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10 Best Rugs For High Traffic Areas

By: Nishtha Sadana

What is the most important aspect when choosing a new area rug for your home? Well, there is definitely size, style, color, price, and texture – but apart from that, longevity and materials are something to look forward to.

And especially if you have kids and pets at home – you must carefully pick a rug that is easy to maintain and is also machine washable.

There are four best rug materials for high traffic areas – wool, natural fibers, cotton, and synthetic fibers. Not only will they offer great aesthetics but also provide resistance against dirt, stains, and even food spills. So, here is a list of the 10 best types of rugs for high traffic areas.

Natural Handspun Jute Rug

Natural fiber such as jute has the potential to elevate the ambiance of your room while offering greater texture and depth to the surface. Since they are renewable and biodegradable, in a way, choosing them for your home will also help the planet heal!

Because of its tough and hard-wearing characteristics, jute is a highly recommended material for high-traffic areas like your living rooms and dining rooms. Moreover, the versatile and timeless appeal of this rug will never go wrong with your style!

Black Hera Area Rug

Area rugs with darker colors can easily sustain the stains and dirt against the lighter-colored rugs. Hence, that makes a perfect reason why you should use darker-colored area rugs in the hallways and living rooms.

However, when choosing these best darker colored rugs – ensure that the color doesn’t fade away easily. Generally, wool, nylon, and propylene (synthetic fibers) are the best fade-resistant rug options in the case of stronger-hued rugs!

Kamran Royal Blue Rug

Quite vintage and antique-like, this Ruggable area rug offers tremendous advantages for your high traffic spaces. Mainly, they are low pile with a thickness of almost one-eight of an inch that is great to withstand high footfall and even pets shedding hair!

Since the low pile rugs are made from small loops that are not very plush – they can better offer features such as easier cleanability and maintenance. Also, a recommendation for people with allergies, the reason being a less fluffy surface!

Veronica Wool Braided Area Rug

Like a chunky knit sweater, this woolen and cotton area rug provides softness and subtleness to the underneath of your foot. Even though it appears quite warm and cozy – it also offers great advantages in the high traffic areas and proves to be one of the best durable rugs.

They are naturally water and stain resistant – so, in case you end up spilling some red wine, you need not worry about cleanability.

Black Seagrass with Border Area Rug

Made with 100% seagrass (natural fiber), this border area rug is typically more durable, tough, and textured as compared to a jute rug. They can be used in very high traffic areas such as entryways, living rooms, and kitchens.

Also, since it doesn’t compromise on aesthetics and comfort – you must feel delighted with such a beautiful rug like this. It feels soft and cozy to your feet while also adding to the sustainability aspects such as biodegradability and renewability. 

Cambria Patterned Ruby Rug

Introducing a sense of detail and culture into your space, this patterned rug helps sustain dirt and stains. With those detailed patterns and darker-hued backgrounds, it gets easier to place them in high-traffic areas without having to worry about maintenance and regular cleaning.

This Persian rug will add a touch of sophistication and elegance and it is washable too! Hence, whether as a kitchen runner or living room area rug – this particular piece will never disappoint you.

Moroccan Trellis Area Rug

Made from 100% polypropylene, this synthetic rug is timeless, beautiful, and quite versatile. Aligning with any and every interior design style – well, you can also use it with kids and pets at home. Don’t forget – this rug proves to be a great high-traffic runner in the case of hallways and kitchens as well.

Apart from that, it feels cozy and warm while making a perfect decor accessory in your Modern, Contemporary, and Scandinavian backdrops.

Braided Chindi Rug

A sustainable product of denim cotton and jute, this braided area rug is quite a recommendation for the high-traffic areas of your home. Typically, it is more tough and hard – and since the fluffiness and ‘shag’ feature is missing – the dirt doesn’t stick much.

The textured appearance will further contribute to the longevity of this area rug. And don’t worry about how it will feel underneath your foot as it will undeniably be soft and cozy.

Gray Herringbone Cotton Rug

This no-pile, hand-loomed, cotton fiber rug is bound to enhance the appearance of your room. With a chic herringbone pattern and a blend of hues dark and light – this rug proves absolute sophistication and elegance.

For all those who are allergic to wool, cotton is a great alternative for rugs. Even though the color might fade off in the long run – it will be quite durable and easy to take care of!

Nylon Navy Checkered Area Rug

One of the best rug materials for high traffic areas is synthetic nylon. It is quite durable and long-lasting, fade-resistant and stain-resistant. With a low pile height, it is difficult for the dirt and stain to stay for a longer time – hence, making it a great option for the hallways, kitchens, and living rooms.

So, if your kids tend to spill around food or your pets continually shed hair – you need not worry!

Summing It

When choosing the best type of rug for a high traffic area, ensure to avoid using shag, furry, and high pile rugs. Even though they are quite beautiful and cozy – they might end up collecting dirt when used in high-traffic areas. So, remember to choose darker tones, low pile rugs, with those above-mentioned recommended materials.

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