25 Most Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Girls

If you ever had the chance to visit Taiwan or Japan, it’s difficult to reject the reality that Hello Kitty is quite much on every street corner bench, train cart, gondola trip, and simply about whatever else.

What we want to say is, who can withstand this lovable pink kitty figure, specifically in the house? Every girls around the world would adore this cutie kitty figure, don’t they?

1. Pretty pink Hello Kitty bedroom concepts

If you have a teenage child who is a Hello Kitty fanatic, do not reconsider prior to embellishing her bedroom with this quite pink Hello Kitty bedroom decoration that looks adorable and has the animated kitty inscribed nearly in all exteriors of the space.

From the drapes to the bed sheet to the broad cumulative display screen of Hello Kitty studded toys in the cabinet, every function has this charming animation figure embossed. The pink style appears to work magic in this bedroom.

2. Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration Concepts

The bedroom here looks every bit a dream space that is completely suitable for a girl to rest and have some enjoyable too.

The charming pink bed with a headboard created in the shape of the head of Hello Kitty, the pink little cabinet with white borders bearing imprints of this adorable animated character and the bed spread and pillow with a big imprint of the kitty add to the cuteness of this space.

3. Distinct Hello Kitty Bedroom Ideas

One can embellish a playroom or bedroom with Hello Kitty style as seen here in the image. The bed is themed on this charming animal where one can see a large spread of Hello Kitty themes created on the canopy over the bed, and on the covering utilized for the bed.

4. Beautiful Hello Kitty Girls Bedroom

Seen here is an extremely beautiful looking infant nursery where the entire design is motivated by Hello Kitty style concepts. The primary appealing function to get your attention is the stunning quilt that is embroidered with an imprint of an adorable Hello Kitty.

The walls, carpet, drapes and paintings too have the very same style which includes appeal and makes the space appear extremely adorable and friendly.

5. Single Bed Charming Hello Kitty Bedroom

The bedroom in the image looks rather girly with a single pink colored bed bearing the charming picture of hello Kitty on its headboard as well as its name engraved on the foot board.

Apart from the Hello Kitty bed, there is a pillow with the theme of the character engraved in quite pink color.

6. Adorable Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

The contrast used by the 2 color tones of pink and grey aid in including a soft accent to this remarkable looking girly bedroom that is themed on Hello Kitty style concepts.

The bed has actually been created with a huge Hello Kitty face formed headboard while the white little chair and the white side table with wheels have the imprints of this adorable character.

7. Hello Kitty Bed Linen Sets for Adorable Bedroom

One can embellish a woman’s bedroom with Hello Kitty motivated bedroom concepts on almost all type of functions like walls, cabinets, drapes and bed sets.

The charming bedroom here looks amazing with a bed spread bearing a big concept of Hello Kitty together with other animations and a lot of twinkling stars and hearts. The pillow sets too are engraved with the kitty’s image together with flowers.

8. Cute Hello Kitty Bedroom for Teens

The bedroom here looks amazing and comes from 2 teenage girls that definitely understand the best ways to live like fairies.

The design of this bedroom is styled taking motivation from Hello Kitty style concepts and appears wonderful with a wall to wall carpet with ‘Hello Kitty’ theme in addition to a figure of a sweet animation.

The ceiling is sculpted to fit a stunning Hello Kitty shaped lighting component that includes shine to the design.

9. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration with Mirror

What more can be revealed about this adorable bedroom when your eyes can feast themselves by having a glance at this incredible picture shown listed below?

Well, we love this exceptionally embellished girly bedroom with a single Hello Kitty bed that has a distinct overview of the kitty’s face decorated with a bright red bow. The mirror above the vanity location too looks like Hello Kitty and looks rather sensational.

10. Hello Kitty Space Designs with White Table and Stool

The walls of this compact bedroom have actually been painted utilizing light blue and pink tones that provide a really womanly touch to the interior. The little Hello Kitty stool too looks rather charming.

11. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration with Wall Accents

With a massive wall art bearing the concept of Hello Kitty, this bedroom undoubtedly handles to capture everybody’s attention. The wall is embellished with other concepts of flowers and birds that provide it an extremely vibrant appearance.

The diverse light green color of the wall matches well with the light purple accents tossed all around in the space.


12. Unique Hello Kitty Bed for Girls

If you require something unique for your girl’s bedroom, you can constantly embellish her space with Hello Kitty symbols or devices that all ladies like and love.

