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17 Beautiful Bedroom Wall Mirror Ideas

By: Elena Johnson

We all love a room refresh. The best part is you don’t need a total floor to ceiling remodel to make it happen. With just a simple change like adding or moving a bedroom wall mirror or two, your personal space can come alive again.

A collage of small mirrors can open up a small and dark room. A full length mirror can tastefully fill blank walls. Your choice of mirrors and their placement can transform your space in just a few easy steps. To help inspire you, we’ve scouted the best mirror ideas to make the most of your bedroom walls.

Go For Full Length

Full length mirrors are a bedroom classic. Beautiful and functional, they add elegance to the room as well as help you get ready in the morning. 

In addition to helping you look your best, full length mirrors can cheer up a bedroom that’s low on natural light by reflecting more of it. This greater reflection also works wonders to make a small or cramped room feel broader. When mounted on the wall, these mirrors won’t take up precious real estate either, keeping your bedroom open and tidy-looking.

Play With Shape

Most mirrors come in one of three classic shapes: rectangles, circles, and ovals. But since wall mirrors don’t need to stand or sit on the bottom frame, there’s more freedom to play with shape – and many modern designers have done just that.

For a more modern look, choose sleek geometric designs such as this diamond-inspired piece. Playful shapes – like radial designs mimicking the sun – can add a subtle touch of boho or cheer up those normally spartan guest rooms.

Make a Collage of Smaller Mirrors

You don’t need a full-length mirror to draw the eye in. Even the smallest mirrors, which can be difficult to place on their own, can combine to create a unique but breathtaking display. Create visual interest by varying orientation (horizontal or vertical). Opt for mirrors that come from the same product line or have similar frame colors and materials to create a more polished look.

Play with the space between mirrors to create a single wall feature or space out medium-sized mirrors to form a focal point above the dresser.

Match for Cohesion

The key to creating a more sophisticated look is cohesion. When looking for mirror designs for the bedroom, think about what’s already on the walls – or what will be. Remember the old adage “like likes like”.

If your bedroom furniture is all mahogany, pick a mirror with a similar dark wood frame for a better match. For a bedroom full of photos, prints, and paintings, a rectangular wall mirror in the same orientation as most of the other décor will add that much more poise.

Cohesion will have your guests asking for the number of your decorator.

Let the Mirror Be a Focal Point

A wall mirror is just as good as a painting or statement art piece. Whether it’s a small wall next to the entryway or a long empty space above a wrap-around bookshelf, a mirror is an elegant way to fill the space – and keep your bedroom looking picture-perfect.

Trying to cram too much into a space is a common decorating mistake. To keep your bedroom looking elegant, choose a single medium or large sized mirror and make that the only item on the wall. The best wall mirror design is sometimes the simplest.

Choose Color – Don’t Ignore the Frame

Lots of color isn’t just for artists and bohemian vibers. A richly decorated, ornate frame allows your mirror to serve as a work of art, as well as a functional piece.

Colorfully framed mirrors are good chameleons. The same mirror can be paired with similarly bright and fun décor to fit a maximalist vibe or contrasted with somber, sophisticated furniture to create a chic, but subtle, mood. Even bright frames can grow with you, maturing into different styles as your taste changes.

Don’t Forget the Space Around It 

Your mirror doesn’t have to do all the heavy lifting itself. Sometimes what’s more important is how you dress up the space around it.

Just as you might match your mirror to the rest of your bedroom décor, you may also want to do the opposite. One way to decorate a room is to choose a few pieces you love and build around them.

Place twin items like lamps or paired statues on either side of a statement mirror. Add flowers or fairy lights to frame the reflective surface for kids or collage pictures of friends and family for a teen’s room.

Add Class With Sleek Lines

Mirrors aren’t just for the light-hearted. If you want your bedroom to reflect a more sophisticated taste, you don’t have to sacrifice the brightness a mirror can provide. To keep it classy, opt for mirrors with simple, sleek shapes. 

