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20 Comfortable Chairs For Small Spaces

By: Nishtha Sadana

Who doesn’t adore the feeling of a fluffy, large, and cushiony chair at home? You might be obsessing over that massive, cozy, and homey chair with greater seating depth and perfect backrest. However, what if your home doesn’t allow the space this dreamy chair requires? 

Well, in that case, you can still feel cozy and calm with a smaller chair that is equally efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Choosing to go compact is a smart decision for apartments and tiny living around the globe! Have a look at these 20 comfortable chairs for small spaces inside your home!

Choose a Recliner Chair

This compact recliner is a perfect addition to any room that is smaller in size. If you don’t have the opportunity to decorate with a large couch, just simply place this as it doesn’t take up much of your space. 

It is definitely closer to the ground – but at the same time, it allows a large backrest for you to have a little nap after lunch! A comfortable recliner like this can be used in home offices, living rooms, bedrooms, and even kids’ rooms.

Get a Decorative Chair

Comfortable and petite, this chair exhibits a touch of elegance and comfort that you are longing for in your room. If you are tight on space, you can use one or two of these chairs as a decorative element in the negative corners or even beside the coffee table.

Since this chair has an exposed leg look, it tends to give an airier and spacious feel and appearance. But don’t worry – it’s tight back and extremely comfortable!

Cozy Wide Velvet Chair

Showcasing style in the quirkiest ways, this velvet side chair expresses utmost glamor and eclecticism. Ideal for Hollywood Glam, Eclectic, Grandmillenial, and Mid-Century Modern styles, this warm and comfortable chair is the perfect answer to your small spaces.

The best part about this chair is that you can use it for multiple purposes – whether as a desk chair in the home office or as a focal accent in the bedroom or your living room.

Go With a Chic Leather Sofa Chair

A great option if you are looking for a beautiful, decorative chair where you can easily lie down for a while and relax. Due to its unique shape and form – it offers the utmost comfort, hence, can definitely be used in your home offices.

With a modern and minimalist style – this sofa chair can be used in any space because of its versatility and functionality. You can even add some colored cushions to give a contrast and blend it with the walls of the room or with other adjacent furniture.

Use Papasan Chair

It is not always necessary that you need a large armchair to sit back, relax, and feel cozy. Sometimes, even compact chairs like this can stand out from the rest. Well, you can place this unique chair in the empty corners and beside the windows to give a character to the room while being able to relax for a couple of minutes.

It is ideal to use it as a reading and rest chair if you have a small living room. However, it can also be used in large rooms for decorative purposes.

Wooden Chair With Style

If you embrace simplicity and elegance, you must choose this timeless and organic design that adds a natural vibe to your home. It would seamlessly complement both your rustic, japandi, Scandinavian, and modern style home. 

This chair has the potential to adapt to your small living room and bedroom. On the other hand, it is also a good option if you have a covered tiny backyard or a patio, to avoid direct sunlight ruining the wood.

Small Patterned Chair

Spark your small living room and bedroom with this eccentric and eye-catchy patterned chair that is bound to add depth and character to your room. If you are thinking of decorating a space in your home with a touch of personality, this chair is definitely to have an eye on!

In addition, this intriguing pattern with tons of hues is ideal if you need to achieve contrast in the room.

Look For a Comfortable Velvet Armchair

This one armchair is everything you need for your small space because it provides utmost warmth, elegance, and above all, comfort and coziness.

What makes this comfortable armchair so efficient is the fact that you can choose to buy each unit separately and play with the assembly of the chair. Furthermore, depending upon the space functionality or the style you want to cherish – you can best make use of this flawless chair!

Use a Curvy Minimalist Chair

Isn’t it simply adorable? With this small comfy chair, you will achieve a cozy and warm aura since it is made of a soft material that exhibits equivalent restful and mellow vibes.

It has a modern and minimalist style, hence, ideal for those who prefer simplicity and functionality to the utmost. So, wouldn’t you want to lounge on this small beautiful chair on a Sunday afternoon and read your favorite book?

Get a Rattan Rocking Chair

Old is gold! Just like this rocking chair that seems old school, you would be surprised to know that it is still widely used today in the home decor industry. So, if you are thinking of achieving a rustic and organic vibe, this rattan rocking chair has the solution!