The image revealed listed below is that of a woman’s bedroom where the owners have actually set up a charming personalized Hello Kitty bed.

13. Captivating Girl’s Bedroom with Hello Kitty Style

The bedroom is a large chamber that is embellished utilizing the charming bedroom design style focused around the beautiful charming feline called Hello Kitty. The bed nevertheless, takes the program with its beautiful Hello Kitty themed pinkish headboard.

14. Charming Girl’s bedroom with Hello Kitty Wall Decoration

The bedroom here looks womanly with a soft color combination that has actually utilized white, pink and purple to enhance the decoration. The bedroom listed below has actually been embellished with Hello Kitty wall art seen on the front.

15. Modern Hello Kitty Bedroom Design Concepts

If including modern-day accents to your child’s bedroom is something you desire, here is a cool Hello Kitty bedroom design concept that utilizes the color combination of blue, white and red to produce an amazing result all around.

The bright red bow of the kitty on a grey and white faceless eliminated headboard looks elegant in addition to the bright red stylish chair. One can see the concept of this adorable character inscribed on the transparent blue cabinet set up at one corner.

16. White and Light Purple Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

The infant space here looks adorable and really calm with a Hello Kitty lampshade positioned on the white console table. The roundel Hello Kitty carpet likewise looks adorable and gels well with the color combination.

17. Charming Hello Kitty Wall Sticker

The emphasize of this beautiful pink and white bedroom needs to be the huge wall embellished with a really charming Hello Kitty wall sticker label.

On the wood floor covering, there is put a charming carpet looking like the head of this sweet feline. The entire white and pink style works well for this space and includes a gorgeous sparkle to it.

18. Charming Girl’s Bedroom with Hello Kitty Wallpaper

A girl’s bedroom need to look charming from all the angles and the very best method to include some enjoyable and laughter is by decking up the walls with animations and characters like Hello Kitty, a much enjoyed feline.

The bedroom seen here has the Hello Kitty style sprinkled all over. The white bed looks fashionable with a headboard themed on Hello Kitty and on the walls are seen sticker labels of charming vibrant Hello kitty figures together with intense flowers.

19. Charming Hello Kitty Themed Bedroom Ideas

Hello Kitty inspired bed rooms had been available in various designs and patterns.

In the image above is a lovely pink colored bedroom where the bed linen set has concepts of this character engraved all over, right from the pillows, bed sheet to the adorable little Hello Kitty lampshade embellishing the side table.

20. Enjoyable Hello Kitty Girl’s Bedroom

Such a space as the one seen listed below can make any kid pleased as there are great deals of enjoyable components that generate pleasure and spread laughter.

The space is themed on the popular character of Hello Kitty with a huge adorable looking kitty’s face painted right on the wall, swallowing up the white cabinet too. The winking kitty includes enjoyable to the vibrant design that appears to break with energy.

21. Pink and White With Hello Kitty’s Face

Ever questioned exactly what your house would appear like if you opted to enter the Hello Kitty instructions?

Possibly you were reluctant about including animation decoration in the house, or perhaps you liked the principle however simply desired a couple of more concepts prior to taking on such a daring modification.

No matter your thinking, here are some cute and extremely functional designs that make sure to knock your socks off!

22. A Hello Kitty Themed Room for Grown-Up Girls

Not matter the age, a lot of women fawn over the captivating charm of Hello Kitty. Keeping that in mind, there is no pity in developing a Hello Kitty bedroom on your own, even if you’re previous your vibrant prime.

Integrating a healthy dosage of contemporary style will assist put things in point of view.

23. Rounded Bed Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration

If you are tired of rectangle-shaped beds, then perhaps a round one like the one above might deal with your tastes. Match the pink duvet and pillows with a Hello Kitty carpet and a heart-shaped armchair for a sophisticated bedroom style.

24. Hello Kitty Bedroom Decoration for Adult

Once again, you can see that chandeliers have a strong connection with the Hello Kitty style. The space above does not include a lot of decorations, except for a Hello Kitty chair and a closet, however whatever comes together completely. Take motivation from this!


Hello Kitty bed rooms can be locations to have enjoyable. This energetic icon has actually been with us for an extremely long time and most kids like to have a Hello kitty bed or a wall that is decorated with the symbols of this adorable character.

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