Think narrow frames with firm corners and narrow frames. Even if you want to try a more interesting shape, let regular geometry reign supreme and keep it simple. 

Catch the Light

Mirror placement in the bedroom affects more than style. Reflecting light is what a mirror does best. So help it do its job by setting it across from a window. With all that extra reflected light, it will be like having a second light source – and a second window to look out of.

Bright, light, and open spaces are very “in” these days. Your bedroom will instantly benefit from the added light in terms of fashionable home design. You won’t have to sacrifice personal style either since light goes with every trend.

Mirror the Light

There are other ways to help your bedroom wall mirror really “shine,” like pairing it with the light source itself. 

Especially when a window is near a corner or small wall set off at a wide angle, a well-placed wall mirror will look as well as act like another window. If you’ve always wished your little nook had more windows, here’s an easy way to fix that – no need to call a contractor!

Face Out

Short on “good” wall space? There may be more options than you think. While it may seem odd to have your mirror facing the exit, facing your mirror to the door often creates the illusion of more space. 

You will be able to see into the next room or hall, making the bedroom feel bigger and more connected to the rest of the house. This is great for making small bedrooms seem more spacious. It can also brighten a dark room by reflecting more light from nearby.

White For Contrast

Dark and bright colors often come to mind when we think about contrast, but if your bedroom walls are painted a cozy mineral hue, you may need to think about going lighter with your accents. 

A white-framed mirror is the perfect contrast for medium to dark-colored walls. Plus, it’s easy to match to white-washed bed frames, dressers, and bedside tables and will likely match the trim color in an older home.

Hang it Sideways – Horizontally 

Just because a mirror provides a full-length view doesn’t mean you have to use it that way. Turning a long mirror sideways and place it somewhere new to instantly freshen up your space. Hanging your full-body mirror horizontally allows you to make use of tighter spaces, such as above a tall dresser. It can also complement the shape of the wall above a shared bed. Round and oval mirrors can also be rotated to fit different spaces.

Place Smaller Mirrors Higher Up

If a large mirror can easily be the focal point of one wall, a small mirror can be the focal point of a smaller space when placed higher up. If you put a small mirror too low, its size can be quickly dwarfed by the blank space around it. 

But by hanging it higher on the wall, at least taller than a light switch, the mirror will carry a little more visual “weight” to it. Besides, your mirror will be much more useful if it’s at face level!

Use a Mirror to Transform Furniture

You don’t need wall sconces or architectural quirks to create a cozy corner in your bedroom. Place your bedroom wall mirror over an antique table to create an old-fashioned “vanity” table. Or pair an unframed mirror with a simple white desk to fashion a chic, modern make-up spot.

This option is great for anyone looking to “age-up” a bedroom without replacing too much furniture, whether you’re a young professional on a budget or a parent looking to satisfy a teen’s maturing taste.

Create a Nook

Or if you’re short on floor space, hang a medium-sized mirror over a floating bookshelf, built-in shelf, or over any taller furniture. Keep the space below open except for a few carefully-selected items. You’ll have a little nook devoted to the things you care about.

Even a bare corner can become a charming alcove where you can display your grandmother’s antique clock, a favorite wedding photo, or a rare edition of your favorite novel.

Don’t Overthink It

Don’t Overthink It

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. You don’t need to spend hours looking for the best mirror ideas for the bedroom.

Bedroom wall mirrors are often seen in the same places for good reason. After all, mirrors are a functional item. So you’ll always make good use of them over a dresser or dressing table, near the closet, or where you can see them on the way out the door. The best place to hang your mirror is the first one that feels right.

Final Thoughts

Wall mirrors are the ultimate decor item. Nothing can freshen up a bedroom wall so fast or so easily like a new mirror – or one that’s found a new placement. 

Mirrors open up a space, brighten a room, and are endlessly flexible. Match the shape and style of your wall mirror to the rest of your decor or use the frame to add a little contrast. 

Modern or classic, bright or subdued, there’s a mirror out there for every bedroom wall. We hope these ideas have given you the inspiration you need to get in there and make the bedroom of your dreams!