Rustic Living Room

Designing how the living room look can be a struggle to anyone. It occurs only when you don’t know where to start.

Here, we’ve provided you with several ideas of rustic living room. These are the ideas of the rustic living room styles you may find inspiration from. Each of the designs represent specific style.

Moreover, rustic living room is coming back as the hottest thing right now. People are attracted by its simplicity or the kind of atmosphere they’re getting while sitting in a living room with rustic theme.

So, what are we waiting for? Let’s reveal the ideas!

Comfy Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

As seen firstly, you must notice how white this living room is! Dominated by white, the owner wants to bring a strong color hue to the area, which is navy blue. The portion given of each color is perfect. The blue doesn’t overpower the white and the white doesn’t flood the other hues.

Moreover, the rustic element of this living room can be seen from the industrial pieces, such as the lamp holder near the fireplace. Another piece of rustic living room is the wooden stand beside the armchair which has been repainted with white color.

Modern Rustic Living Room

It’s not a mistake to combine both rustic and modern styles and transform them into this awesome living room. The living room has an “M” letter sign which, probably, is the name of the owner or the owner’s child.

There are many potted plants as well, which represents the nature of rustic design. To top that all, the owner chose to employ those industrial open rack. Meanwhile, in front of the sofa, the coffee table seems to have that rustic feeling attached to it.

Rustic Living Room with A Classic Twist

The classic era, sometimes, is related to anything in gold-like color hue, alongside the assertive pattern rug. It, the rug, has a firm, assertive prism-shape pattern. This type of pattern was popular during the classic.

Now, it reappears. Then, the rug is accompanied by this huge antique standing mirror at the corner of the room. Its gold edges give it a lavish aura. On the other end, there is a revarnished wooden cupboard for display.

Rustic Mediterranean Living Room

This living room is decorated with a Mediterranean style and ornaments.

First of all, you can’t avoid the plants. They adorn the end of the sliding doors.

Second of all, the coffee table here certainly attracts your interest because it looks superb.

Moreover, the main rustic attraction can be seen on the ceiling. it ‘s full of wooden planks and beams. Then, several beams go down vertically and become the pillars. Considering how spacious this living room is, the modern-rustic design combination works well here.

Pallet Wall Accent in A Rustic Living Room

The owner pours rustic and modern styles into a bowl and then mix them together, transform them into this gorgeous mixture. The modern twist is visible on the rug’s pattern.

Meanwhile, the coffee table and the wall accent behind the TV are different.

The coffee table is made of barnyard wood. The table has an open storage below and a large, however rough, surface on top. The decorations (books, small pot and candles) are placed inside an industrial piece.

Moving on, the wooden planks behind the TV complements the coffee table perfectly.

 Cozy Hawaiian Rustic Living Room

During this summer, who has a tropical vacation dream? Well, I’m raising my hand!

Anyway, this living room has a rich green scenery. Almost here and there, you’ll see tall and lean plants on a huge pot as well.

Not only that, you can extend the presence of the plants to the wall by drawing it like so. Then, the hanging rattan chair is a plus.

Diverting the eyes away from the rattan, we’re looking at the square coffee table. The table is low and is made of recycled wood with a more unique twist.

Rough Recycled Coffee Table

To combine modern and rustic designs isn’t easy. Sometimes, they don’t match, depending on the space and the hardware.

However, if you insist to mix them, you can choose which hardware that you want to give a rustic touch to. In this rustic living room, one of them is the coffee table.

The coffee table looks simple. It doesn’t have drawers either. The natural pattern of the wood also looks so nature, although the surface seems rough as in purposively it was left and not varnished or painted.

Rustic Chic Living Room

The clock over there diverts my focus, or that’s probably intentional. Who would forget the time if the clock is that huge?

Then again, let’s focus on how the coffee table is interesting. It’s obviously a rustic, recycled table.

To elevate its vintage value, the fading paint becomes the intention here, rather than repaint it. Additional rustic values can be seen through the style of the cupboard. The detail on its edges is amazeballs!

Small Living Room with Rustic Look

Honestly, who wouldn’t notice the bright yellow painting on such a pristine white wall? So, the painting is a nice pop of color.

Moreover, to accompany the yellow, the owner chose to employ those dark brown sofa and what appears to be a rustic coffee table.

The table has a square shape which is more than enough to provide space for decoration.

Boho Rustic Living Room Design

One thing for sure, this rustic living room is thick with boho chic atmosphere. Let’s start with the pattern wall ornament.

It’s satisfying to look at those ornaments because the placement itself is very synchronized. With the same amount going left and right, your eyes must be pleased.

Then, the plants are placed inside rattan pots which is considerably boho. To top the boho atmosphere, provide rugs with hippy, boho pattern.

Antique Rustic Living Room

One of the most popular characteristics of a rustic theme decoration is to have recycled or reclaimed barn wood and transform it into a more functional piece.

During the process, it includes repainting the piece. In this case, you’re allowed to leave the furniture undone, like so.

In this rustic living room, the cupboard at the back is extremely vintage. Its white is no longer pristine, and its painting is even fading, exposing the original dark brown of the wood.

Industrial Rustic Living Room

Other than white color, rustic living room can go along nicely with industrial elements. Take a look. The room has two coffee tables which were originally made as crates.

On top of them, you’re allowed to place anything including industrial style flower pot, table lamp etc.

Moreover, this rustic living also provides rustic wooden stand next to the sofa and rustic office desk at far back. Will you be interested in choosing this rustic living room idea?

Exposed Beams

Many home owners employ planks or logs as beams. This is one of the examples on how to make your low ceiling into high ceiling, exposed beams.

The fact that this living room owns a dozen of antique, and possibly expensive too, ornaments shows that the owner really like rustic design concept, or even classic Britain era? Considering the curtain fold and the painting.

Open-plan Living Room

A closed or limited space can give children anxiety. That’s why, these days, parents love to make a house with an open floor plan.

An open floor plan makes it easier for parents to keep an eye on the child from the kitchen. The air circulation also becomes so much better.

Minimalist Rustic Living Room

Is it possible to make a rustic-modern design in a small space living room?

Well, no further questions should be asked, instead, take a look at this beautiful living room. Do you notice the the clear round mirror between the potted plants on the single shelf?

How about the rustic, recycled barn ladder which has been transformed into a napkin hanger?

Not only that, there is an old-fashioned nightstand beside the sofa with a potted green plant as well to pop the color.

Moving to the front, we can’t ignore the enormous pan which now somehow acts as a tray. Most importantly, the tray lay down on this gorgeous rustic table with short arms.

Another Living Room Style to Try:

Luxurious Rustic Wooden House

A hotel in Moscow, specifically Vechnyy Zov Hotel, has a luxurious rustic wooden house. The wall, ceiling and even fireplace are built using wood–either it’s planks, slab or a log.

Considering the low temperature in Moscow, this build will absolutely enhance the warmth and coziness during your stay.

Rustic Farmhouse Living Room

A farmhouse isn’t a farmhouse if it’s without the wood beams. At the ceiling, the beams look strong and sturdy. This alone gives the entire surrounding a strong character.

In addition, the farmhouse scene can be seen from that reclaimed barn wood coffee table over there. It used to have a pristine white paint.

Now, the paint has faded and that’s when the rustic value increases. Has this rustic living room with farmhouse feeling catch your attention yet?

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