Above Ground Pool

There are many types of swimming pool in this world. From the kids’ swimming pool, adult swimming pool, swimming spa, saltwater pool, infinity pool, and so on.

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However, in general, swimming pools are built in two types: in ground pool and above ground pool.

In this article, we are going to discuss about above ground pool. We begin from the history, the benefits, and we will also give some tips on building a deck for above ground pool, and of course some above ground pool ideas.

Let’s get started..

History of Above Ground Pool: Why are they exist?

The history of above ground pool started back in the 1920s and early 1930s. In that era, the chance of owning a swimming pool in the backyard of the house was nearly impossible.

Yes, unless you are a very rich man or a celebrity, you can’t own a pool at that time.

This condition caused pool manufacturers began to produce a cheap-portable swimming pool, and made everyone’s dreams come to reality.

In the initial invention of above ground pools, pool manufacturers use wooden barrels and metal struts as the main material. It was worked, actually, but it was not efficient.

So, in the early years of the development, they always conducted a never-ending experiments to choose the best and the most efficient material to build an above ground pool.

However, there was one more problem: similar to the in-ground pool that has been existed before; they haven’t invented the water circulation system. This means, they had to manually change the water, like, weekly, to maintain the water’s freshness.

Then, 20 years later, some other pool manufacturers developed and fixed some materials to the above ground pool market; including the water circulation system. It was on 1958, to be exact.

After that time, the industry of above ground pool grows rapidly. Year by year, there will always be a new shape, new model, new security system, and new material added to the above ground pool’s products.

Until now, more and more family, especially in America, can enjoy the feeling of having a pool in their backyards.

The Benefits of Above Ground Pools

Above ground pool with deck installation
Above ground pools require less maintenance

Well, if you’re in the confusion of choosing which one you should go with: whether it is an inground pool or above ground pool, you can consider these benefits of above ground pool:

Based on the functionality, durability, and safety, we can say that they are basically the same. With above ground pool, you can feel the same fun and the same experience as in the in-ground pools.

But, above ground swimming pools have more benefits in which in-ground pool don’t. What are those?

1. Above ground pools are cheaper

As the size is smaller, you’ll need less chemicals to keep the water clear.

In addition, you don’t need to hire constructors to dig a hole in your backyard or spend your money in buying materials like bricks, cement, and machinery. This will save you thousand bucks.

2. They have the same features

Even though above ground pools are smaller, you can experience the same features as in ground ones. In fact, they are now available with extra features like slides, waterfalls, fountain, etc.

3. Easy to install

Yes, without spending much time like constructing a new building, above ground pools are very flexible and portable. It only takes a few hours until all set! Unless you want to add a decking around it. It may take additional one or two days.

4. More safety

As it is an above ground pool, the chance of your pet or kids to fall into the pool is almost impossible. Because it needs more effort to jump into the water, compared to an in ground pools.

Moreover, if you go with an above ground pool with deck, you can add a fence with door to the edge of the deck. More beauty, more safety.

5. Less maintenance

The most important thing to maintain in a swimming pool is the water itself. Less water means less maintenance.

Let’s imagine if you have a smaller above ground pool, it means you have less water to maintain, you’ll need less power to pump the water, and also less chemical to kill the bacteria. In addition, you can make your own spa pool with an UV disinfection system to sanitize the water.

6. Water temperature

Many of the most pool owners love to dip their bodies in warmer water temperature. Purchasing a swimming pool heater in the market may can help solving this problem.

But if you prefer to keep your money in your pocket, you can tweak a little bit to reach the same result as the swimming pool heaters do.

heater for above ground pool
Small solar heater for pool

Basically, if the temperature outside is quite hot, the water temperature of the above ground pool will also raise up. But if it’s still not the best result as you want, you can always use a solar heaters or solar blankets for your pool.

Guess what? This method is more effective and more affordable than the previous one.

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Tips: Adding a Deck for Above Ground Pool

Right after owning an above ground pool on your home, you will probably start to think to build a deck around it. Because it is fun!

Building an above ground pool with deck is not easy, but not as hard as building a concrete in ground pool. It’s all depend on the size and the shape of the deck that you want.

Oh yeah, and also the material..

First thing first, if you are really a beginner, we really recommend you to consult with the local expert in your town, because this project needs more advanced skill in construction.

