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Corner Kitchen Sink

By: Jennifer Bailey
Undermount White Corner Kitchen Sink Picture

Designing a corner kitchen sink is tricky, especially when it comes to the kitchen’s layout. It has to be designed aligning with the owners’ wishes.

Moreover, a corner kitchen sink also requires strategic placement.

There are a few steps to do in terms of installing a corner kitchen sink;

First, before buying, you must decide the type of the sink, since there are quite many models.

You can buy the type that suits your room. In the store, you are free to pick up any type, either the common one or the smart one.

The smart sink here such as a modern sink allowing the user to only give a light tap to let the water runs. Isn’t that awesome?

Second, align the sink with your desired kitchen countertop look. Do you want the sink to stand out?

Or do you want the guests to notice the countertop as soon as they enter the kitchen?

Well, either way, marble is a countertop material worth to try.

After choosing the material, picking up proper backsplash to suit the marble countertop is a must.

Here, mixing and matching is required. Let’s say the marble is grayish.

You need to consider white backsplash for a pure clean-cut theme or a deep black backsplash for a bold, daring monochrome theme.

Since the backsplash is now ready, it is time to list the needed appliances, such as fridges, stoves, and other necessities usually found in the kitchen.

In addition, you may decorate the area with some home-grown plants for a natural, green touch. Or, you may install more wooden racks for cutlery and other necessary tools.

Before talking about some kitchen styles, you need to remember that the kitchen you design has to give you satisfaction. It should be a place where you enjoy cooking and preparing meals.

The Perfect Corner Kitchen Sink Styles

Corner Kitchen Sink Design

The kitchen area should not be forgotten. It holds an important role in the house since it is where the meals are processed. That is why how it looks like becomes so crucial.

How to make it as eye-pleasing as possible?

Actually, there are some ways that can elevate the kitchen’s look. One of them is to install a corner kitchen sink.

Truth be told, having a corner kitchen sink brings many benefits; as a complimentary item for your kitchen area is one example.

Its presence might increase your cooking spirit too. Meal preparation couldn’t be easier!

Since the corner kitchen area is used very often, its position, design, and style have to be planned well.

A lot of people are facing problems when it comes to making sure that the kitchen layout provides sufficient space for a corner kitchen area.

That is why, before anything else, consider several things such as the corner kitchen sink’s shape and size.

Corner Kitchen Sink Decor

Even though the majority of people are fond of a corner kitchen sink, some might say differently.

That is because they couldn’t find the perfect design or layout for the sink. Here, we are going to show you how to make a corner kitchen sink elevates the kitchen’s overall look.

First of all, consider the space. A corner kitchen sink needs a sufficient area. Let’s say your kitchen space is a bit limited, perhaps you need to be even more creative to pull the corner sink look.

It is because a corner kitchen sink installment requires you to consider several aspects, such as whether the position will make the sink looks eye-pleasing as well as effective.

So, will a corner kitchen sink gives you advantages or disadvantages? Well, no worries, here are some recaps!

Pros and Cons of a Corner Kitchen Sink


Saving Flooring Area

Corner Kitchen Sink Christmast Design Image

These days, people are looking for a spacious kitchen area where more than one person can be in it. Installing a corner kitchen sink will give you more flooring area.

This way, you can cook together with somebody helping you.

So, the kitchen duties can be divided between two. Either one prepares food or another one washes dishes.

Extra Storage Space

Corner Kitchen Sinks With Staggering Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas For Fascinating Corner Kitchen Sinks

Another advantage to be cherished is the storage area.

Since it is located on the corner space, it provides you with more space for storing kitchen utensils and or for a plumbing business.

However, you need to be very careful when it comes to the material used for the countertop.

More Counter Area

Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink Modern Home Design Ideas Bathroom Storage Mirror

Having a corner kitchen sink means you will have an empty space at the back of the sink. There are many ideas that you can use to utilize this empty space.

You can be creative and transform the space into an additional spices or utensils spot by fixing additional open shelves there.

Another idea is to simply use the empty space for an extension of the counter.

Sometimes, you would probably have a family feast. The space can be used to place the meal ingredients as you prepare and cook them.

Eye-catching Look

Beautiful Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas Images

Some styles die with the change of the decade, yet a corner kitchen sink is timeless. It serves an astonishing look that doesn’t age with time. It stays up-to-date.

Other than its look that serves a lifetime, its functionality should be taken into account as well. This baby is not only pretty but also useful, making the kitchen an efficient spot.

