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17 Best Farmhouse Dining Table Ideas

By: Don Pedro

Farmhouse-style dining tables are perfect for giving your dining area or dedicated dining room character and rustic charm. If you’re thinking about adding a farmhouse dining table to your home, there are a variety of options out there to meet your specific style preferences. 

We’ve narrowed down some of the best farmhouse dining table ideas to make your dining room feel complete.

Choose a Simple Dining Table To Fit With Your Existing Decor

Some want to incorporate a standout farm dining table, while others would prefer a more muted design. If you’re in the latter of the two categories, using a simple dining table might be the perfect option for you. 

This rustic farmhouse dining table features a single dark wooden color throughout, making it simpler than other bicolor designs. Due to this, it could work with a variety of different farmhouse aesthetics, including modern farmhouse style. 

Seat Plenty of Guests With an Expandable Farmhouse Dining Table

If you love to invite family and friends over, an expandable dining table might be the option for you. Expandable dining tables are designed to extend to the seating capacity you need, so it’s very versatile. This dining table in particular can seat between ten and sixteen guests, which is perfect for larger gatherings.

Aesthetically speaking, this handcrafted table incorporates spool legs, which is perfect for adding a vintage flair to your existing farmhouse design. It also adds more vintage through its antique-looking finish.

Add in Some Neutral Tones With a Gray Farmhouse Table

Since farmhouse designs usually have a more neutral color palette, many will choose the paint color or decor based on this. However, you can also add in some neutral tones depending on your dining table choice. There are a variety of colors to choose from, such as white or black.

Sometimes this can provide too stark a contrast, though, especially if you have a white table in a darker room. For a more muted contrast, you can use a gray farmhouse table instead. 

Use a Dining Table With Drawers for Some Extra Storage Space

Many choose to put their dining essentials in the kitchen, but many dining tables have drawers for extra storage space. You can put silverware, napkins, and more in them for a convenient storage solution, so you can set the table immediately rather than having to go to the kitchen.

This farm-style dining room table in particular uses dark and light-toned wood, adding some extra contrast. It also has a distressed finish for some rustic flair.

Choose a Rustic Dining Table With Leaf To Fit Your Dining Area Into Small Spaces

If you have a small space like an apartment, you may not have enough room for a dedicated dining area. Thankfully, country-style dining tables with leaves exist. They’re designed to be foldable on the sides, so once you’re done with it, you can easily tuck it out of the way. 

This solid wood farm table can seat up to four people and has a simple yet elegant design. The base of it includes intricate scroll detailing that can add a vintage flair to any farmhouse-style room.

Choose a Weathered Finish for Some Rustic Flair

One of the keys to achieving farmhouse style is adding some rustic flair to your space. An easy way to do this without making your dining area too vintage-looking is to add a weathered-looking dining table. 

This dining table in particular is simple, allowing it to fit in a variety of different farmhouse variants and color palettes. You could use it to add contrast to a light-colored dining room, or it could fit seamlessly into a dark-colored room. 

Choose a Dining Furniture Set for a Cohesive Look

Usually when you have to buy a dining table, you have to figure out the chairs or benches that go with it separately. Finding matching chairs that fit perfectly with the dining table can be difficult at times, especially if you’re ordering it online. Furniture sets take out much of the guesswork for your farmhouse-style dining room, allowing you to incorporate already cohesive furniture into it.

This farmhouse dining table and chairs set in particular uses a clean white color palette, which is perfect for incorporating into a lighter-colored room. 

Use an Antique White Table for a Classic Flair

Antique white tables are a popular choice for many farmhouse dining rooms since they add a classic touch. This table in particular has a unique two-tone look, which would look great with matching two-tone chairs especially. 

The table also adds some carved detailing on the side and the base, making it stand out more than a standard dining table.

Use a Glass Top Table for a Modern Farmhouse Style

Many modern interior designs incorporate glass or metal and sometimes add wood for a unique, mixed material look. 

