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15 Best Navy Blue and White Rugs

By: Nishtha Sadana

A combination of blue and white is undeniably crush-worthy, and if you’re reading this post, you probably too are. It is definite that this color combination will never go out of fashion. Well, it will always play classic, timeless, and absolutely soothing! 

Whether you want to incorporate a cool and calm beachy vibe or classic Coastal or Caribbean style – this navy blue and white area rug will never disappoint you. So, let’s have a look at the best ones for your home!

World Map Blue Rug

Precisely displaying the graphical representation of the world map, this navy blue and white area rug will add a dimension to your living rooms as well as dining spaces. They can be very well complemented with materials such as glass and stainless steel metal.

Furthermore, this rug is machine washable and is a great recommendation for high-traffic areas. Also, if you have kids and pets at home – this area rug will help retain the unnecessary food spills and stains.

Blue Starfish and Stripes Area Rug

Introduce a sense of fun-loving and coastal vibe by placing this starfish navy blue and white rug that plays seamlessly with your coastal backdrops. Whether near or far away from the ocean, you will definitely feel beachy with this rug on board.

Moreover, it is pet-friendly, easy to clean, and can very effectively hide food stains and spills. To further enjoy the feeling of this rug, add likewise throw pillows and cushions!

Bold Georgia Rug

Simplicity is the best! And what better option than incorporating a bold navy blue and white area rug that is timeless and everlasting like this. This rug has a pile thickness of one-sixth of an inch – which makes a great durable rug. 

Apart from that, it is a great option for bold off-white, gray, and white linen upholstery. Although you can throw some splashes of blues on your artwork, pillows, and even curtains. 

Desert Ivory Blue Rug

Featuring a central diamond pattern surrounded by four corner triangles, the stunning hues of navy blue and ivory add a detailed dimension to the room. This geometric rug will possibly add highlights from Southwestern motifs and make your space want to feel enlightened and vintage-like.

The intricate details and patterns on this rug are something you must have an eye on! Moreover, it is machine washable and extremely easy to maintain and clean!

Navy Chevron Area Rug

If you want to create an illusion of a brighter and larger room, incorporate this area rug that highlights more whites than navy blues. The chevron pattern is bound to touch upon features like sophistication and elegance, hence, also adding depth and character to the room.

This high pile rug feels extremely soft and cozy underneath the feet. Although it also has a great Moroccan feel, it mustn’t be used in high-traffic areas.

Navy Blue and White Geometric Rug

This stunning navy blue and white rug is made from 100% recycled cotton. With a pile height of one-sixth of an inch, it is highly recommended for high traffic areas such as entryway halls, passageways, kitchens, and living or dining rooms.

The symmetrical stripes contradict each other in creating a playful and textural detail. You can quite likely use it with most of the interior design styles – hence, flexible too!

Blue Moroccan Tasseled Area Rug

This navy blue and white shag rug features intricate patterns and tasseled accents to offer a combination of both, coziness and softness in the room. Whether you have a Coastal, Modern Farmhouse, or a Casual Modern style – this white and navy rug will do wonders.

It is a wonderful choice in spaces you want to walk barefoot in – let’s say the bedrooms and living rooms. Made from durable synthetic fibers, you need not worry about the maintenance and cleanability as it’s quite a kid as well as a pet-friendly rug.

Hexagonal Blue and White Area Rug

Various hues of blue, teal, and cream layer on top of each other to create this rather interesting pattern – the hexagons. The abstract honeycomb pattern will pair beautifully with solid and bold hues on your couch upholstery and staggered play of color on the accessories.

Uplifting the aura of your room, this modern rug is bound to introduce a contemporary and Mid-Century edge to your existing decor.

Navy Trellis Area Rug

This vibrant and radiant trellis area rug will complement both your interior design schemes – traditional and modern. Not just restricted to navy blues and whites but even amalgamating the grays is quite an eye-catchy feature in this area rug.

This rug has a medium-sized pile to offer you the best of both worlds – soft texture, durability, and resistance against food spills and dust. And if you have a Mid-Century Modern backdrop – it is a plus point.

Delphina Navy Blue Rug

Taking inspiration from the art of woodblock printing, this traditional-style navy blue and white area rug has classic floral patterns and intricate details. With a slightly modern twist on the rug, you can absolutely incorporate it in most interior design styles. 

Ruggable rugs are machine washable, so you can use them in high-traffic areas such as the living rooms and hallways. They’re even good to go with kids and pets at home!

Blue Distressed Area Rug

Featuring a timeless design character, this distressed blue and white area rug will never go out of style. Whether it is the Modern Farmhouse style, Coastal, or Classic Traditional – this rug will never disappoint you!

Made with 100% polypropylene, it is great for high-traffic areas and homes with kids and pets. So, don’t hold back from using this elegant and sophisticated rug in your living room!

Cosima Blue and White Rug

Flaunting a playful combination of paisley, filigree, and polka dots – this timeless classical area rug is quite beautiful and unique. To add a sense of visual interest and dimension, this rug will play a major role in your living rooms and bedrooms.

Infuse likewise tones of blues, ivory, and teals on your decorative accessories, accent wall,  and upholstery to further enjoy the beautiful color combination. 

Sabrina Striped Area Rug

The organic and irregular line weights on this navy blue and white area rug will beautifully add contrast and depth to your rooms. Especially bestowing that bold character on the hardwood floors, you can pair it with off-white and beige bases and neutrals to streamline the palette.

Great application for indoor and outdoor use, it is also quite easy to maintain and clean. Furthermore, you are also bound to feel comfortable as it feels soft underneath the feet.

Vintage Eden Rug

This Persian-style area rug fuses Navy Blue and White to create a soothing effect for your bedrooms and living rooms. Ideally, this rug utterly proves timelessness and uniqueness from each and every dimension in the display!

The color contrasts and intricate patterns on this rug are quite flawless. Furthermore, it is durable and can also be used in high traffic areas – thus, definitely a great investment in the long run.

Ashen Braided Blue Area Rug

Complementing your Bohemian, Contemporary, Modern, and Farmhouse interior design styles – this navy blue and white braided area rug has the solutions to them all. So, it is time that you elevate the experience of your room and live that organic vibe. 

The area rug has tasseled edges that add a striking element to the room. And the best part is, it’s quite easy to clean and maintain – so if you have pets at home, you needn’t worry!

Summing it Up..

Navy blue and white is a timeless and classic combination that you will never get bored of. Well, the color blue has a certain charm – after all, it is linked with tranquilizing and soothing vibes.

So, are you looking to incorporate a touch of blue and white in your home? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!