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14 Beautiful Entryway Plant Ideas

By: Sara Shores

Whether your house has a lot of natural light or not, plants can make the perfect addition to it. While that goes for any room, a popular place to put plants is in the home entrance, and for good reason. Some colorful flowers or a lively tree can instantly make your home feel more inviting.

With dozens of plant varieties out there, though, it can be difficult to know what to choose. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the 14 best plants for the entryway. No matter your style, you are sure to find a foyer plant that suits your needs. 

Use a Lady Palm for Darker Entryways

Many entryways are bright, making them perfect for plants to soak up the sun. But if your entryway is a little lacking in the light department, there are plants perfectly suited for that, too. One such plant is a lady palm, which will thrive even in the darkest corners of your home. 

The plant even has practical benefits as well, since it purifies certain chemicals out of the air such as formaldehyde. In addition, it’s pet-safe, meaning you won’t have to worry if your furry friend takes a nibble while you aren’t looking. 

Add an Anthurium Plant for a Splash of Color

Most colorful and tropical plants thrive in outdoor areas, making it a bit disappointing for homeowners trying to decorate their entryway. There is one plant, though, that serves as an exception to this rule — anthurium. It thrives in bright spaces without direct sunlight, so this plant works perfectly if your house has a lot of windows in it. 

Its bright red blooms make it perfect for adding a splash of color, especially in a neutral space that’s looking a little dull. If you keep it in proper condition, the plant will keep blooming for most of the year, keeping your entryway design alive.

Use a Peace Lily for an Elegant Look

Peace lilies are perhaps some of the most elegant plants around. Their glossy green leaves and wintry white blooms give them a timeless and classic look. It’s subtle, too– they aren’t bright like anthurium blooms or similar flowers. 

They’d be sure to blend in with your existing decor, especially if your entryway incorporates a lot of neutrals. 

Make Your Entryway Pop With Colorful Succulents

Succulents are a popular choice for house plants. Along with being low maintenance, they come in a variety of colors. You don’t have to stick to just one succulent, though — you can have a whole indoor succulent garden! 

Succulents are also great for design versatility as well. Add a whole bunch of them, and you can arrange them in any way you like. You can line them up and put them on a decorative tray, or space them out to fill up a whole table. 

Use Dried Flowers for Low-maintenance Elegance

Pretty much everyone can agree that bouquets make for gorgeous additions to any entryway. Sometimes a colorful floral arrangement is just what an entryway needs to feel complete. That being said, the main downside to bouquets is that shortly after you get them, they wilt and die. 

That’s where dried flowers come in. They preserve the beauty of a fully bloomed bouquet, and they can last an average of a year in the right conditions. Since it’s dried already, you won’t have to maintain it either, making it one of the perfect indoor entryway plants. 

Add a Topiary for a Luxury Look

Topiaries tend to evoke images of well-manicured lawns and elaborate hedge gardens, giving them a luxurious and elegant feel. You don’t have to trim a hedge on your own, though — you can easily buy a pre-cut one and put it in your entryway. 

This topiary in particular is especially low-maintenance since you only have to mist the leaves once a month.  

Add a Monstera Adansonii Plant for a Dramatic Flair

Commonly known as a “Swiss cheese vine,” a Monstera Adansonii plant is perfect for adding a dramatic flair. With its hole-filled leaves, it certainly makes a unique statement that not many other plants share. 

Plus, its bright green-colored leaves can add some life and cheer to any entryway without going overboard. 

Go For a Yucca Cane Plant for Larger Entryways

There are plenty of small plants that can go on entryway tables, but there are also plenty of options for freestanding floor plants as well. One of these plants is a Yucca cane. While it’s not too tall to start out with, it can eventually grow to be a few feet tall. 

If you have a larger entryway, then a Yucca Cane or two would be perfect. You can either place two of them next to a table or have it be a show-stopping centerpiece. 

Add Some Subtle Color With a Pink Splash Plant

Plants can come in all kinds of colors, it’s true. From galactic purple to fiery red, you can find a plant that matches almost every interior design. Included among this rainbow of colors is pink plants, too, though you don’t need flowers to achieve the look. 

Pink splash plants are made up of pink speckled leaves, and the small size of this plant in particular means it would make a perfect decor piece for an entryway table.

Go For a Coastal Look With a Ponytail Palm

You don’t have to wait for summer vacation to go to the beach. With plants like ponytail palms, you can bring the beach to you! 

Contrary to the name, you don’t need to live in a humid climate for this plant to thrive. It’s actually a succulent, not a mini palm tree. That means you get the aesthetic benefits of a palm tree without needing a green thumb to maintain it. 

Use Trailing Plants for a Standout Entryway

If you’ve been around for more than a day, you’ve probably seen a trailing plant at some point. Many variants of ivy grow all over the world, and kudzu is commonly referred to as “the plant that ate the South” for its widespread coverage and quick growth. 

Of course, if you get a trailing plant for your home, it won’t make your house turn into an overgrown greenhouse. Instead, you can let trailing plants trail down a tall table, up a trellis, or from a hanging planter. It’s sure to make your entryway stand out and look gorgeous. 

Add a Madagascar Dragon Tree for an Elegant Flair

If a tree could have a motto, the Madagascar Dragon Tree’s would be “the more stems, the merrier!” Rather than just having one, it has a few, forming a beautiful braided pattern. 

If normal indoor trees are a bit too boring for you, opting for one of these trees is a perfect alternative. Its unique shape makes it stand out without going overboard since it doesn’t have any bright colors on it. 

Add a Hoya Heart or Two for Some Subtle Charm

There are a lot of cute little plants out there, but none of them take the cake quite like the Hoya heart. Rather than just having heart-shaped leaves or blooms, the plant is a heart in and of itself. 

Thanks to its small size and all-green color, it won’t stand out too much in an entryway, giving it a more subtle look. Nevertheless, this plant stands out in its own right thanks to its unique shape. It’s perfect for adding a bit of charm to your existing entryway decor. 

Add a Venus Flytrap for a Unique Look

When you’re looking to add a plant to liven up your entryway, you probably know about palms and flowers and succulents by now. While they are beautiful, what if you’re looking for something more unique? Well, a venus fly trap has you covered. 

Along with being a practical pest killer, it also has a standout look with its sword-shaped stalks and spiky ends. If you place it on a table in your entryway, guests won’t be able to miss it. 

Final Thoughts…

It turns out there really are a lot of indoor plant varieties, aren’t there? You’ve probably heard of using succulents or topiaries as a way to spruce up your entryway, but now you have an arsenal of unique ideas, too, from Venus flytraps to Hoya hearts. 

Whether you’re looking to place a small plant on a table or have a few freestanding ones around the house, plants are the perfect way to make your entryway feel more inviting. We hope this list gave you a place to start so you can decorate the entryway of your dreams.