This table embodies that concept, looking both simple and very modern. If you add it into a farmhouse dining room, it can easily make it feel more updated than a traditional-looking farmhouse-style room. 

Use a Reclaimed Wood Farmhouse Table for a More Eco-Friendly Design

Reclaimed wood takes old wood that would otherwise go to waste and gives it a second lease on life. It’s a popular choice for a variety of furniture items, including dining tables. It’s not only more eco-friendly, but it’s also distinctive and can add a vintage flair to your space. 

This dining table also has a unique carved base, which can make your farmhouse-style dining room more unique and elegant without standing out too much.

Fit Your Dining Table Into a Corner With a Nook Dining Set

Many dining rooms have a large table right in the center, but for some spaces, this isn’t ideal. If you don’t have a lot of space in your dining room but have a corner free, you may want to use a nook dining set. 

This farmhouse dining room set incorporates neutral tones on both the table and benches, which is perfect for a farmhouse-style dining room. It’s perfect for a more muted dining room or fitting in seamlessly with your existing decor.

Go For a Modern Farmhouse Style With a Stainless Steel Table

Metal is commonly found in modern farmhouse designs, especially silver colors, which match well with wood. This table can be used to tie a modern farmhouse space together, especially one that has disparate metal and wooden elements since it incorporates both into its design.

It would especially work well in dining rooms that use a lot of gray tones, due to the stainless steel tabletop. 

Use a Light-Colored Dining Table for a Coastal Farmhouse Aesthetic

Coastal farmhouse style adds a beachy flair to more traditional farmhouse styles. It usually uses a light neutral color palette with some splashes of blue. If you’re looking to achieve a coastal farmhouse aesthetic in your dining room, a light-colored dining table would work perfectly for this. 

This dining table is two-toned for some slight contrast but still would fit well in lighter colored spaces. It’s perfect for adding an elegant touch without going overboard on your dining room decor. 

Incorporate an X-Pedestal Table for a Unique Modern Touch

While many farmhouse styles can lean more vintage, more and more farmhouse styles incorporate modern elements as well. Adding a modern farmhouse table to your existing dining room decor can make it feel more updated.

This table has a unique pedestal base made using overlapping metal Xs. The wood and metal add some contrast, and the clean line structure looks very modern, perfect for a modern farmhouse style. 

Add in a Mixed Material Table for a Unique Dining Room

If you’d like to add a unique flair to your farmhouse decor without making it feel too gaudy, you may want to incorporate mixed material elements. Rather than having a single wood color, this will use multiple materials that go well together in terms of both color and texture.

This farmhouse dining table in particular uses both concrete and wood. The lighter-colored concrete contrasts well with the slightly darker wood color, making it feel very modern while still retaining a certain rustic charm. 

Add a Splash of Color With a Teal-Legged Dining Table

Farmhouse designs typically incorporate plenty of neutral tones. If your current dining space is looking a little too plain, though, you may want to consider adding a splash of color with your dining table. Adding a colored dining table can also stand out as a statement piece to make your space feel complete.

This dining table features unique teal-colored legs, which contrast well with the dark wooden top. The wood grain also stands out quite prominently, adding visual texture.

Use a Chain Link Support Table for an Industrial Farmhouse Style

Industrial farmhouse style isn’t super common, making it a rather unique style variant. Usually, this will include some antique elements, including antique brass. It also tends to include mixed materials in a dark color, such as a table made of wood and metal.

This dining table fits the industrial farmhouse aesthetic perfectly. It combines the dark color palette and mixed materials along with some supports that look similar to chains. This gives it a unique look without taking away from your existing decor.

Final Thoughts…

There are plenty of different farmhouse-style tables out there, from modern to rustic-looking tables. You can incorporate these into your dining room whether you prefer the popular modern farmhouse style or the more niche industrial farmhouse style, or any other variant. Adding a dining table is not only practical, but it can tie your dining space together.

Hopefully this guide gave you a place to get started decorating the farmhouse dining room of your dreams.