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What Furniture Goes With Dark Wood Floors?

By: Sara Čurić

Dark flooring has this rich look that can make such an impact on your room. Going for dark wood floors will add a smart and serious note to your home. But that also means that you need to carefully consider the furniture so it doesn’t clash with the flooring.

It might seem like a lot of tedious work. But don’t fret, we’re here to help! We compiled some of the best furniture for dark wood floors. Enjoy!

Gray Toned Furniture Fits Beautifully With Dark Wood Floors

When you want to play it safe furniture-wise, always look for a neutral. And that’s where gray comes in. Gray is your perfect neutral color. Since it comes in many shades, you’ll easily find just the right one for your home.

This applies to dark floors as well. Gray-toned furniture is a great neutral that’s able to tie in your dark wood floors with the rest of your room decor. And it still looks stunning while doing so.

A Rattan Chair Adds a Cozy Look to Dark Wood Flooring

Rattan is one of those materials that we often associate with beautiful beaches and cozy boho looks. But it’s not exclusive to them. Rattan furniture can pair magnificently with dark wood floors and look chic while doing so.

This rattan chair has a gray wash to it that makes it blend even better with the smartness of the dark wood. You can dress it up or down with the rest of the decor, making this chair a great addition to your living room.

Blue Leather Adds a Touch of Modern Elegance to a Dark Wood Floor

If you’re thinking about living room furniture for dark wood floors, there are many options. It can be overwhelming. Not to mention the color choices. But you don’t need to go for a traditional choice. Many color options can pop against dark wood floors while still matching them wonderfully

This blue leather couch is the perfect example. Its leather covering looks extremely elegant, catching the eye of anyone who passes. An icon of modern sophistication, this leather couch will fit perfectly in mid-century modern homes.

Fuchsia Is Great for a Bold Pop of Color

Fuchsia is a remarkable, feminine color. It’s used in many color combinations in all types of design. And when it comes to furniture it offers a bold pop of color, ready to dominate the room.

If you’re searching for a glam piece of furniture that will stand out against your dark wood flooring, look no further than this fuchsia accent chair. Its tufted velvety look looks daring and sophisticated. A dashing glam option you shouldn’t overlook!

Choose Dark Wood Furniture Against Dark Wood Floors for a Chic Monochrome Look

Dark wood floors look tremendous in a dining room. They add a dash of regality to it, making you feel like royalty whenever you sit down to eat. Now, when you consider furniture color for dark wood floors in a dining room, you’ll see that a classic choice never disappoints.

And what’s more of a classic choice than a monochrome look? Add a monochrome touch to your dining room by opting in for a dark wood dining table. This specific one has a dark espresso finish to a traditional structure of a table. A simply timeless piece for a dining room.

Olive Green Pairs Beautifully With Dark Wood

Olive green is a sophisticated color. Its darker hue combines beautifully with other dark colors, creating a chic atmosphere all around. Who wouldn’t choose such a chic color for their home?

Pairing beautifully with dark wood floors, olive green is a stunning furniture color. This olive green ottoman showcases its beauty in the best way possible. This ottoman doesn’t just look fantastic, but it also gives you some storage space which is always needed.

Metal Furniture Brings an Industrial Edge in Combination With Dark Wood Floors

When thinking about the industrial style, dark wood and metal are the first things that might come to mind. And if you’re someone who loves the edge it brings to a home, look no further than metallic-looking furniture.

This table is simple, subdued, and versatile. It’s great for both indoor and outdoor use, but it pairs so well with dark wood floors, it’s almost a shame to move it outside. 

Light Wood Stands Out Against Dark Wood Flooring

Dark wood flooring is perfect for creating contrasting looks. And contrasting looks are often some of the most breathtaking ones you can find out there. So don’t be afraid to experiment!

Choosing some light wood furniture can be a great way to create some fun contrast against dark wood flooring. Light wood furniture will automatically stand out. That’s why it’s a great idea to choose an intricate piece, like this dresser whose antique detailing will steal the show. If you’re keen on a vintage touch in your home, this dresser is made for you!

Red Furniture Looks Alluring on Dark Wood Floors

Red is an alluring color on its own. It’s rich, sultry and very inviting. But many people find it difficult to match red furniture with the rest of their home, afraid of it looking cheap and tacky. 

Combining red furniture with dark wood eliminates the potential tackiness while adding a rich luxe note to the room. This couch is the proof. Combining this red couch with dark floors will look sophisticated, as the dark details on the couch match the dark wood floors perfectly. This couch can truly be the centerpiece of your living room.

A Purple Couch Is an Unusual but Exciting Choice

When you’re considering furniture colors for dark hardwood floors, purple doesn’t come to mind at first. Or maybe at all. But that shouldn’t be the case. Dark wood creates a great canvas for bold-colored furniture to shine. And purple will gladly do its job.

A purple couch such as this one is an exciting contemporary choice. It’s fun, bold, and overall a thrilling pick that’s sure to make a statement in your living room.

Yellow Furniture Creates a Daring Contrast Against Dark Wood Floors

The one problem dark wood flooring can bring is that it can darken the entire room. And when you don’t have enough natural lighting that can pose an issue. But adding some color to your room can help brighten it up.

Yellow is the perfect color for that. This dashing sunny color will ensure that your living room looks and feels bright and joyful. Yellow brings a childlike joy to it that contrasts perfectly with the dark wood tones. And add this funky yellow sofa into the mix for a great combination of fun and style.

Choose Brown Leather for a Rustic Touch

Fans of the rustic style don’t need to be scared of the dark wooden floors. Floors in rustic homes are often made of medium-colored wood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t achieve this aesthetic with dark flooring as well.

Pairing brown furniture with dark floors is the way to go when you want to add a rustic touch to your home. Add leather to the mix and you’ll create a cozy vibe like no other! This leather brown accent chair shows just that. With a luxe finish, it’s a striking piece of furniture that will look great in rustic homes.

White Furniture Shines in Contrast With Dark Wood Floors

When you don’t know which color to choose, white is always the right choice. White is the safest furniture option, as it always manages to look chic and very sleek, no matter the style you want to go for.

It’s the same with this case. White furniture looks glamorous on dark wood floors. It shines through, creating this marvelous contrast. And opting in for a classic sofa design, such as chesterfield will create an all-around luxurious look.


Dark wood floors aren’t as constraining as they might seem at first. They act as an artist’s canvas, letting you play with different styles and colors. And you can see almost any color can be paired with these floors, you just need to find your ideal furniture.

We gave you some of our most favorite ideas for the furniture that goes with dark floors. And we hope you like them as much as we do. But now it’s up to you. Go and create the home of your dreams!