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25 Interior Brick Wall Ideas for Absolutely Any Room

By: Allan Bryce

Looking for an accent wall? Something that suits your interior décor style? Whether you have a traditional home, a modern apartment, an industrial look, a rustic farmhouse vibe, or even steampunk ambiance, a bare brick wall looks good in all scenarios.

And they can be used in just about any room – living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, and just about anywhere.

Traditional red bricks give a warm segue to the home and grey bricks offer a cool backdrop to the place. Depending on your individual taste and style, you can choose the style of the interior brick wall you want.

Plants in Front of the Wall

A little greenery can bring anything to life. While tall palms can make a room brighter, even small plants and shrubs can do that magic. A bare brick wall an accent in itself and adding any art pieces on the wall might look like overkill, plants will provide that much need brightness to the room.

Some potted plants on the floor and some hanging from above can provide all the greenery you need in the living room (or bedroom or kitchen for that matter). If you plant creepers, make sure they have something to grow on.

Plain Painted Brick wall

While you can always leave a brick wall bare, you can have them painted as well. The rough textures of the bricks will still show.  The good thing about painting the wall is that now it is ready to be accessorized. 

Bare brick walls have different shades of bricks and if you put art pieces (or a large clock) on the wall, it will look overwhelming. With a painted wall, you’re free to hang anything there. If you choose to paint the entire room white, you’ll need an accent – may be a furniture piece or a large potted palm.

Red Brick Wall in the Kitchen

Give your kitchen the much needed warmth with the red brick wall. Red brick walls don’t just look great in kitchens but also on walls that have fireplaces. Red is the color of fire, which is why red brick walls are ideal for warm places.

The exposed wooden beams are also reddish brown in color, complementing the color of the kitchen. The cabinets are dark colored and the white countertop provides the much needed brightness to the kitchen. The bare brick wall makes the kitchen look deliciously beautiful.

Exposed Brick Wall in the Bathroom

Your bathroom is the one place that all your guests will visit. Don’t make it a dud. An exposed brick wall behind the sink will look amazing and give it a uniquely stylish approach. The mirror frame, faucet, hanging light, towel holder, and everything else is black, creating a uniform theme.

When it comes to bathrooms, you can use bricks of just about any color. In fact, there are bricks of different colors in this wall and they’re blending well with each other. When it’s a natural brick wall, it’s okay to have different shades on the same wall.

A Brick Wall for the Industrial Theme

A red brick wall would look good in the industrial theme. But you know what will look better? A grey brick wall. Check out this burnt look that’s a notch above the rest of the brick walls. While this has the same brick effect as other walls, its color is what sets it apart from others.

Place a few hanging lights or even table lamps in front of the wall to enhance the industrial look. Since the wall is gray and black in color, bright colored accents would look great in the room. Red, orange, pink, or bright green/blue accessories and furniture pieces would be a good addition to the room.

A Brick Wall with Patterns

The human eye finds perfection in symmetry. But an artist’s eye will find beauty anywhere. This wall has an uneven pattern that makes the wall even more perfect. When something is natural, its imperfections add to its beauty. This amazingly beautiful wall serves as the perfect example of how something imperfect can be so strikingly attractive.

When going for a brick wall, don’t think about minor imperfections. Notice how this wall looks perfectly beautiful. Natural brick or stone walls always look great even if they fall out of the typical symmetrical patterns.

A Basement Brick Wall Along the Stairs

Basements need special attention too. They can be used for so many different purposes. Whether you want to convert your basement into another living room or a home office (or just about anything), you’d want it to look attractive. And what’s a better idea than having a brick wall?

The steps that lead upstairs have hidden lights that give out a soft glow, just enough to illuminate the stairs but not too bright. If you’re setting up a home office in the basement and want associates to visit and get impressed, this is the perfect way to do it.

A Colorful Brick Wall

If you’re mesmerized by the raw beauty of brick walls but shy away from them because of their “dull” colors, try colorful brick walls. There’s nothing a splash of colors won’t fix. Take a regular brick wall and splash some colors on it. Don’t worry about the symmetry – let the reds mix with the blues and the greens mix with pinks, it’s all good.

