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15 Amazing Curtain Ideas for Large Windows

By: Shanze Ijaz

No room is complete until it features a bespoke set of curtains hung across the window. However, installing an unfashionable, dull set of curtains can crush your window’s graceful aesthetic, which is why you must pick your new curtains with care.

To help you find the perfect pair of draperies for the large windows within your home, we have curated a list of hand-picked modern large window curtain ideas.

Check them out below:

Try Classic, Solid-Colored Blackout Curtains

True to their name, blackout curtains help block out any sunlight that dares to stream in through your window. These curtains are an excellent option for those who need complete darkness to ensure a good night’s sleep. 

They’re available in virtually any color you can think of, too, so you can easily find a pair that’ll match your furniture!  

Hang Some Sheer Curtains 

If you’re not keen on eliminating all of the light from your room, or if you’re someone who’d rather spend their nights staring at the moon, sheer curtains might just be perfect for you!

Unlike their solid, blackout counterparts, sheer curtains are permeable to light for the most part. Hence, most people prefer putting these up across their large living room windows instead of the bedroom.  

Layer Sheer Curtains Atop Solid-Colored Ones

Can’t decide between sheer and blackout curtains? Here’s an idea: go for both!

Layering sheer curtains over blackout ones allows you to choose between drawing open either style depending on the amount of light you want to let in.  

Aesthetics wise, sheer curtains look stunning when draped over a heavier curtain and are a great way to beautify your room.  

Diversify Your Style Pallet with Kalamkari Curtain Panels

Kalamkari is a unique cloth-printing tradition hailing from Iran. Kalamkari curtains traditionally employ natural dyes and are painted by hand, giving them an authentic, organic appearance.

If you’re looking to introduce new styles, textures, and patterns into your living space, why not try draping some handmade Kalamkari curtains across your window?  

Level-Up Your Style Game with Two-Toned Curtains

Why have one when you can have two? Beautify your living space with some pretty ombre curtains!

The best thing about two-toned curtains is that they go well with most interior design themes without drawing too much attention towards themselves, choosing instead to seamlessly blend into the background while subtly enhancing it, too.

Drape Some Damask

If your home’s interior is keen on rich, heavy prints and patterns, then a Damask curtain might just be the perfect choice for your large windows!

Damask curtains for wide windows come in many colors and styles, with the most popular shades being blue, jade green, red, and brown. When buying damask draperies, try sticking to rich colors and dramatic curtain cuts for best results – soft, pastel-colored prints will fail to deliver that grand, dramatic aesthetic you’re going for.

Introduce Window Valances with A Scalloped Hem

As an alternative to the traditional big window curtain, you can always opt for a dramatic, scallop-hemmed valance instead!

Scalloped valances look best in homes that pay tribute to the Regency theme but can merge well in rustic living spaces, too. They are most commonly purchased in pale brown, white, or golden tones, though some prefer darker colors for a more pronounced look.

Opt for a Solid Colored Window Valance

If you’re not keen on a scalloped hem, don’t worry; plainer, solid-colored window valances are all the rage, too! Due to their relatively straightforward design, such valances look best in homes devoid of dramatic furniture, opting instead for a clean, contemporary look.

Partially Filter Out Light with Semi-Sheer Silk Curtains

Semi-sheer silk curtains are the perfect marriage between perfectly sheer and thick blackout drapes. Due to their mediocre transparency, they offer significantly more protection against the harsh sunlight than fully sheer curtains yet allow more light in than their blackout counterparts.

Due to their silken nature, these curtains bear a slight shimmer, too, giving them a remarkably charming appearance that can instantaneously make your room look more appealing.

Add Texture with Embroidered Curtains

Rooms bearing plain-looking furniture can come across as monotonous and dull. An excellent way to rejuvenate their appearance is by introducing new patterns and textures into the room.

So, if you have a large window inside the room, try covering it with embroidered curtains. You can find these in both simple, straightforward designs or ones with heavier embroidery on them.

Liven It Up with Some Patchwork

If you’re a fan of patchwork quilts, you’re going to love patchwork curtains. These curtains typically feature a brilliant blend of multiple prints and designs in bright, bold colors. They are an excellent way to brighten up your living space, especially if it’s ridden with ordinary, unembellished furniture.

Decorate Your Window with Net Curtains

While it’s true that net curtains don’t do much to filter out the light, they sure do a brilliant job of making your window look pretty as a picture!

Plain net curtains work best within unadorned, modest rooms. At the same time, a more shimmery option can be reserved for rooms bearing more embellishments. On the other hand, Embroidered net curtains look great in rooms laden with rustic or vintage furniture.

Pay Tribute to Your Favorite Flower with Floral Curtains 

Flower curtains are the most obvious go-to option for people who adore lush floral patterns. Because of their high market demand and popularity, you can easily find a vast selection of flower-print curtains at any well-known retailer. They also usually make for an inexpensive curtain option for large windows.

Style Tip: When shopping for a new pair, why not select curtains that pay tribute to your favorite flower?

Experiment with Hollow Cut-Out Curtains

Despite being available in a remarkably large selection of colors, most people eventually grow weary of typical, plain-cut curtains.

If you’ve found yourself in a similar position, don’t fret! You can always opt for hollow cut-out curtains to amp up your style game while trying something brand-new!

Try Out Distressed Curtains

De-stress while relaxing around these lush, distressed curtains!

Thanks to their unique texture and crumpled base cloth, destressed curtains do a remarkable job of reflecting light, ultimately giving them a pretty, eye-catching appearance. Thanks to their highly versatile texture and design, these curtains work well in both dramatic rooms and ones featuring contemporary interior styles.

Final Thoughts

Picking the right curtains for the big window in your room can prove a daunting task when attempted without guidance. Luckily, the guide above can help see you through the process, so don’t worry!

The list features plenty of exciting prints, colors, and styles to choose from; we hope you’ve found something that ties in perfectly with your room’s aesthetic!