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20 Creative Entryway Table Ideas

By: Don Pedro

The first impression is the last impression – and what better way to flaunt that off, right?

Well, there are numerable ways to decorate your entryways – but none better than placing a console table. Hence, a functional entryway table proves to be the sole purpose for grabbing the attention of your guests, storing your keys and essentials, and majorly, adorning the aesthetics of the entrance. 

So, if you are looking to spruce up your entryway spaces, whether small or large, round or long – here is a list of 20 unique entryway table ideas to make that happen! 

Chic and Eye-Catchy

Wondering how to add a pop of color and some fun in the entryway? Well, this chic console table is the way to steal the eye of your guests. It tends to add a bold statement to your entryway spaces while defining a perfect character.

Another noteworthy feature of the foyer table is the golden-tinted legs. With details so intriguing, your entryway is bound to exhibit a flabbergasting experience with a perfect eclectic touch!

Boho Love

It is time that you reflect your interior design style in the entryway itself. So if you are as free-spirited as a boho soul – this is probably one of the best ways to achieve the style. Decorate your entryway and place a table that also serves as a bench – for decoration and plants, of course.

Especially complimenting the smaller entryways, this airy and narrow entryway table will make your space look larger and brighter than always!

Rustic and Unique

Sometimes, raw beauty is what you should admire. This rustic style front entrance table is a great addition to Japandi, Modern Farmhouse, and Rustic interior design styles. Defining utmost geometry and absolute intricacy – this table perfectly adds a stunning backdrop.

It is tall and elongated – so you can always play with scale and perspective when it comes to styling with mirrors, artwork, or vases. There is also ample space below the table to decorate with baskets!

Farmhouse Entry

This distressed wooden entryway table has a perfect story to tell! It defines an authentic Farmhouse interior design style while proving to be extremely functional and practical. Hence, this console table has drawers for you to store your keys and other essentials.

On the other hand, there is ample tabletop space to decorate a chic mirror, some pieces of artwork, trays, indoor plants, and lanterns. Also, it is sleek, so you can fit that into tiny corners with very little depth!

A Bench Indeed

Let’s think beyond an entryway table to let’s say, an entryway bench? This cute instagrammable bench is pretty much worthy of creating a stylish yet captivating element in your space.

Whether it is about styling your bench with throw pillows or placing an artwork right overhead, this idea is also very functional in case you want to sit down to tie a lace or two before going to work!

Modular Touch

If you want to create an illusion of a larger and airier entryway, this modern console table is the way to bring that authentic touch. With ample display space to flaunt your favorite antiques, vases, and lamps – this table also adds character to your spaces.

Various levels of height and width will allow you to introduce a sense of dynamism while styling with your most precious and unique-owned items. 

Contemporary Luxury

Welcome your guests with utter sophistication and elegance through this modern-glam style entryway decoration table. With its pure sleek character and beautiful brass gleaming legs, this table stands strong for your entryway needs and requirements.

You can pair this beautiful piece of luxury with a vintage-style mirror and some decorative accents like vases and trays for an overall striking appearance. Whether or not you have a wallpaper backdrop – this table is definitely bound to look fabulous!

Simplicity is the Key

Simplicity plays one of the best roles in your home. So, whether or not you have a particular interior design style or theme – this small entryway table is going to act as one solution for all!

Just simply place it against the wall and style a couple of indoor plants, trays, and mirrors for an overall refined look. Also, it makes a great match for a warm and welcoming palette!

Play Natural

Showcasing a natural reclaimed wheat wood finish, this bohemian and eclectic style elegant entryway table is all set to make a stunning statement in your entryways. The cane doors allow you to hide the essentials and maintain a clean and crisp-looking atmosphere.

Moreover, the neutral hues in the table allow for a timeless experience – thus, blending seamlessly with most of the monochromes as well as the contrasts!

Daring Beauty

It is time that you look for a bold and daring option to style your entryway! This black-stained, wooden console table is bound to make your space look mesmerizing and enchanting with a perfect sense of depth and illusion.

A structure so simple and sleek, you also have to be careful around displaying certain items that mingle with the overall aura. Moreover, you can perfectly pair it with an abstract form of art, some golden-tinted jewels, and a collection of books and tiny succulents to enjoy little things.

