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8 Best Rug Pads for Tile Floors

By: Sara Čurić

Having tile flooring is great! Tiles look sleek and modern and are super easy to maintain. But they’re often cold. So you end up in need of a rug. And since rugs can be expensive, you want to make sure they don’t mold into the shape of your tiling.

Now that’s where rug pads come in. Rug pads are a great way to keep your rug in place, exactly where you want it to be, and ensure it stays in great condition. But what kind of rug pad should you get? Here are some of our favorite ones.

Look for a Rug Pad With a Good Grip

The most important thing when getting a rug pad for your tile flooring is a good grip. The best rug pad for tile floors is a rug pad that holds your rug well, without allowing it to move much since tiles are slippery by themselves.

This white rug pad has an amazing grip. You can cut it up and modify it to the size of your rug, which can come in handy when dealing with uniquely shaped rugs. And the fact that it’s reversible makes the setup process a lot easier. All in all, a super practical option!

Cushioned Rug Pads Feel Good

Are you struggling with a rug that doesn’t feel quite comfy for your feet, but looks simply amazing with your tiled floor? Perhaps the material’s too thin, or it just doesn’t feel right. In any case, a cushioned rug pad can easily fix this issue.

Cushioned rug pads are made to be comfortable and warm for your feet, all while not allowing your rug to slip away. They’re one of the best non slip rug pads for tile floors, securing a soft warm spot on a cold tile floor that you’re simply going to love.

Versatile Rug Pads Are the Way to Go

Rug pads are a great solution for rugs that won’t just stay in place. But when you live in a house you might need an outdoor solution, for doormats and such, because outdoor tiling, although gorgeous, can be especially slippery, especially with rain.

That’s why investing in versatile rug pads that can work well both inside and outside is the way to go. Since they’re made of PVC they’re super durable, so you won’t have to worry about your rugs or mats anytime soon!

There Are Pet-Friendly Rug Pad Options for Your Furry Friends

If you have a furry friend around, you probably noticed how much they love certain rugs and warm spaces. Especially if you have a lot of tile floors. And you probably also noticed how that rug just never manages to stay in its place.

Getting a pet-friendly rug pad can be a life-changer. Your pets won’t be able to push your area rugs around. And these types of rug pads are moisture-resistant – they prevent any pet accidents or spills from seeping through the rug, making your life a lot easier.

Felted Rug Pads Provide Extra Warmth

Let’s face it, tile flooring looks beautiful, but it’s often super cold. If you have a habit of walking around barefoot it can be quite unpleasant, But it doesn’t need to be. Adding an area rug is just the first step of making your gorgeous tiled floor warmer.

The second step is a rug pad. But not just any rug pad. These felted ones allow an extra layer of warmth, without lifting your carpet much. It’s a cheap yet fantastic improvement to your home!

Hard Surface Rug Pads Work Well With Tiles

One of the most inconvenient things that happen to rugs over time is that they mold into the shape of tiles. Especially if your rugs are thin. But there’s a solution to this annoying issue – a hard surface rug pad.

These rug pads are thin yet sturdy. They’re reversible, long-lasting, and especially work wonderfully with tiled flooring. If you were searching for a rug pad that can sustain those “high traffic” areas of your home, this one’s the winner!

Rug Grippers Are an Awesome Solution for Slippery Rugs

When you’re dealing with an already chunky rug, you often don’t want an additional rug pad that’s going to make it even bigger. Or if you have a huge rug, it’s not that easy to find good nonslip options. But that’s where rug grippers come to save the day.

Choosing a rug gripper for tile floors is one of the best options for big rugs whose edges keep lifting. You just have to tape them to the corners of your rug, and voila! It’s important to note that they won’t ruin your rugs or scratch up your tiles. A fantastic option!

Get An Ultra Secure Rug Pad for Super Slippery Rugs

Sometimes, when you have a certain type of tile flooring it’s hard to get a rug to just stick. Or maybe you have a rug that’s hard to manage. But don’t worry, there are specific rug pads that can help you out.

These ultra-secure rug pads will ensure that your rug stays in its place. They have a super strong grip that won’t damage your tiles in any way. It’s a great way to protect both the floor, the rug, while also preventing wrinkles.

In Conclusion

Rug pads are such a practical invention. Tiled floors can be difficult to deal with when it comes to placing a rug. And not to mention those rugs that just can’t seem to stop slipping. But rug pads are a gamechanger!

If you were unsure which rug pad fits your needs, we hope this list was helpful. We compiled some of the best rug pads we could find. But now it’s up to you to find your perfect rug pad. Happy shopping!