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Best Flooring for Bedroom

By: Allan Bryce
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The flooring in your bedroom is that surface where you step after waking up from your bed. Hence, the feeling, the texture, even the appearance of it should make you relax.

The flooring choice for your bedroom is gonna deal with not only physical touch but also a psychological effect on how the flooring could affect your feeling once you see it or step on it.

Therefore, it is very necessary for you to measure this and that about your bedroom.

Things to Consider When Choosing Your Bedroom Flooring

A bedroom has actually light traffic because it’s usually quite private. Therefore, some floorings suit a bedroom because less traffic could also mean less trouble.

However, the most important thing about choosing your bedroom flooring is comfortability and maintenance.

As long as you are comfortable having that flooring in the bedroom and you are committed to keeping well maintenance on it, that’s fine.

Now, here are some points you need to know to help you measure which flooring option is the best for your bedroom.

  • Durability. Understand that your house is permanent and so is your room, you don’t want to replace your flooring, again and again, right? Having the most durable flooring option in your bedroom is not only gonna make you comfortable, but it saves money. Anyway, it’s tiring to do room decor all over again, don’t you think?
  • Comfort. A bedroom is a place to relax and get some rest. You want it to be as comfortable as possible.
  • Maintenance. Just because you like one flooring type, it doesn’t mean you can just take it. Consider whether or not you are capable of keeping it very well maintained in your bedroom.
  • Water-resistant. This one is not necessarily essential. But at least you want a water-resistant flooring just in case something happens. It doesn’t have to be waterproof, water-resistant is enough to be in a bedroom.

Best Flooring Options for Bedroom

Looking at the characteristic of a bedroom where it has less traffic, it seems like there are many kinds of flooring suit the bedroom.

But we provide you below, the best flooring options for the bedroom.

1. Carpet

Carpet Flooring For Bedroom

Usually, people like to have their private time in their bedroom. Therefore, you’re gonna need a very comfy and warm flooring for that. Those are the points that carpet flooring offers.

Carpet has that warmth you would love to have under your barefoot in your bedroom.

Plus, the carpet could dampen the noise or sound from outside which allows you to have your private time in peace.

The good news about carpet flooring is also in its cost. Carpet flooring is very economical that you can find it at $2 or $3 per square foot.

By installing carpet flooring, you’re gonna have the softest flooring, ever! That allows you to have fewer accidents or broken things in your room.

But you need to know that carpet flooring is kinda hard to clean. You nail it or glue it on the floor, so vacuuming is the most possible way to clean it.

Meanwhile, your carpet could stain due to some liquid spill, for instance. Some liquid even could make your carpet stinks, including your sweat.

The last thing, it is very much possible for carpet flooring to trap allergen. Microorganisms that potentially can cause disease or allergic can grow in your carpet flooring. Make sure to do cleaning regularly.

2. Vinyl

Vinyl Bedroom Flooring


Vinyl is identically installed in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room. But the improvement of vinyl that it appears in LVT and LVP, vinyl suits just fine in the bedroom.

What people love about vinyl is that it is very durable because it is made of synthetic elements. The surface of vinyl feels quite hard, but the development of the manufactures produced those with soft ones.

The visual attraction of vinyl flooring is gorgeous because it is a printed photograph with various colors and patterns.

That would make you feel comfortable seeing your room and the design of vinyl flooring could complement the style of your bedroom as well.

Vinyl also has its number one strength which is waterproof. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to water spills in your vinyl bedroom floor.

The installation of vinyl flooring is also quite easy. You can do DIY room decor in your bedroom and do the flooring by yourself as well.

Notice that vinyl is waterproof, the maintenance is also very easy. You can do sweeping, vacuuming, or damp mopping.

However, what usually makes people think twice in choosing vinyl is its constructed elements.

Vinyl is constructed with synthetic elements that make it not so eco-friendly. By that, vinyl is not recyclable once it’s worn out.

3. Rugs

Rug Flooring For Bedroom

Looks and feels similar to carpet flooring, rugs flooring is the type you find in hotels very often. The characterization is almost the same as carpeting, only rugs flooring is tighter in its surface.

It still feels soft when we step on it, but it also has that tightly-placed little furs which make it warm.

Installing this in your bedroom offers you a comfortable touch with limitless designs and colors. Being installed in many big hotels, there are many designs of rugs flooring you can choose or custom.

Like carpet, rugs have weaknesses. It is so not water-resistant. It could be wet and stain. But, it is easier to dry and the water is easier to absorb.

Therefore, it is recommended to install rugs flooring above other waterproof flooring types.

4. Rubber

Rubber Flooring For Kids Bedroom

Who doesn’t love this elastic and soft type of flooring? Rubber flooring is identically used in a gym or children’s room. Installing this type of flooring in a bedroom is also a good idea!

The children’s room, moreover, is very suitable for rubber flooring. Its cushiony surface provides more safety to the children because it is not hard and protect the children from hard crash or hard falling.

But it’s also okay to install rubber flooring in an adult bedroom. The color and design from rubber flooring are various and it comes in a roll.