The wall looks deliciously colorful and the bare brick wall looks perfect for all types of interiors. It’s a bold combination that only a few will try. But if your heart desires for a more colorful appeal, this is the perfect wall for your home.

A Teal Brick Wall

Is my love for teal a bit too obvious? I agree I’m guilty but there’s something about this color that goes with just about any kind of décor. While teal is a shade of blue and thus creates a cool ambiance, there are different shades in teal itself and you can create just the right theme.

When the walls are white and thus the room is too bright, try a darker shade of teal. And if the surroundings are too dark, go with light teal. It’s a color that can liven up any room – modern or conventional. And of course, a few houseplants around the living room make it more charming.

Brick Walls with Large Windows

Accent walls made of brick or stone don’t have to be solid complete walls. In fact, you can have a wall with a large window in which the brickwork is done only on a small portion. Check out this gigantic window that takes up the entire wall space.

Only the corners left on the sides of the window reflect that it is, in fact, a brick wall. And this wall is looking every bit as amazing as it would look if it were a complete wall – maybe even more. The window is large enough to add brightness in the room and there’s a string of fairy lights for the night.

A Room that’s All Brick Wall

While brick walls are often used as accent walls, you can even have an entire room made of bare brick walls. Since the brick wall won’t be the only accent wall, you can accessorize these walls to make them look even more attractive.

Keep in mind that since these are not plain walls, placing too many art pieces will be an overkill. Here, there’s a painting on the wall and a houseplant beneath it. And that’s enough décor for the room because the brick walls can be too overwhelming so you need to minimize other décor elements.

A Brick Wallpaper for a Real-Like Look

If you don’t have a brick wall and want to get the same effect, you can use a faux brick wall. You can use tiles or wallpaper for this. A wallpaper is cheaper than tiles and can give the same effect, at least from a distance.

If you want to save money while getting the look you desire, you can opt for a wallpaper. The thing with wallpaper is that it can have the same rugged look like real bricks so it won’t even look like it’s faux. Unless of course, your guests decide to touch it to feel its texture.

A Summer Brick Wall

If you like the cool summer feel, try getting a cool colored brick wall. I’m thinking about lighter shades of blue – somewhere between white and blue. The ceiling is white colored, making the room look bright enough for reading and yet laid back for a comfortable and cozy nap.

A number of potted plants around the house always make it look fresh and give it a warm and welcoming ambiance. Since all walls are plain brick walls, you’ll need to accessorize them to give some personality to the home. And picture frames are just the right way to do that.

A Pink Brick Wall with Dark Cabinets

Who would’ve thought of a pink brick wall? I mean, yeah reddish hues and greyish shades are regular but pink? Why not? Give your home a makeover that makes it stand apart from the crowd. Light pink is a cool shade that makes the home a brighter and happier place.

The dark cabinets are creating a contrast with the light baby pink color and the wooden countertop is creating the right middle ground. Place a couple of chopping boards, saucers, and a bowl of fruit and the décor is complete. It’s so minimal and yet so attractive.

Half Painted Brick Wall

To paint or not to paint – can’t decide? Why not both? Paint half the brick wall in such a way that either the top or the bottom half is left bare and unpainted. This way, you’ll have both the worlds. However, when you’re experimenting this way, it can give mixed results. It can either look amazingly super or come off as not-so-attractive.

If you’re planning to go with this look, first pain a part of the wall to see how it looks. If it doesn’t look good with your décor, you can continue painting the rest of the wall to get a uniform look. 

A Brick Wall to Showcase Your Art

Light plays a major role in all kinds of décor. If you want a base wall to showcase your art, a brick wall can be perfect for it. The three strategically placed lights help focus on your art pieces or even photo frames. If you’ve got something to highlight, these lights will be perfect to place all eyes on the desired spot.

While these lights are ideal for a living room, they can also be placed in the bedroom to grab the attention of your guests.

