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13 Dark Brown Leather Sofa Decorating Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Do you know what makes a dark brown leather sofa one of the best pieces of furniture you’ll ever own…?

…Its versatile ability to compliment nearly any new décor item that it’s introduced to!

In this article, we will explore 13 brilliant dark brown leather sofa decorating ideas for you to try out. From revamping your walls to match the sofa to adding stylish cushions for a softer touch, this list has got it all!

So, are you ready to upgrade your decorating skills?

Let’s dive right in:

Add a Comfy Couch Cushion

Picture this: you’re finally home after a long day at work, and the first thing you do is rush to your dark brown leather couch, put on your favorite TV show, and cozy up against a large, plush cushion.

A couch pillow can help you wind down and relax. Feel free to select a cushion that matches the room’s theme; that way, you’ll be upgrading your sofa’s comfort level and style game!

Hang Tasteful Art Behind the Couch

What’s a better way to add character to the empty wall behind your dark brown leather sofa than by hanging up a brilliant piece of art? To liven up the area, try introducing a brightly colored canvas. Or, if you’d like something softer, a whimsical watercolor piece would be your best bet!

Drape On a Textured Throw Blanket

Not only do throw blankets make your couch a more comfortable place to doze off, but they’re also an excellent way to introduce new textures or patterns into an otherwise plain-looking, serious sofa.

While it’s true that very few pieces of furniture can compete with the timeless class offered by a dark brown leather sofa, there’s no harm in adding another layer of texture into the mix!

Liven It Up with a Colorful Throw

…Or, if you’d like to focus more on introducing new colors rather than textures, why not bring in a colorful throw and drape it across your all-brown couch?

If you’d like your sofa’s rich, leathery finish to stand out, opt for a soft, non-embossed throw that won’t steal the limelight from the couch’s texture.

Surround the Sofa with Plants

Plants are another excellent way to liven up a dull corner or decorate the area around your brown leather couch. 

You can find plenty of low-maintenance houseplants to keep indoors – the Snake plant is a popular option that prefers shade to sunlight and needs very little watering. But, if your green thumb is a little shy, don’t worry! Feel free to pick out an eye-catching plastic plant instead.

Place an Ottoman In Front of Your Couch  

Ottomans are great. You can use them to rest your feet on (hence functioning as a couch extension of sorts), employ them to fill the awkward empty space in front of your sofa, or even lift up their lid to reveal handy storage space underneath. 

It’s no wonder that Ottomans rank highly as one of the most popular brown leather sofa decorating ideas out there!

Revamp Your Floor with a New Rug

The best thing about buying a new rug for your sofa is being able to choose from a vast selection of fantastic prints, textures, and designs. Rugs come in virtually every color, size, and cut shape you can imagine, so you’re bound to find a perfect match for your couch!

Brown blends best with rosy pink, white, and beige, but an electric blue rug is an excellent way to introduce a pop of contrasting color to the mix!

Fill Up Empty Space with a Coffee Table

If you’d like to fill up the space in front of your couch with more than just a new rug, try bringing in a coffee table, too!

If your room bears a contemporary, minimalist theme, try finding a single-colored table with almost no embellishments or extra details. Or, if you’d prefer trying something new, you can opt for a non-traditional table with a unique cut and color pallet!

Hang a Tapestry Behind Your Sofa

Tapestries are a great way to introduce a bohemian farmhouse vibe into your living space. They’re more commonly hung on bedroom walls rather than in living rooms, so if your dark brown couch is within your bed’s locus, start hammering some nails into the wall – you’ll need them for the tapestry!

Push Your Sofa Up Against a Brick Wall(Paper)

There’s something timeless about both dark brown leather sofas and brick walls, which is why, when paired together, these two make for an eye-catching, classic display.

Of course, not all of us have brick walls casually available around the house…but that’s okay because you can always bring this beautiful pattern home with some fresh, stick-on wallpaper!

Add Some Animal Print

Animal prints – especially those with cowskin designs – are all the rage! In fact, they’re one of the most sought-after brown leather couch in living room ideas out there!

A print with brown tones, like the one pictured above, would blend seamlessly into your dark leather sofa. Though you can always opt for a black and white alternative, like zebra print, if brown cowhide isn’t your thing.

Frame a Map Above Your Couch

Nothing says “wanderlust” louder than a framed print of the world map! So, if you’re a keen traveler – or dream of being one, anyway – flaunt your passion by hanging a framed map above your sofa.

It’s the perfect dark brown couch decor statement piece to add to your collection of travel-themed things! You can also go ahead and mark all the places you’ve visited or hang up accompanying pictures from your travels across the globe!

Introduce Dramatic Lighting

What better way to build drama than by playing with light and shade?

Leather couches are able to bounce back any light that’s cast upon them, especially if it’s a strong spotlight, hence creating an interesting contrast effect between the brightly lit and dimmer parts of the sofa.

So, don’t shy away from placing a lamp or installing an overhead light near your couch!

Final Words

Although dark brown leather sofas are, and will always remain, an iconic staple in the world of interior design, it doesn’t hurt to liven it up a little by introducing new elements, prints, and textures upon or around it.

So, now that you’ve been introduced to some brilliant, eye-catching dark brown leather couch décor ideas, it’s time to start putting them to good use – your sofa will come out looking brand new and better than ever once you’re done with it!