Guideline on Building an Above Ground Pool with Deck

  • First, you’ll need to measure the size of the pool, just in case you forget. Keep in mind that you should get the accurate size of the diameter (if it’s rounded) or length x height (if it’s rectangular). The measurement of the width is also needed.
  • Second, using this data record of the pool size, determine the size of the deck you want to build. Remember, the deck shouldn’t be attached to the perimeter of the pool. Make a gap around 1-2 inch between the edge of the pool and the deck.
  • Third, go to the nearest local building department and consult with the expert, visualize your plan, and after all sets, you will buy the needed materials.
  • Fourth, lay out your deck plan using some stakes planted to the ground, and then connect them using a string.
  • In choosing the material, remember to choose an anti-slip material for the surface. You don’t want your kids slip and fall down. A rubber-based or wood material would be perfect, but if you prefer an aluminum or a tile, make sure you choose the one that has textured surface.
  • Remember, there is a building code in each area. The building code in one state may be different than in other state, due to the ground and environment condition. Always ask your local expert regarding to the building code in your area. This will keep your building safe and durable.

For the more comprehensive step-by-step guide in building an above ground pool with deck, read this article by WikiHow: Building A Deck


As much as their sizes and models, the cost of an above ground pools are also various. From the cheapest price ($200) up to the most expensive ($6000).

Meanwhile, the average reported cost of an above ground pool with deck is $1653.

Of course you can freely adjust the price of your own pool based on your budget. Here is the data report from Home Advisor

above ground pool cost
The average cost of installing an above ground pool is $1653 (in United States)

Inspiring Above Ground Pool Ideas

After knowing some important facts about above ground swimming pool, now we are moving to the next section which is about above ground pool ideas. Yup, below are some pretty good ideas in installing an above ground swimming pool.

Hope you enjoy these pictures.

1. Big Rounded Above Ground Pool


This very big round above ground pool ideas is the perfect pool set up for you whose house has a wide backyard. Without having to call the pool builders, you can instantly install your dream swimming pool by just purchasing a pool kit from vendor and they will do the rest for you.

2. Oval-Shaped Above Ground Family Pool


If you prefer a longer version of the round shape pool, maybe this oval above ground pool ideas will solve your problem. With this shape of pool, you’ll have a longer track to swim to. Only if the width of the oval pool is equivalent to the radius of the round pool.

With a little bit pool decoration like rocks, statues, and plants, this can be your favorite spot in your house.

3. Above Ground Pool with Fancy Lighting


You cannot do this with an in ground swimming pool, because you’ll need a kind of wall to turn the surrounding of your pool to be as relaxing as this picture. Install a set of garden lamps with warm toned light around the pool, and you’ll see the magic.

Oh, do you see the fountain in the middle of it? Of course you’ll always have option to install some additional pool lights inside to make some more magic. Just be creative.

Luxury Above Ground Pool

Just because they are an above ground pools, it doesn’t mean that you cannot give a luxurious touch to them. Maybe these pools are not less expensive as other regular above ground pools. But, why don’t we just see the picture and get inspired?

4. Luxury Above Ground Pool with Sea Sight

picture of luxury above ground infinity pool

This picture shows that an above ground pool also can be applied to luxury style. With some touch of lighting, paver wall, and infinity pool design, PLUS a beautiful sea sight, we can enjoy being there like all day long!

5. Small Above Ground Pool with Glass Wall

picture of above ground infinity pool design

Oh dear, who has the idea of putting a tempered glass as the wall of above ground pool? At the first sight, we might be hesitate that the glass would be cracked or whatsoever.

But, after knowing that this glass can hold a ton of pressure, we know that this pool is the finest design of an above ground swimming pool.

6. Infinity Pool with Above Ground Design

luxury above ground pool ideas

Umm, yeah.. Why not? The luxury minimalist house with luxury above ground swimming pool is a perfect combination of our dream house. Isn’t it?

7. Small Above Ground Pool Spa with Glass Wall

contemporary glass wall pool with above ground design

For some fresh idea for your exterior, a glass wall can be applied to the wall of your above ground pool or spa. With this method, the water will be visible from the outside.

Above Ground Pool with Deck

When we talk about swimming pool designs, there’s something that shouldn’t be skipped to talk about. Yes, you are right; the decking. Leaving an above ground pool alone will not make your pool outstanding, though it’s still pretty good.

But believe us, just with a little touch of decking around, the awesome look of your swimming pool will definitely multiply like hundred times better.

