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Nursery Ideas for Baby Girls

By: Evelina Nilsson
Nature Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

We all understand that every parent in this world wants to prepare the best for their prospective baby. Starting from buying baby clothes, toys, and even decorating a nursery.

Well, of course, it needs more effort to remodel a regular room into a baby room, but it’s totally worth it!

One that does not easy for parents is to decide the baby girl’s room style; what color should it comes with, what important elements are, etc.

But, don’t worry, parents. In this article, we are going to share the 33 best baby girl room ideas for your inspiration. Let’s go ahead!

White and Pink Baby Girl Room Ideas

Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas
White and pink baby girl room ideas

We can’t deny it that almost all girls love pink color. That is why we start this list with this pink and white baby girl room.

Different pink colors are used in this wall to create more diversity of the pink; however, the balance of the whites make this room even sweeter.

Just in case the moms want to accompany their babies while she is sleeping, it is appropriate to put a chair or a sofa beside the baby crib.

Grey Baby Girl Room Ideas

Gray Baby Girl Nursery
Gray baby girl room ideas from

Gray color may seem not usual for girl baby room; nevertheless, it is so common now to use gray as a nursery room color.

In fact, the gray color brings both warmth and sophistication feel to the room.

A rhombus pattern on the wall adds more details to the aesthetics of the room. It matches the other room essentials like the crib and the sofa.

A CCTV camera system is installed on the left corner of the ceiling in order to keep watching the baby, just in case she wakes up while the parents are not around.

Baby Girl Room Ideas with Rabbits

Nursery Room Ideas For Girl
Rabbit themed baby girl room ideas

The very best part about utilizing butterflies as baby room design is that you might always keep them as your kid gets a little older, different from other decors that they might rapidly grow out of.

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas with Butterflies

Baby Girl Room Ideas Not Pink

The finest method to begin your bunny themed nursery is with the ideal baby bed linen. Our preferred, of course, is this gray bunny girl baby room ideas!

Carnival Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Unique Girl Nursery Themes

From striped concepts to vibrant hot air balloons, change a nursery into a joyful, unique circus-inspired area.

When embellishing, line patterns (like stripes), intense shades (like red, yellow, and green), and circus-themed devices (like a menagerie of animals).

Similar to a circus camping tent, the neutral vibrant stripes develop a subtle wall declaration, while the variety of vibrant accents include a lively and young touch.

The room designer developed a lively area utilizing circus stripes, bold patterns, and enjoyable textures. There are brightness and airiness that fills the room through the big windows.

Minimalist Baby Girl Room Ideas

White Dreamy Baby Girl Room Ideas

For brand-new moms and dads, a fast ride around the aisles of your regional baby-mart might be a quite frustrating experience. For the minimalist, it’s absolutely nothing except a panic causing.

Whether you’re a dedicated minimalist or simply a parent with a minimal quantity of cash and area, a minimalist baby nursery is completely within your reach.

Baby Girl Nursery White

Baby Girl Nursery Wall Decor

Here is a traditional nursery, soft shades of pink brush the walls, developing a soft environment ideal for any baby girl to doze off in.

Seashell furnishings stimulates carefree sensations, and possibly sweet dreams, of the seaside.

Swan Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Swan Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

Move over owls, there’s a brand-new bird in the area. The pattern is beginning gradually, however, it’s absolutely on a growth– swans are starting to appear in our gallery and in nursery and kids decoration.

Whether they have the remaining power of the owl or other animal good friends, like the fox, stays to be seen, however, let’s simply state, swans are certainly having a minute.

Space Themed Baby Girl Room

Space Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

Being an astronaut is a good idea at the nursery room due to the fact that all the space-themed design is now readily available in lots of stores.

To produce a space-themed room, you simply have to browse our pages of bed linen, wall art, lighting, and other deep space room design.

Every information is covered and will assist you to change your little girl’s room into something “otherworldly”, without compromising quality or design.

Shabby Chic Baby Girl Room

Simple Baby Girl Room

It’s simple to obtain drawn to the shabby chic design due to the fact that it’s so warm and friendly.

This is a design that commemorates flaw and natural charm and it’s likewise really flexible. You can adjust the design to any location in your home, specifically to the nursery room.