A great feature about this small rattan chair is that you can easily fit it in any corner of your home. It has an airy and open feel to it that makes it hardly take up any space. Imagine it on a porch with a soft blanket over it! Bliss, isn’t it?

Choose a Stylish And Elegant Chair

If you closely observe, this type of chair is the right opposite of the previous one. Well, it is quite modern and contemporary but with the benefits of utmost comfort and practicality.

If you are looking for something original and elegant, this chair is ideal for you! The combination of iron, wood, and leather gives it that sophisticated touch that also manages to blend in with most of the interior design styles.

Charming Antique Chair

This chair is inspired by an old design with extremely comfortable upholstery. If you like the feel of antique or restored furniture, you can choose this particular type to add that heritage and historical touch to your room. 

It exhibits a sense of harmony and style to your small space while making it look fabulous and cozy. Also, you need not add any pillows since the chair is already curved and has a tufted finish to flaunt off coziness and comfort!

Mid-Century Modern Armchair

Having a black leather armchair ensures comfort, elegance, and most importantly, it adapts to any space and any function in your home. Well, that’s the beauty of this timeless color!

Furthermore, it can be easily fitted into any empty corner of your home without taking up a lot of space. You can even style this small comfortable chair beside your bed or at the foot!

Get a Modern And Comfortable Leather Chair

This small and compact armchair with tufted upholstery offers absolute elegance, originality, and comfort. It perfectly complements your small living room with warm and neutral colors! With a contemporary and modern appeal, you can absolutely use it as an accent chair in your living room or even the bedroom.

Since it’s so small and petite and also comfortable at the same time – this beautiful chair will never disappoint you!

Look For a Woven Wicker Chair

The woven wicker indoor and outdoor chair is a great recommendation for small spaces. Since it lacks the bold character and has an airy and spacious feel to it – you must use it in your city apartments and lofts.

For retro decoration, this chair plays flawless and fabulous. However, just in case you’re worried about the comfort – you can add some pillows to feel comfortable and fluffy!

Swivel Wicker Chair

Oozing comfort and distinctness in design, this swivel wicker chair is perfect to achieve a warm and cozy atmosphere. It exhibits a touch of elegance and personality to the room while grabbing the attention of your guests and visitors!

And if you’re wondering, this chair plays seamlessly with rustic and bohemian interior design styles. Also, don’t hold back from using this incredible chair in your baby’s room because it exhibits a fun-loving and playful vibe!

Modern And Patterned Armchair

Amalgamating comfort, elegance, and originality – this fabric-tufted small chair plays a perfect soothing accent in your room. With its authentic Moroccan characteristics, it is bound to make you feel homely and cozy at all times.

The pattern is gorgeous and with neutral colors playing dominant, you can blend it with almost any and every interior design style! And a plus: you do not need to add any throw blanket or pillow since the design is already flaunting off the fabrics in the best possible way.

Simple And Rustic Chair

This type of chair is quite versatile as you can use it with different functions all year long. And not just indoors but it is also good to go for the outdoors as well. It would look flawless in the backyard and you can also plan to use it for your small kitchen table if you lack ample space.

To add vertical visual interest, try adding a couple of contrasting hues through your throw pillows!

Choose a Chair With Boho Style

Wouldn’t you want to place this chair in a corner of your house and enjoy the warmth of the sun? Well, this rattan chair is bound to add a touch of natural and organic vibes to your home! And especially if it’s a chic boho and farmhouse style – don’t hold back from choosing this chair.

Ensure to add a couple of macrame and faux pillows to create a flabbergasting experience. 

Go With a Sleek And Soft Chair

Faux upholstery is one of the best fabrics to create a warm, cozy, and comfortable backdrop. This style of chair is quite sophisticated – and moreover, it will bring a sense of perfection to your room. 

This accent chair juxtaposes sleek and soft design elements, featuring exposed black metal legs and topped with a texture-rich angora upholstered seat. In case your living room is too small, just bring in these two chairs for a refined look!


Decorating a small space can be quite challenging! However, you must note to never compromise with comfort and practicality when choosing small comfortable chairs for living rooms and bedrooms. You can still embrace immense coziness and luxe with even compact furniture!

So, now that we have discussed these 20 Comfortable Chairs For Small Spaces – are you enthralled to incorporate any? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!