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14 Beautiful Industrial Wall Decor Ideas

By: Sara Shores

Modern, rustic, farmhouse… you’ve probably heard them all before. But one lesser-known style you may want to incorporate into your home decor is industrial. It’s not only unique, but it also combines plenty of the styles you know and love. Somehow it’s both modern and vintage, timeless and unique. 

If you’d like to decorate your walls in an industrial style, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of options out there. From wall shelving to standout clocks and more, here are 14 of our top picks for industrial wall decor ideas. 

Decorate Large Spaces With an Oversized Industrial Wall Clock

One of the best ways to fill in a lot of wall space is with an oversized wall clock. Depending on the style, you might go for a timeless monochromatic one or a shiny luxury one. If you’re going rustic industrial wall decor, though, there are plenty of clock options. 

One popular option is to add a clock with visible gears, a perfect blend of vintage and mechanical. This clock in particular features a timeless brown color palette that’s made to match with your existing decor while still holding its own as a dramatic statement piece.  

Add Three-tier Pipe Shelves for Design Versatility

Along with clocks, another common element of industrial-style rooms is metal pipes. It makes sense considering that industrial style draws inspiration from the factories of old, and those factories had pipes aplenty. 

Many modern furniture pieces have pipes aplenty as well, from tables to chairs and more. If you’re looking to fill the space on your wall, however, one of the best furniture items to get is pipe-frame shelving. Not only do they make a statement on their own, but you can also add items on top of them to continue the industrial look. 

Use Metal Shelves for an Added Modern Flair

Many industrial rooms feature stunning and dramatic dark colors, such as deep bronze and black. If you’re looking for wall decor to match, one great way is to add metal shelving. 

These metal shelves are very modern and perfect for displaying a variety of items to make your space pop. In addition, the wire detailing in the back makes it stand out among ordinary metal wall shelves. 

Replicate the Look of Windows With a Window Mirror Set

Many industrial rooms include large, dramatic steel windows. Not only does this let in more natural light to let the design shine, but the metallic black frame makes it look distinctly industrial. Unfortunately, not all rooms have large windows like this, and getting them installed certainly isn’t cheap. With window mirrors, though, you can easily replicate the look. 

This window mirror in particular is the perfect size for a smaller entryway. It would pair well with a rustic-looking wooden table, allowing for the rustic and modern style blend seen in many industrial rooms.

Go For Stylish Practicality With a Wall Sconce or Two

Wall sconces can look both modern and vintage, making them fit right at home in virtually any industrial-style room. This wall sconce in particular looks unique since it has two globe-shaped lights instead of just one. 

Not only does it make a great modern statement piece on its own, but it’s also practical. You can put them in your bedroom or even in a living room to light it up without table lamps. It’s perfect for incorporating into a space-saving design, especially if the room you’re styling doesn’t have much room to spare. 

Add a Set of Pipe Shelves for Visual Variety

Pipe shelves are a common option for industrial rooms, but they typically come in a single unit with one to three tiers. If you want something with more visual variety, though, adding in a set of pipe shelves is an even better option. 

You can arrange them in any way you choose, and being a set, it’s perfect for taking up a large amount of wall space. You can add different items on each one as well, contributing even more to the visual variety.

Add an Artsy Look With Industrial Clock Artwork

One of the simplest ways to add an industrial look is through an antique clock, although you don’t have to buy an actual clock to achieve the look. Instead, you can add an extra artistic flair with clock artwork. 

This industrial wall art in particular features keys, gears, and a prominent clock– all common design features of industrial rooms. 

Go For a Subtle Vintage Flair With Antique Padlocks

Industrial and steampunk styles tend to have a lot of crossover elements, especially since they share the same goal of being both vintage and modern at the same time. One of these elements includes vintage-looking keys, which you can incorporate into everything from oversized wall hangings to key artwork. 

If you’re looking for something a little more unique without going overboard, though, these vintage-looking padlocks are perfect. The dark monochrome color palette means they would match your existing industrial furniture, while the small size profile means they’re perfect for decorating small spaces. 

Add in a Modern Touch With Modern Wire Wall Decor

There are endless vintage wall decor possibilities out there for an industrial room, but what if you want to add a modern flair? 

Thankfully, there are plenty of options for that, too. One option is this modern wire decor piece. It’s highly modern with its clean lines and geometry and is sure to make any industrial room stand out. 

Make Your Industrial Room Look More Modern With Some Geometric Shelving

You probably already know by now that a huge element of modern rooms is contrast. Most notably, modern rooms tend to incorporate white against black, adding some extra drama. There’s no need to limit this to modern styles alone, though– contrast works perfectly in industrial rooms as well. 

These black and white shelves contrast with themselves, and they incorporate unique geometry from the rhombus front to the hexagon exterior. It would work well in lighter-colored industrial rooms, which, while rarer, still lead to stunning results in the end. 

Add a Plane Print for Some Vintage Industrial Flair

Planes are a staple of some industrial designs, and it makes total sense. The first plane was built and flown during the industrial age, and it became a symbol of both freedom and progress. 

You can capture that same feeling with a variety of different plane-themed decor, including this black and white plane print. It’s gorgeously detailed and perfect for adding a vintage flair to your existing industrial room decor.

Stand Out With a Gear Wall Clock

You can find plenty of clocks with moving gears inside. But if you want something different, gear wall clocks exist as well, where the gears are the main element of the design. 

This clock features a mix of metal and wood, perfect for adding texture to your industrial-style room. In addition, the large size allows it to fill up more wall space than a standard clock, especially if the space is wider. 

Make a Unique Statement With Bike Wall Decor

Industrial style is highly flexible, and with that flexibility comes a myriad of options for decorating your walls. When you’re looking for the perfect industrial wall decor to add to your space, you don’t always have to add intricate gears or complex machinery. Instead, you can decorate with what you might already have in your garage– a bike. 

Of course, you don’t have to put an actual bike on the wall. Instead, there is wall decor resembling bikes like this one, fit with a vintage design and coordinating metallic colors. It’s sure to make a unique statement in whatever industrial room you put it in. 

Add a Touch of History With an Antique Map Sectional Set

Industrial art prints abound in the world of wall decor, from pictures of planes to clocks. Fitting with the flexibility of industrial style, you could get away with either a modern-looking or a vintage print. If you favor vintage options, this map print is a perfect option. 

It not only looks antique– it actually is antique since it depicts a hand-colored map drawn up hundreds of years ago. Being a sectional set, it’s perfect for flexibility as well since you can space the sections out to take up a lot of room or place them closer together. 

Final Thoughts…

You’ve probably seen by now that industrial-style rooms come with virtually endless decorating possibilities, especially in terms of wall decor. You can even add unique options that you don’t normally find in rooms, like modern wall sconces and vintage bike wall decor. Or, if you’d rather keep it simple, you can decorate some shelves to fill the space.

With so many options out there, though, it can be difficult to narrow it down. We hope this list gave you a place to start making an industrial wall design that feels truly personalized.