Crafty Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Simple And Neat Baby Girl Room Ideas Designmag Fr

If you enjoy art and craft, this baby girl room ideas will definitely attract you. You can utilize a curtain with patterned material, felt, and scrapbook paper fillers as wall decor!

To offer the room a totally crafty appearance, choose handcrafted designs and lampshades.

Queen Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

Queen Baby Girl Nursery Room

Your child is your princess, isn’t really she? Well, then you can develop a room that is suitable for her royalty!

A crib/bed with a crown accent will be ideal. We suggest utilizing whites for this room as it can work for a teenager as well as a young child.

And keep in mind to adhere to a two-color combination for this stunning room idea, like gray and white.

Your girl’s room can become their castle by adding some princess ornamental devices like crown and chandelier.

Moms and dads simply have to include different pieces of artwork, accent lighting, wall clocks as well as furnishings that will finish your prince or princess themed baby girl room.

Develop a world for your baby girl’s creativity with this princess decoration.

Grey and Pink Baby Girl Room Ideas

Pink And Gray Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

This baby girl room ideas utilize subtle pastel accents that provide a soft, calming feel to the room. This idea is best for a sweet, little nursery.

Gray accents and devices provide this white baby girl room compound, developing contrast and offering the eye with a much-required location to rest.

This gray and white charm moods a strong appearance with soft pink accents, including a sweet, womanly touch.

Twin Baby Girl Room Ideas

Nursery Room For Twin Girl Baby

In color psychology, gray is unemotional, which suggests, when it’s covering the walls of a room it produces a sense of composure. We feel calmer simply by taking a look at this twin nursery room.

Gray likewise works for any gender mix, so those of you who like surprises can embellish a gender-neutral nursery without understanding if kids or women (or both) are on their method.

Go with Nautical Theme? Why Not?

Nautical Nursery Baby Room From Bloominghomestead

This baby girl nautical nursery produces the baby girl room to be light, airy, girly, enjoyable, and most notably comfy for her to begin her life in!

You will be extremely delighted to see your little child cruising in her creative world, and you will get a smile throughout your face each time you stroll into her room.

Nature Themed Baby Girl Room

Nature Themed Baby Girl Room Ideas

Whether you take a walk in the park or a romp through the woods, you’ll discover that our Mother Nature has a lot of things for baby girl room ideas.

Including tree decals or painting you’re preferred, makes this nursery an outside experience baby will not be able to wait to check out.

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Monochrome Nursery for Girl Baby

Monochrome Baby Girl Nursery Room

Rather of staying with a single tone, this monochromatic nursery includes a little pop to its soft white combination by presenting plain white accents.

To provide it a more elegant appearance, a gold accent is placed on the decoration utilizing a mirror frame and a soap holder pump.

Mediterranean Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Middle East Themed Baby Girl Bedroom

This basic Mediterranean nursery shows that a great accent carpet can make your space far better.

Carpets load a magnificent style punch, providing a significant burst of color, pattern, and texture.

This shaggy-patterned rug appeal is no exception, making a vibrant declaration is an easy vibrant space.

Lovely Baby Girl Nursery

Luxury Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

Pink is a color that works well both in little and big nursery spaces with equivalent ease and can be integrated with nearly any other strong color without any trouble.

The light pink shade likewise offers the room a pleasant, airy appeal, owning away any sense of dullness.

Luxury Baby Girl Nursery

Luxurious Baby Girl Room Ideas

Pink can be contributed to the baby girls’ nursery no matter exactly what the style or design of the room.

Wall decals that portray lovely drapes, a huge mirror, or a high-end style will include enjoyment to this elegant nursery.

Do not forget to include calming ambient lighting, and ensure you offer the ceiling a lot more attention than normal.

Baby Girl Room Essentials

Grey Pink Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

Open shelving systems are popular nursery products, and that will be ideal for showcasing all those adorable books and toys.

In addition, you can also put diapers, pacifiers, and also your best baby bottles for wind on those shelves. Plus, extra seating makes this system a lot more flexible.

Small Baby Girl Room

Grey Nautical Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

Numerous nurseries and kids’ spaces are on the little side. The great news: Babies do not require much space at initially, simply enough room for a baby crib and altering location.

Kids need more room to spread out, however, a little imaginative thinking can go a long method in extending the space you do have like this photo reveals.

