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16 of the Best Farmhouse Accent Chairs in 2024

By: Sara Čurić

Farmhouse is a beautiful style of interior design. It’s chic and put together, while also feeling super cozy. The countryside comfort it provides is out of this world, for sure.

And if you want to create a cohesive farmhouse room, getting the right accent chair will do the trick! There are many different options to choose from since a farmhouse allows for much more versatility than you might think. So here are the 16 best farmhouse accent chairs.

Plaid Is a Classic for a Reason

Plaid is a print that never truly goes out of style. No matter if it’s clothes, accessories, furniture, or anything in between. Plaid is always a classic. And that’s especially the case when it comes to furniture, as plaid offers a great balance between sophisticated and cozy.

This wingback accent chair is a great classic piece for a reason. Its lighter tones match the farmhouse palette perfectly. And the plaid print makes it just a tad bit more intriguing. Its removable foam-filled cushions make it super comfortable! Such a great match for a farmhouse living room.

Achieve a Country Chic Look With This Striped Accent Chair

Stripes are yet another iconic print that just stays in style no matter what. And depending on the size, type, and color of the stripes, they can match any interior design style, just make sure you pick the perfect ones.

And when it comes to the perfect striped look, this accent chair is a great contender. The green and white striped upholstery looks dashing. Creating another mixture of sophistication and comfort, it fits great in a farmhouse living room. If you were searching for the best one out of country style accent chairs, trust us, this is the one!

Recliners Are Always a Good Idea

If you’re the type of person who just loves to relax in an armchair with a good book in one hand and a hot beverage in another, you will likely love having a recliner. These types of chairs have been around for a while, but are still a family favorite.

And for a good reason, they’re super comfortable. There’s no reason why your living room shouldn’t have a recliner of its own. This one fits the aesthetic perfectly, with beige and black stripes to give it a special flair. And the best part is, there’s no lever or button that you need to press to recline, just push back and rest!

 Folding Chairs Make a Great Farmhouse Piece

Folding chairs are usually associated with gardens and patios. Many people overlook them. And for all the wrong reasons. Maybe your ideal modern farmhouse lounge chair will be a folding one. You can never know until you try!

The leather upholstery of this chair already makes it a great candidate for a farmhouse accent chair. The leather brings a classic elegant look into the mix, with a chic framing to it as well. And if you need more space in your room, you can always just fold the chair and put it away.

Get a Barrel Chair for a Touch of Elegance

There is something especially graceful about a barrel chair with long legs. There is a vintage look to it that can’t help but amaze. And even though the farmhouse isn’t necessarily vintage on its own, items such as this one fit the style just right.

Next to its vintage charm, this chair brings a touch of elegance to any room it occupies. Its versatility works wonders since it can look beautiful with many different interior design styles. And with that in mind, it will surely elevate your space, no matter what it’s like.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Classic Silhouette

Classics are classics for a reason. They’re versatile, classy, and chic. And when it comes to accent chairs, choosing a classic silhouette will ensure that you have a staple piece around, without worrying if it will overpower the room.

A plaid print looks beautiful in different color combinations, as it will surely make an impact. And not to mention the comfort this chair provides with its slightly slanted backrest, which will give your back all the support that it needs. It’s basically a must-have, in any farmhouse home.

Add a Pop of Color With a Blue Stripe

The farmhouse is light and subdued style of interior design, color-wise. It mainly focuses on light colors, beiges, and whites with a pop of brown and black here and there. But if you’re a fan of colorful furniture, don’t worry. Adding color to your farmhouse home can be a great idea!

Choosing an accent chair with a pop of color, such as this blue stripe, is a simple but bold way to add some color to your room. It’s vibrant and exciting, and it adds a new dimension to your living space. The silhouette of the chair also brings a dash of sophistication. All in all, a great addition to your home.

A Light Blue Chair Will Surely Make a Statement

Adding a pop of color into your farmhouse living space isn’t a sin. It often looks better than anyone might have thought. Another great way to do so is to invest in a chair that’s in a different color than the rest of the furniture.

This accent chair should be in the same hue as the other furniture, for cohesion. But it still creates a statement like no other. This specific one would fit amazingly with neutral furniture with its beautiful oak finish. And with its comfort, it’ll soon become your favorite spot in the room!