8. Small Above Ground Pool with Deck on A Ranch House

Small Above Ground Pool with Wooden Deck and Lounge
Small above ground pool with wooden deck and lounge

This lounge would be the perfect place to relax after a hard-tiring-day. Enjoying the evenings seeing sunsets with someone you love laying next to you, and you talk about each other’s problem, would drastically reduce our stresses in the head.

9. A Brick Deck

above ground swimming pool design with brick deck and glass fence
Tile deck of an above ground pool with glass fence

If you have a tile with textured surface, you can use it as your deck like this one. The interesting part of this pool is the fence. Yes, it is made out of glass. So, be careful when running in the pool side. You don’t want to crack them, do you?

10. A Fun Playground Deck with Above Ground Pool

Above ground pool with playground deck
Fun playground area with above ground pool

Another amazing decking inspiration come from this man’s backyard. They have stairs to go up to the pool, they also have jacuzzi closed in the other side. This is what a perfect home should be.

11. Multi Level Pool Deck Stairs

picture of above ground pool with wooden deck
Leveled deck for round shaped above ground pool

When in doubt, use your creativity to blend your design to the surrounding. If you have not enough space to build a larger deck, a multi-leveled deck is the best option you can choose.

12. Above Ground Pool with Slide

Above ground pool with slide
I know right?

Although it is only a regular slide on the deck, but it brings the same excitement as other slide riding. With a complete set of lounge equipment, this above ground pool is a safe place for children. Moreover, it has a high fence that will keep the children safe.

13. Above Ground Swimming Pool Deck with Bridge

picture of a circular deck with bridge and above ground pool
Look at that bridge!

Having a pool with a deck and bridge is every children’s dream. The wooden bridge of the deck blends with nature and instantly gives a fairy tale look to the backyard. Some plantations or flowers and a little bit of lighting may could help to bring a stronger look.

14. Oval Above Ground Pool with Deck Lounge

swimming pool with double deck
Double deck set up for an above ground pool

Setting up a lounge on the deck of your above ground pool never goes wrong. Look at this deck installation, separating the lounge area and swimming pool area with a glass fence is a brilliant idea to prevent all area from being wet.

15. Tiered Deck of Above Ground Pool

leveled deck for above ground pool design
Can you feel the enjoyment in this picture?

Having a family picnic in the backyard? Why not? With this set of above ground pool, you can make it happen. The deck is crafted creatively to make a good space for everyone. Simple yet brilliant setup to save space.

16. Tropical Round Above Ground Pool with Deck

Round above ground pool with wood decking
Round above ground pool with wood decking… and muscle statue

Everyone loves being in tropical atmosphere like in Hawaii or Bali. And guess what, you can have it right in your house. One of the best method is by remodeling your above ground swimming pool’s deck with element such as palm tree, torch, or statue.

17. Above Ground Swimming Pool with Trampoline

Simple set of deck for oval shaped pool
Wood is the right material for deck due to its non-slipperiness.

Adding a trampoline right besides of your deck’s pool is a smart way to bring more fun to the backyard. You don’t need slide to fall down into the water. Just fly and drown!

18. Glowing Deck

Amazing set up of light for above ground pool
It glows!

There are so many models of pool light in the market. With that equipment, you can enjoy the feeling of swimming in the night without worrying anything. For your inspiration, you can install some lighting in the deck or inside the wall of the pool. Both will give a wonderful result.

19. Simple Deck Ideas for Above Ground Pool

Small deck for swimming pool in small backyard
A tiny deck that will fit for small backyard

A deck doesn’t always to be built around the circumference of the pool. A small deck on the tip of pool can give minimalist and simple look. This is a good reference for a small-budget deck.

20. Big Luxury Above Ground Pool’s Deck

luxury big deck for above ground pool
This kind of deck is literally drop my jaw

This deck could literally win an award for the best above ground pool deck design. With oval shaped pool, a solar heater, lounge, and gazebo, everyone will love spending their quality times here. If you have a lot of money and big backyard, this could be your inspiration.

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    I am living in South Africa, can you tell me if there is any place I can buy the shell and material to build an above pool e.g. oval pool like in the pics above?

  2. I am afraid that my child can fall in the pool if we install one. I like how you mention the chance of pets or kids to fall into an above ground pool is almost impossible. Thank you for the information. I’ll contact a professional to construct an above ground pool.

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