Unfinished Brick Wall that Looks like World Map

The wall is partially painted but the paint isn’t just applied randomly. It’s in the shape of the world map! It looks absolutely amazing. But the thing about this brick wall is that it’s not easy to make. This one is a faux brick wall and pretty easy to install. You might want to achieve the same result using real bricks and paint but it’s not going to be easy.

It’s a great idea, nonetheless. An attention grabber, this pattern is ideal for your accent wall. Just make sure you add some color to the room – maybe a houseplant to add some greenery?

A Mural on a Bare Brick Wall

If you want to decorate a bare brick wall, there’s a lot you can do. For example, you can hang some artwork or draw a mural there. If you’re an artist, you can try your hand on the wall. And if drawing or painting isn’t your specialty, you can create a mural using stencils that are easily available in the market.

If you have a red or a dark colored wall, a white mural would look good. And if you are not planning to go monochrome, a colored mural would look absolutely amazing!

Try Wall Decals to Decorate Your Brick Wall

Wall decals look amazingly charming on any kind of wall. Except of course, if you have an expensive stone wall, you might not want anything to overpower that look. But we’re talking about a bare brick wall here. You can give a brick wall more personality by putting wall decals.

Wall decals are easy to install and reflect your personality. If you’re a metal fan, you can showcase your love for music on your wall, especially if it’s your music room. When you’ve converted your basement into a music room, give it the right aesthetic with wall decals.

A White Brick Wall with Accent Furniture Pieces

White brick walls look amazing. But they can also turn boring pretty quickly, especially if the entire room is white. White is a great color – it makes everything look bigger and brighter. And yet, too much of it can make a room look boring, and a bit gloomy.

The solution? Add accent pieces. Bright red or blue colored chairs. Or why not teal? Bright teal colored chairs with a bare white brick wall. In fact, a small dining area. Add the right lighting and a bottle of wine and it’s the perfect romantic place.

A Brick Wall for the Kids’ Room

A kids’ room needs something else. A plain brick wall won’t do. While a brick wall looks great in a living room, bedroom, kitchen, or even the bathroom, it’s as good as a plain wall when it comes to a child’s room. Unless you improvise. What would kids want?

Maybe a chalkboard? Where they can practice art. If you have kids at home, you know they WILL draw on walls. It’s best to give them a section of the wall where they can draw freely without creating a mess. This chalkboard brick wall is just ideal for that.

A Brick Wall Library for Bookworms

Avid book lovers will always find a cozy little place where they can sit with their favorite book. That, and a place to display all the books. If you want a warm feeling for your library, make sure you choose reddish brown woods such as Redwood, Red Oak, or Red Alder. 

And to go with that wood, you need a red brick wall. Now you have a library that gives off a comfortable and warm vibe. To add to the ambiance, use fairy lights that accentuate the comfort and soft glow of the place.

A Brick Wall for your Home Office

If you work from home, you’d be spending a lot of time in your home office. It’s important to make sure the décor of your home office is pleasing. If brick walls are your style (I mean, who doesn’t love brick walls?), then your office wall should have bare bricks.

This home office is just perfect in so many ways – it is visually pleasing. There are framed photos of animals that aren’t distracting but look pretty. The chairs are uniquely stylish and boost the theme of the place. There are many elements in this home office and everything goes together in a great way.

A Two Shaded Brick Wall

Just like chocolate goes with vanilla and Oreo cookies go with the cream within, dark colors go well with light ones. The same concept is continued on this double shaded brick wall that looks mesmerizing as it creates a magical effect and you won’t know which color to look at. They’re both equally beautiful.

Just like Yin and Yang, make sure all accessories on the white wall are dark in color and those on the black wall are light shaded. Of course, having all four walls of this same combination will be overwhelming so this wall can be an accent wall.

Brick Walls for All Purposes

While brick walls are often seen as exterior walls, they also look good in interior décor. In fact, bare brick walls can be used in just about any room. If you’re looking for an accent wall and don’t know what to do – a brick wall can be the perfect solution.