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Scandinavian Living Room

By: Allan Bryce
Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 12

Everyone is an artist, especially when it comes to decorating a space. One of the spaces inside of the house is the living room. In the living room, we can gather with friends, family or both.

During the gathering, we need to enjoy the atmosphere, right?

To achieve such goal, the surrounding has to be equipped with the perfect furniture and design.

One of the designs that are currently admired by a lot of interior designers is the Scandinavian style living room.

Scandinavian style can be considered as a new approach to living room design. It has several characteristics that are quite distinctive. Those are simple and functional. Let’s break them down a little bit!

The functionality of Scandinavian style comes from the climate of northern Europe where Scandinavian countries located.

As they must experience a long and heavy winter, they choose to utilize furniture that can handle the humidity. Since they prioritize functionality, the look itself is abandoned. That’s where simplicity barges in.

To paint a picture of this style, we’ve provided you with 20 Scandinavian living room ideas. Let’s have a look!

Light & Stylish Scandinavian Style Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 12
© Tuan Ninh

In this one, we’ll learn about the Scandinavian’s style of colors. If you look at this model attentively, there are two colors that become the signature colors of this style, grey and white.

We need to revisit one of the traits of this particular style, which is simplicity. White and grey resembles simplicity; moreover they make the room feels light and airy. Of course, if only white and grey, the room may become too plain.

To overcome such trivial problem, you can add some pops of colors here and there, such as the navy blue on the armchair, the yellow custard on the pillow case, and the natural wooden brown on the decoration.

Distinct Interior – Scandinavian Living Room Design

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 13

When it comes to Scandinavian living room design, you can already see that it has different interior setting as well as furniture. Do you remember that this style prioritize functionality? That’s why the room appears to be so spotless and neat.

The bookshelf that’s adjacent to the open stand has successfully organized the books, some boxes and some other stuff.

The armchair and sofa are enough to support the number of people living in the house. Moreover, the layout of the sofa leaves so much room for mobility.

Again, this model shows significant appearances of grey and white. The white wall is left empty without mural or pop of colors. This only shows how Scandinavian living room prioritizes simplicity.

Modern Nordic Living Room Design

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 11

There is a reason why grey is often used in Scandinavian living room. The reason is the simplicity shown by it. As we all know, grey is a mixture of certain amount of black and white colors.

Therefore, grey stands in the middle, making it a neutral color.

Because of that, some other colors that often follow grey are black, white and natural colors, such as wooden brown. As so, this model exhibits a perfect balance among the colors.

Grey is utilized for the sofa cushion and one side of the rightest wall, white is used for the carpet, most of the wall and the arms of the chairs, while black can be seen decorating a small portion of the space.

Scandinavian Living Room with Antique Fireplace

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 10

Valuing functionality and simplicity, Scandinavian living room design usually utilizes the same wood floors in all the rooms, including the living room.

In this model, the wood floors have been repainted with a softer shade than the usual strong natural wooden brown color.

The colors that can be seen here are grey, white and a pastel blue bordering on purple. Other than that, the room also shows a unique item that becomes the center of the room; that is the castle-like fireplace.

It’s placed on the corner and the two armchairs are facing in that direction.

Balloon Chandelier in A Spacious Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 9
© DEER Design

What are the other traits of Scandinavian living room design? The lacking of accessories is one of them, too. As you see, this living room is spacious.

Moreover, this model is in an apartment building as the view from the window is the landscape of the city.

Is the room lacking in accessories?

Apparently, yes! Let’s have a look at the background wall! The wall is painted with murky grey bordering on a blue shade.

On the wall, there are only 3 framed pictures installed on the middle part of the wall.

Moreover, the furniture only includes a sofa, an armchair, a couple of coffee table, a standing lamp and plant decorations.

Don’t forget, Scandinavian style is all about being as minimalist as possible.

Bold Monochrome Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 8
© Robby Brymer

Is it possible to have only two colors for a living room?

Obviously, yes! There’s no right or wrong in decorating a room. It’s all based on the limit of your imagination.

This model is showing a simple concept, yet still modern and up-to-date. By the look of it, the room isn’t that spacious, but you can still pull off the Scandinavian style.

Firstly, the theme used in this space is monochrome. The color of black decorates the sofa, the coffee tables and the frames of the picture behind.

Since black is a strong color, you need to make sure that it’s not dominant and overpowering white.

Artsy Nordic Living Room Style

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 7
© Timur Mitin

Nordic style is a branch of Scandinavian design. One of the most significant traits of Nordic style is the dominance of white. It’s used on almost any furniture, including the floors.

It may raise a question about why they like it so much. We are certain that the simplicity and minimalism values that they uphold must have influenced this style.

In this model, white decorates the entire wall. To compliment it, you can add a gorgeous mix of gray and pastel accent colors, such as the brown arm chair with black structure or the natural wooden brown table with grey stools.

Scandinavian Apartment Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 6
© Cristina Ovcharuk

We’ve seen how Scandinavian style is applied on living rooms of residential houses. What about a small apartment living room? Is it still possible to apply this particular style to a limited space?

Scandinavian living room design prioritizes functionality and simplicity. One of the strongest traits is its clean-lines character. Clean-lines feature can be actualized by using white color.

As you see, white, here, is the dominant color. It’s on the wall, tiles and some of the furniture, creating that clean-lines effect.