A Classic Silhouette With a Textured Look Fits Perfectly in a Farmhouse Living Room

When it comes to farmhouse-style accent chairs, going with the classic silhouette is often the way to go. As we always say, it’s a classic for a reason. If you don’t want your accent chair to demand much attention in the room, but still want a pretty and cohesive look, it’s the style for you.

The farmhouse style loves texture. And this glam-looking accent chair brings just enough texture to create an exciting look, without drawing too much attention. Not to mention the legs that are carved in a timeless style, making sure your chair keeps looking stylish for a long time.

Choose a Simple Design for a Timeless Look

There’s nothing quite as timeless as simplicity. You can notice that many of those extravagant patterns end up being nothing more than a fad, while simple pieces always look good. Investing in a simple chair will make sure it stands the test of time.

Simple chairs are also great if you’re looking for a cheap farmhouse accent chair. This one has a timeless appeal that complements all kinds of decor, staying in the background while still looking stunning. And it’s on the more affordable side as well!

Bring the Farmhouse Look to Your Home With a Textured Accent Chair

Infusing the traditional farmhouse aesthetic with a dash of modernity is often more than 

welcome. Ťhere are many ways for you to create this exciting combination without compromising the lovely countryside vibes that the farmhouse style gives off.

Opting in for a modern farmhouse accent chair such as this textured, leather one is a great way to combine the two effortlessly. The leather upholstery brings a certain modern edge but also brings the texture that the farmhouse style can’t help but love. It will become a focal point of your room for sure.

A Tufted Accent Chair Looks and Feels Regal

There’s something special about tufted chairs. An armchair that’s tufted easily feels like a throne. Especially if it’s combined with beautiful wooden legs and armrests, such as this one. Add linen upholstery to the mix, and it becomes the chair of your dreams.

This accent chair screams regal. It has a dash of that french country look that’s always inspiring, while also fitting just right with the rest of the farmhouse furniture. Its opulent vintage look doesn’t sacrifice comfort either. It’s as comfy as it is elegant!

A Checkered White and Blue Armchair Feels Like Home

White and blue is the ideal farmhouse color combo that we all can’t help but love. It radiates countryside charm that’s just a step away from bringing you back into childhood. This print sparks some memories and a lot of joy we all need more of in our lives.

So why wouldn’t you make your inner child happy and buy this wonderful piece of furniture? Its wingback backrest also has a specific vintage feel to it but also brings comfort and support that we often need. If you want to create a homely sitting area, look no further than this armchair.

This French Classic Will Fit Perfectly in Your Farmhouse Living Room

There’s a lot of inspiration that can be found in the French countryside looks. Their classic chair styles are unforgettable and make a subtle impact in every room they’re placed in. And they all work beautifully with the farmhouse style.

This armchair is a great example of a French countryside classic. The upholstery is in muted colors, allowing the rest of the room to shine. It’s made of natural materials, giving it the organic feel that the countryside aesthetic strives for. And the distressed wooden legs look as if they’re made for a farmhouse living space!

You Can’t Go Wrong With Florals

If you’re a fan of cottages and that lovely rustic design, they can be easily incorporated within a farmhouse living space. And what’s a better way to do so than using a kind of floral pattern?

You can’t go wrong with florals. This lovely grey armchair is embellished with flowers, giving it a certain rustic charm. The color works great within the farmhouse color palette as it creates cohesion with the rest of the room. This chair would look dashing as an extra one in a farmhouse-style bedroom!

Get a Round-Back Chair for a Dash of Elegance

Round-back chairs are another interesting royal pick. They look polished and refined, and they easily elevate the room. It feels at home in both a traditional room as well a farmhouse one, which proves to show its elegant versatility.

Choosing a round-back chair in a lighter color such as beige or tan will give you the polished elegant look you’re searching for. It has a dose of formality to it, which makes it the perfect accent chair. These beauties can also be used as dining chairs which will make your dining room look and feel luxurious in no time.


Creating a comfy welcoming space in your home is likely your top priority: And when you opt-in for a farmhouse style it might seem like a piece of cake. But sometimes, the coziest places are the nooks where you can just curl up and relax for the remainder of the day.

And making sure those places are well decorated and perfectly comfortable might seem hard at the beginning. But just as we’ve shown here, beautiful chairs aren’t inherently uncomfortable. There are many ideas to choose from, that will make your space feel just right. And we’re sure you’re going to find the right one. Happy shopping!