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What Curtains Go With Grey Walls – 17 Ideas

By: Don Pedro

You can never go wrong with grey walls – they’re a total classic. This color exudes chic sophistication and unfettered elegance. Its neutrality imbues the space with a gentle calm while providing some great opportunities to add some contrasting décor. 

One of these accessories includes curtains, and if you’re struggling to find what curtains go with your grey walls, here are some interesting ideas to guide you:

The solid on solid affair

There are many shades of grey and if yours lean on the lighter to medium-dark side, then you can choose curtains in a grey hue that is two to three shades darker than your wall. 

Although very basic, the simplicity of this idea will effuse your homes with a graceful, uncomplicated, and effortlessly chic aura. The solid-on-solid idea works for many other colors as well, but it really brings out the best in this particular color scheme.

The sheer class of the cream look

In terms of other neutral shades, cream colored curtains go beautifully with grey walls. Given the right fabric, they can have a room-darkening quality that can make the grey of your walls stand out even more. Note that this curtain color goes especially well with lighter shades of grey, such as dove, snow, pearl, harbor, etc.

The bright intensity of sheers

When it comes to adding a whimsical touch to your spaces, sheers are the perfect curtains for grey walls. The fabric is breezy, see-through, and able to add a classic 50s Americana vibe to the interior design. 

Plus, this material goes really well with both light and dark shades of grey. It would look just as great with pearl grey walls as it’ll look stunning with slate grey ones.

Bold geometric curtains

If you want to add a bold, eclectic touch to your interior designs, then you can choose curtains with geometric patterns for your grey walls. Since the wall color is understated, the curtains can be used to accentuate them gracefully.

If the fabric is designed in splashy jewel tones, especially honey gold, then that’s even better. The cheerful brightness of the color scheme will couple well with the geometric patterns and leech away the drab neutrality of the walls at the same time.

Embracing your bronze side

If you want to add a bit of glamour and upscale cosmopolitan appeal to your neutral ambiance, then you can choose shimmery bronze fabric curtains to match your grey walls. 

Faux silk is definitely a great material to obtain this particular aesthetic. You can pair such curtains with light and medium-dark shades of grey to get your desired aesthetic.

When sheers go honey yellow

If you love the contemporary-eclectic look and want to introduce that fun, whimsical vibe in your spaces, then you can choose sheer yellow curtains for your grey room. 

They’ll certainly effuse the ambiance with a chic, quirky look that’s steeped with undertones of sophistication. The casual elegance and colorful coverage will give your grey rooms a sunny makeover.

Decadent burgundy

If rich, high-end decadence is what you’re going for, then nothing would look more sumptuous than burgundy red curtains for grey walls. Since this color is highly lavish, it would pair well with dark grey walls the best. You can match it with slate, charcoal, iron, ash, and other such shades of grey to get that inherently posh aesthetic.

Teal aqua blue

Solid jewel-toned curtains are the perfect way to accent grey colors, and teal-blue has an especially eclectic aura about it. Curtains of this color would really go well with rich grey walls, especially if they’re from the darker side of the family. 

You can curate an entire personalized theme by matching teal-aqua curtains, bedding, and other fabrics with the grey walls of your bedroom.

Black and white patterned curtains

One of the best picks for curtains for light grey walls is black and white patterned fabric. The classic ingenuity of this achromatic color scheme is fun and elegant to begin with, but when articulated in the form of curtain patterns, it looks even more charming. 

Additionally, the stark contrast between the fabric and wall color schemes would definitely make your ambiance feel positively striking.

Multicolored patterns for that extra oomph

If you truly want to edge your neutral grey interiors into the cheerfully eclectic side, then you can opt for curtains with multicolored patterns. While single-hue or black-and-white patterned fabrics have a slightly restrained aura, multicolored curtains are a great way to go all out. 

They can be a mix and match of jewel-toned hues, or they can be charming combo of achromatic and bright colors.

Simple white curtains with tassels

If simple, straightforward sophistication is your go-to aesthetic, then you can choose white curtains for your grey walls. They’ll look tasteful, elegant, and totally classic. Plus, they’ll pair beautifully with all shades of grey walls, be they light or dark. 

And yet, if you want to add even more personality to them, then consider adding bold colored tassels to the edges. This small addition will retain the timelessness of the white fabric while also effusing it with character.

Going the extra mile

If your tastes run the gamut of eclectic-chic and you want your grey-roomed ambiance to have a bit of everything, then you can opt for these sheer curtains with gorgeous black patterns along the borders and tassels on the side. Playful, charming, and soft, they’ll definitely make your spaces feel enchanting – especially if your grey colored walls are textured in any way.

That rich navy

Plush, luxe, and brimming with cool decadence, navy blue is a color that never fails to feel charismatic. Therefore, it’s the perfect color for curtains to match grey walls that lean on the lighter side. 

The richness of this color would not only accentuate the lightness of the walls, but also make the whole ambiance feel visually striking and grounded as a whole.

Those Laura Ashley Patterns

The 60s Hippie movement has certainly been polished over the last few years, and the most beautiful upgrade from that era has been the Laura Ashley-revival fabrics. 

They’re trendy, tasteful, and curtains that feature them would pair really well with grey walls. The floral appeal of these curtains never fails to uplift an ambiance, and they’ll definitely add a vintage-contemporary vibe to your interiors.

Star cut-outs for a glam look

Solid colors with cut-outs are the new trending curtain style that’s all the rage, and this one will pair especially well with your light grey walls. 

The dark fabric and tulle overlay has a charisma of its own, but add in the beautiful cutouts, and the whole thing feels like a celestial imitation. It would definitely add a cosmopolitan appeal to the understated elegance of your grey walls.

Going beige-on-cream

Both beige and cream colored curtains are a perfect match for grey walls, be they light or dark – but this beige-on-cream affair has an especially boho-chic elegance about it. 

The top half is darker than the bottom, and their between is embellished with beautiful button accessories. They’ll be a great addition to shabby-chic, bohemian, or eclectic style interior designs that feature grey walls.

You can’t go wrong with ruffles

If you’re tired of typical curtain styles and are looking for something unique to offset your grey walls, then know that one can never go wrong with ruffles. No matter what your curtain color is, adding some ruffles along the edges can not only elevate its style, but also add a point of interest to your interior designs. 

To Sum it Up

So, these are some of our top choices on what curtains pair well with grey walls. You’ll definitely enjoy this list and find at least one option that suits your tastes.