To add a pop of color, you can buy a sofa with a darker shade of grey and some wall decoration, such as painting with vibrant pastel colors to make the room livelier.

Grey Nordic Living room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 5
© K8 Workshop

As we’ve previously talked about, Nordic style living room in Scandinavian design loves to use a single color as a main theme.

Other than white, this model exhibits a prominence of grey.

Sometimes, white is too bright and black is just too dark and—somehow, dead. The best option is to choose the middle choice, which is grey.

Grey as a neutral color spreads a calming atmosphere. Positioned between the purity of white and the darkness of black, grey is able to represent Scandinavian living room design very well.

However, you can add some warmth and texture from materials, such as wooden brown stools and coffee table, white window frame and bookshelf in which the books are covered with various color.

Scandinavian Design for an Open Space

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 18

What is the first thing that you notice from this model?

It must be the fact that the room is quite spacious. Spaciousness is a good thing for you who admire an open space concept—even more with a Scandinavian style.

In an open space, the style becomes clearer. Since functionality is a significant consideration in this style, the lack of unnecessary items, such as wall accessories, potted plants or the common small table where people usually put some home decors.

In Scandinavian style, you need to remember that each item must function as something. You don’t want unnecessary items scattering your decent living room, want you?

Unique Industrial Chandelier in Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 3

In Scandinavian living room design, the important aspects, such as color, form and texture are chose carefully. For color option, white or grey must be dominating the chart.

How about the furniture—form and texture?

For the sofa, usually Scandinavian style chooses the huge rectangular-shaped sofa with an arm support on each side—left and right. For the chandelier, it’s unique and vintage.

Looking at it, it adopts an industrial look. With black accents, it appears stronger than other furniture.

Sometimes, a bold style chandelier is needed to spice up the room, since the colors used in a Scandinavian style (for example, this room) are too monotone.

Vibrant and Summery Scandinavian Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 15
© Nadja Endler

The design in a Scandinavian living room is simple, but it’s always eye-catching. Even though the colors are monotonous—only white and grey, the design can actually adopt vibrant colors to give a pop of colors.

If a pop isn’t enough to represent the cheerful personality in you, you can leave the signature colors of Scandinavian design and choose vibrant and summery colors instead, however, implementing the simplicity, still.

As you see, this Scandinavian room adopts unique patterned rag, light brown breakfast table that has the same material with the cabinets and open storage over there.

Moreover, there are a lot of greens here, too.

Dominant Blue Scandinavian Room Design

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 16
© Jacqueline DuBois

It has to be underlined that one of the most significant characters of Scandinavian style is the use of a single shade, such as white and grey that are basically bordering on the same shade.

If bland colors don’t suit your personality, you can go with a bolder shade, such as this blue tone.

We also know that it’s not so Scandinavian to be too bold, because it has to represent a serene space. To reduce the boldness, you can add those eye-catching pastel colored furniture.

The rocking armchair, the monochrome rug, uniquely stacked coffee table and the light colored floors are turning the room into a more modern layout.

Yellow Accent in A Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 2

The Scandinavian also adopts large windows. They invite more natural light to shine the room, so the room feels brighter and more open.

Because of the large windows, sometimes homeowner wants to keep the furniture minimalist, such as the light fixture in this home.

Moreover, to make the room more interesting, you can add framed photos, paintings or artworks. In this home, other than framed pictures, the room also includes yellow accents on armchair cushions and pillowcase.

All Grey Scandinavian Style Living Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 4

As we know, natural light is one of the most essential features of Scandinavian interior design. That’s why the window in this home is large. The point is to let the natural light comes in easily.

That way, the room becomes brighter, accentuating the clean-lines. You can add charming wooden floors with natural brown color.

If you want to keep the greyness alive, you can also choose the light floors like this home. Even the rug area is also using a monochrome pattern.

This room is so Scandinavian, isn’t it?

Vibrant and Lively Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 1

A Scandinavian living room is very close to a monotonous color. However, you can break the line by using these vibrant colors to give warmth to the room.

As seen, white is still being used for the wall.

Like a painting on a canvas, the vibrant colors are painted perfectly on the middle wall.

Accompanied by the colorful pillow cases, the room also includes warm chestnut wood floors covered by a lively blue rug with simple pattern.

Yellow Accent Decorating Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 19

We’ve encountered a Scandinavian room with yellow accents before.

Basically, it wants to get a livelier atmosphere with such pops of yellow. The room is dominated by white, which includes the wall, window frame and the furry rug.

We also need to talk about the unique treasure chest that has been repurposed as a coffee table.

A Spacious Scandinavian Room with Bold Pattern

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 14

In a Scandinavian room, you’d often see some common materials, such as traditional fireplaces—which are seen in this home. The fireplace becomes the most eye-catching item here, because of its vintage value.

Moreover, the windows in this home also large enough to invite the natural light.

The room also exhibits warm pine wood floors that are extended to the armchair. To complement the entire design, choosing a unique pattern that includes a bold red color is necessary.

Modern Chevron Rug in A Scandinavian Room

Scandinavian Living Room Ideas 17

Up to this point, have you found the perfect Scandinavian style that suits your style? Well, as this home is the last option in the catalog, we need to inform you that you can have a Scandinavian room with a modern touch.

These days, chevron rug with triangles pattern is a hit, and it can be implemented into a Scandinavian style, making the style more updated.

However, you need to remember that in this style, functionality and simplicity matter the most, so you need to maintain the values through simple textures, forms and colors.