Therefore, it is very attractive and easy to install. Some of it comes in planks, but it has that click-and-lock edge which makes it easier to install.

In that regard, rubber is also very easy to clean. Since it doesn’t require nailing or gluing in most cases, you can just take it off of the floor and wash it then dry it.

After that, you can install that again on your bedroom floor. Therefore, it is a very durable flooring type.

However, though, rubber flooring does get a stain and sometimes cleaning doesn’t affect the faded color as well.

5. Solid Hardwood

Industrial Bedroom Decor Ideas 24

Now you’re reading the most famous type of flooring ever. Solid hardwood is a good idea for your bedroom.

It has that natural look which adds the aesthetic value to your room. It affects your visual to relax as well.

Hardwood flooring also feels softer than stones or tiles so it feels good and warm on your feet.

Also, solid hardwood doesn’t trap allergens. You can wipe any dirt and dust which can keep allergens away.

I think we all know that solid hardwood is a natural byproduct. That means we can recycle the wood after it’s worn out. It doesn’t harm the environment for the installation.

Furthermore, solid hardwood is very durable if you keep very good maintenance on it.

Speaking of which, its maintenance is a little bit tricky. It is not waterproof so you have to wipe any water spill right away.

Eventually, when there is a damage on your floor, you have to reseal or refinish it periodically. The good news is, you can do that forever and your bedroom floor is gonna look shiny and new.

Last but not least, the cost of solid hardwood is kinda high. It could be up to $25 per square foot and you must be ready for the maintenance.

6. Laminate

Mid Century Modern Bedroom Design 5

Laminate flooring is actually an alternative to hardwood flooring. This one is plastic and it has that plywood as the plank base.

What’s good about installing laminate flooring in your bedroom is that this comes in many attractive designs.

So you can mix and match the color of this flooring to your bedroom wall, accessories, or furniture.

In doing that, you might not need any professional assistance, people in the house should be able to work together and install it. Laminate flooring is easy to install with its clock-and-lock design, that’s why.

For the budgeting, you should be happy that laminate flooring is one of the most affordable ones! This could be just less than 3$ per square foot. Meanwhile, pro installation costs 8$ at most, which you rarely need anyway.

For your consideration in laminate flooring, it has a very hard surface and easy to scratch as well. If you have some sharp elements on the floor, then be very careful to avoid any accidents that could ruin your bedroom floor.

Laminate also feels cold when it’s cold, it’s better for you to have a warm underlayment before the installation.

Finally, laminate flooring is hard to repair. In most cases, people replace the entire flooring in a room because it usually needs to be replaced entirely. But if you can keep good maintenance, it won’t happen.

7. Cork

Cork Flooring For Bedroom

This is my favorite natural flooring, cork. Cork flooring suits your bedroom, for sure. It has that soft texture under your barefoot, mask you comfortable standing, sitting, or laying down on the floor. It has that warm feeling as well because it is a natural element in most construction.

What’s good in that is also it absorbs voice due to its airstream and air bubble within its layer. Besides, of course, it’s eco-friendly in the making and after it’s worn out.

Another plus point of cork flooring is that it is anti-microbial flooring which doesn’t trap any allergens and most of the micro bacteria on your floor. Having a clean floor in a bedroom is all you want, right?

Moreover, cork flooring can withstand damp mopping which makes you clean the floor easier. It is not waterproof indeed, but it’s water-resistant. That’s enough to be in a bedroom, I suppose.

Although cork flooring is natural, it involved resins for its wear layer. That is a chemical substance that makes it harder to recycle than hardwood. But still, it’s more eco-friendly than most flooring types.

Cork flooring also gets scratched easily; therefore watch out any sharp elements or pets if you have one.

With good maintenance, the cork could stand up to more than 20 years. But mostly, people do replace cork periodically because you don’t have a limitless resealing choice.

8. Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Installing Ceramic Tile Flooring

Ceramic or porcelain tile flooring might sound too cold to be a flooring choice in a bedroom. However, if you see Mediterranian style, for example, ceramic tile suits that style very much.

We can see in some Asian countries as well, they install ceramic in their entire house including their bedroom/ However, some adjustment is also there to suit each person’s preference.

Well, ceramic tile is indeed cold, and it feels very hard in your barefoot. However, carpet and rug are some ideas that people usually use in their bedroom to get some warmth.

It doesn’t necessarily being installed all over the floor, just in some common spots.

Also, it is very easy to clean, anyway. It withstands damp to heavy mopping, and it doesn’t get damaged by a flood.

This makes your bedroom has one of the most durable flooring types, ever! Just make sure to install it in a very balanced and even surface, so it doesn’t crack.

Which One Is The Best for Bedroom?

Again, people have their preferences in styling their bedroom floor. Different condition of each house also affects people’s decision in choosing which flooring option suits their bedroom best.

What’s important is that you have to consider your comfort and make sure that you can take very good maintenance of the flooring.

If you are comfortable with the flooring option, you can handle the maintenance, and it’s durable, I think you have found your choice.

Because if you like it but later on you can’t handle the maintenance, like periodic refinishing, for instance, you’re gonna have a messy flooring or you’re gonna have to replace it.