Cheap Yet Awesome Rainbow Baby Girl Room

Gold Baby Girl Room Ideas

A rainbow of vibrant devices brings life and energy to this tidy white space.

Most importantly, the appearance is simple to upgrade, permitting you to integrate aspects of your kid’s individual design as they grow.

Floral Themed Nursery for Girl Baby

Floral Pastel Color Baby Girl Room Nursery

This sweet and advanced baby girl’s room makes a declaration with a massive flower print in gorgeous, watercolored tones.

Crisp white paneling, white furnishings, and soft blush accents develop balance, keeping the space brilliant and airy, while a light cleaning of gold includes a sense of downplayed high-end.

Simple Yet Elegant Baby Girl Room Ideas

Feminist Baby Girl Room Ideas

Professionals state that color plays a crucial function in affecting the state of mind of your youngster, and choosing the best colors for the nursery is a lot more vital than you believe.

Pink is among those ideal colors that integrate stimulation with calmness to provide the very best of both worlds!

It is a color of charm, serenity, and womanhood, making it definitely best for a baby girl’s room.

Baby Girl Room Ideas with Elephant Doll

Elephant Themed Baby Girl Nursery Room

Tidy and brilliant, a white nursery supplies a fresh and versatile canvas that grows with your kid.

A sweet, lacy-white sanctuary can quickly shed its standard features and adjust to match any design, from home to modern.

When it’s time for an upgrade, just re-dress the space to show your kid’s altering tastes, including their preferred colors and concepts as you go.

Gray Baby Girl Room with Chandelier

Cute Baby Girl Nursery Idea From Futuristarchitecture

There is a factor that gray is so popular in house design. It can go cool by highlighting blue tones, or it can go warm by highlighting yellow or white tones.

Baby Girl Room Turquoise

Blue Cyan Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

What’s actually fantastic about painting your baby girl room turquoise is the color has such an “awesome” factor that all you have to do is enhance it with a basic color pallet or pattern.

See how the photo frames above the baby crib are pastel colors.

The contrast from the colors looks remarkable and truly makes individuals take a look at the photo frames.

The pastel colors are likewise gotten in the charming pattern carpet which is at the bottom of the picture.

Flower Wallpaper for Baby Girl Nursery

Beautiful Flower Baby Girl Room Ideas

How can you bring spring into your house? By putting fresh flowers?

Instead of bringing fresh flowers into your nursery, how about providing it a flower wallpaper such as this baby girl room?

The very best feature of this method is, it’s a long-lasting option to fresh flowers. The colors will remain intense and the petals will not wilt as well.

Of course, you can never be wrong with a flower-themed room for your little baby girl. You can include a little bit of a contemporary twist to it.

Usage enjoyable colors like violet and orange rather than the normal pink.

You can utilize graphic flowers on the walls along with the pillows. The best thing about it? Choose sheer, polka-dot drapes to balance out the floral accents.

Blue Baby Girl Nursery Ideas

Beautiful Baby Girl Room Ideas

Who states that blue is just for boys? If you do not wish to color-code your baby, we have a fantastic idea for you!

First, you need to paint the walls in the room with any color of blue. We recommend a lighter shade, like soft blue. By this, you are currently breaking guidelines!

Now, touch up the furnishings with lively colors of white, orange, and some gray.

Include a white on a brown textured carpet on the flooring and a charming fox doll.

And voila! You have a baby girl room to crave.

Unisex Nursery Cupboard

Baby Girl Room Ideas From Designmag

As long as you’re putting in the time to prepare appropriate storage for your kid’s room, it’s a good idea to consider how that storage will adjust as his/her requirements alter.

A cabinet system with soft bins on the lower racks is perfect early on due to the fact that it permits a crawling baby or young child to gain access to toys with ease and simply as suitable later on when the very same slots can hold stronger boxes of dolls or crafts.

Beautiful Stripes Baby Girl Room Decoration

Animal Theme Baby Girl Nursery Room Ideas

Striped walls in the nursery can vary from the unique and amazing to the easy and sophisticated.

Regardless of which course you want to take, they provide you a broad selection of options in style, dimension, and color, permitting you to come up with unlimited mixes.

And the finest part is that a thoroughly prepared nursery with stripes will grow along with your baby girl and develop into a cool kids’ and teen room.