stripes are one of the most popular patterns, they’re considered a classic. And for a good reason too. No matter their length or thickness stripes always tend to look sharp and crisp. They’re a perfect choice if you want a pattern that still stays within the bounds of minimalism.

Stripes, especially on a white background, feel fresh. You can easily combine them with your white comforter and create a crisp and modern look. A stunning combo that works every time!

A Gorgeous Peachy Shade Will Fit So Well With Your White Comforter

A Gorgeous Peachy Shade Will Fit So Well With Your White Comforter

There is a certain warmth and dreaminess that comes with the peachy shades of orange. These shades feel almost ethereal, bringing along that summary nostalgia we all love to give into from time to time. Opting in for peachy sheets will bring this wonderful atmosphere to your bedroom.

These sheets will add some extra warmth to your white comforter, creating a lovely combination. And when you combine the flowy satin material of these sheets with the softness of a comforter you get to create your own little spot in heaven.

Cranberry Flannel Is a Stunning Yet Comfy Pick

Cranberry Flannel Is A Stunning Yet Comfy Pick

If you’re looking for sheets that don’t just look good but also offer some additional warmth, look no further than flannel. As a material, flannel is soft and cozy. It’s perfect for winter nights when you just need to snuggle up under your comforter. So why not go for flannel sheets?

Plaid and flannel often go hand in hand. And this gorgeous pop of cranberry will work wonders against the sharp whiteness of both the sheets and the comforter. It’s a choice you won’t regret!

A Tiled Gray Print Will Make All the Difference

A Tiled Gray Print Will Make All The Difference

Gray might be a truly neutral color, but neutral certainly doesn’t mean boring. If you love the way gray sheets look and their subdued yet modern aesthetic, but you want something exciting, don’t be scared to look for a print.

This tiled gray print is a perfect example of the power gray sheets hold. They look bold, yet elegant at the same time. And the organic print adds to the artisanal feel these sheets hold. They’re going to make your room feel lighter all while fitting perfectly with your favorite white comforter.

Choose Lavender Sheets for a Softer Look

Choose Lavender Sheets For A Softer Look

Lavender is one of those colors that feels as if it’s practically made for a bedroom. It has a serene feeling to it, creating a soft dreamlike atmosphere. Naturally going for lavender sheets will create this fabulous feeling inside your room in a matter of minutes.

Paired with a white comforter, lavender sheets will simply pop. But it won’t take away from the gentleness and serenity they bring. Simply put, it’s a color combo that you won’t be able to forget any time soon.

In Conclusion

When you’re looking to pair your white comforter with some new sheets your possibilities are endless. No matter if you’re a fan of bold patterned looks, or if you’re more into solid-colored sheets that are more on a subdued side, you can find your ideal sheets easily.

We presented you with some of our top picks. And within these picks, we’re sure that there’s a little something for everyone. But now it’s up to you to choose what works for you. Happy shopping!