Go Round

Let’s think beyond a mere rectangle or a square to a pure semi-circle! This elegant English-style console table adds perfect geometrical details to your entryway while defining a particular sense of depth and scale to the room.

With ample storage space, this table also offers immense functionality when it comes to styling and decorating. So, it is time that you take inspiration from its curves and edges for a perfectly balanced aura!

Transitional Bookcase

Do entryway tables always have to be those stands to store your stuff? Have a look at this transitional-styled bookcase that plays a great entryway feature to hold your large baskets, shoes, phone covers, sanitizers, carryout bags, and even indoor plants.

Exposed and unique, they are bound to add a vertical dimension to your entryway spaces while allowing ample storage for your everyday essentials.

Sleek and Modern

Quite unique and trendy, this glass, wood, and metal exposed narrow entryway table is a perfect addition to your modern, minimalist, and contemporary-styled home. It allows a narrow, long passageway while almost taking up three tiers of storage for your everyday necessities.

It is clean and crisp with sharp edges – hence, defining utmost luxury and sophistication to your entryway. Furthermore, it will also tend to make your space look airy and brighter due to minimal ornamentation and boldness.

Bold Statement

In case you are blessed with a large and comparatively wider entryway hall, it is best to incorporate a console table that is bold and characteristic to complement the size and scale of the space. 

Here, this contemporary-glam entryway table offers great hidden space for storage and ample tabletop area to decorate your favorite vases, rectangular mirror, trays, and baskets. You can also play with the backdrop wall by either using wallpaper or an accent wall!

Sculptural Beauty

Let your guests feel they’re entering a majestic haven by placing this beautiful, sculptural piece of console table right at the entrance. It is bold and dashing – hence, making an instant statement in your hallway.

You have the opportunity to pair this piece with some authentic antiques, vases, tiny succulent holders, auspicious stones, and large table lamps on each end. Moreover, it is a cherry-on-the-top for eclectic, modern, and contemporary styled homes.

Vintage Type

How often do you admire those intricate details and old-school barn-style doors? Well, this vintage-type entryway table is absolutely unique in its own little ways. It tends to acquire little space while adding more meaning and value to your entryways.

They offer ample visible space to store your shoes, bags, and keys while little hidden drawers to hide something that you don’t intend to display! Also note that they look absolutely flabbergasting with antique lanterns and trays – so just in case if you have one, it is time to style them right away!

Introduce Chairs

It is true that entryway tables prove extremely efficient and functional – but what if we introduce chairs as an added element? Well, now we have the best of both worlds – plenty of space for styling and storage with a tiny spotted chair to sit!

Moreover, you can always add throw pillows, some baskets, hangers, and tons and tons of planters to feel fresh and wholesome. It is always better to choose a contrasting hue for the chairs – for an eye-catchy contrast!

Keep it Low

Your entryways define you and your style! So, if you like the feel of Japanese simplicity and utter functionality, you can place a low-heightened bench right at the entrance to serve multi-purposes at the same time.

This clean-edged bench is a great way to expose your style and decorate your wall at a greater vertical dimension. In the case of long, narrow passageways – this bench works extravagantly! 

Embrace Eclecticism

An amalgamation of traditional and eclectic – this Moroccan style unique entryway table is a great way to introduce a sense of creativity and distinctness to the entrance hallways. The curved edges and golden-tinted legs pave a way for utter modernism and uniqueness in design.

However, don’t expect to store a lot of your belongings here – rather, only stick to what is essential for styling purposes. A patterned vase and a large table lamp will add a perfect backdrop to this table!

Tufted Touch

This tufted velvet entryway bench is a great way to add softness and coziness to your entryway halls. And you know what’s the best part? They play twice the role – functionality for underneath storage and comfortable fabric as cozy seating!

So, just in case you are bored of old-school entryway tables – try this upholstered bench to add depth and character to the entryway space. 

Summing it Up…

Apart from storage, the entryway tables play a major role in defining your interior design style, making your guests feel warm and welcomed, and the overall aesthetics of the space.

Now that we have discussed the table ideas for your entryway, are you enthralled about choosing any?