Style Adaptability

Amazing Corner Kitchen Sink Image

After placing it effectively, the next step is to perfect the look. Like a blank canvas, you can style the sink as you’d like.

With style adaptability, a corner kitchen sink is able to look gorgeous with almost any design.


Sink Dimension

White Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas Image

Going with a corner kitchen sink means you have to reduce some dimension.

One of the disadvantages of having it is that it will be a bit difficult to wash certain types of cooking tools, such as frying pan or huge size pans.

Whereas a kitchen area should be as effective as possible, able to wash any kind of utensils without problems.

The Dishwasher Problems

Undermount Corner Kitchen Sink Jetted Tub Shower Combo Walk In Closet Furniture

Talking about a corner kitchen sink, it’s a bit tricky when it comes to using a dishwasher.

If the washer is fixed near to the edge of the sink, it will be an issue to unload grocery or unpack recipes while standing near the sink.

This problem can actually be solved by measuring the space correctly.

About 2 until 3 feet away from the edge of the sink, it will be appropriate to fix the dishwasher, leaving you an adequate room to move around.

Limited Breathing space

Undermount White Corner Kitchen Sink Picture

There might be a possibility that you would bump your cooking partner while cooking.

A corner kitchen sink may give you more kitchen counter area; however, it takes up some movement rooms.

Extra Cleansing

Shabby Chic Kitchen Sink

Since a corner kitchen sink leaves an empty area behind the sink, it requires you to put an extra effort cleaning it, making sure that part also spotless and mold-free. You might need to reach out further.

7 Corner Kitchen Sink Layout Ideas

Rustic Corner Kitchen Sink Image

Are you still doubting the idea of having a corner kitchen sink?

Well, one thing for sure, it is actually a brilliant idea to have a corner sink installed in your kitchen.

Since it is a corner, it’ll provide you more rooms for unpacking groceries and preparing meals.

To help you with the kitchen layout so that the corner sink will be perfect and well-measured, we have prepared 7 most popular suggestions.

Our list will definitely inspire you to find a suitable one!

French Country Style Corner Sink

Rustic Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas

The country French kitchen style lets you store the plates and bowls above the corner sink.

This way, after washing veggies, fruits, or cooking ingredients needed to be washed, it’s going to be easier to grab a plate or bowl.

Since it is a country-style, it utilizes natural brown wood color for cabinets.

Stainless-steel Corner Kitchen Sink

Corner Kitchen Sink Remodel Picture

The reason why a corner kitchen sink is timeless lays on its cut. If you look closer, it has a mesmerizing shape.

Its shape and style can go with almost any style. With stainless steel material, it suits a contemporary design.

The Double Corner Kitchen Sinks

Corner Kitchen Sink Image With Flower

This corner sink style is preferable for those kitchen areas with big areas. It includes mounting 2 tool sized sinks on both sides of the edge space.

To make sure that water could conveniently reach both sinks, setting up a tap that could be offered is not a poor suggestion.

The most effective aspect of this edge sink layout is that it produces an additional area in the edge due to the positioning of the tool sized.

The Wide Container Corner Sink Style

Granite Coated Kitchen Countertop With Corner Kitchen Sink Image

Hate to see a small, limited sink area?

Well, this washbasin suggestion shows how you can manipulate the sink area based on personal preference.

This wide container layout will give you as much space as you’ll need. Its rectangular shape has an adequate depth for washing comfort.

Copper Corner Kitchen Sink

Modern Clean Corner Kitchen Sink Ideas Image

Having a large kitchen area adjacent to the living area with huge windows?

Enjoy the view by positioning the corner sink the right way. As seen, while washing, you are able to watch your kids or else enjoy the view outside the windows.

To elevate the sink’s appearance, you may use copper as the corner kitchen sink’s based material. As a result, the kitchen looks cozy and relaxing.

The Deep Single Container Steel Sink

Corner Kitchen Sinks Inside Leading Corner Kitchen Sink Pictures

Craving a new design? Perhaps you can try this new, modern layout.

It positions the tap on the right side. It is practical because it is going to be a lot easier to reach the tap while using the sink with your right arm.

Moreover, this sink is well-equipped with a deep container. It is not located precisely on the edge of the counter.

Therefore, it is closer to the draining pipes, making cleaning easier.

Overall, this corner kitchen sink layout suggestion is practical and exhibit a dazzling look.

Granite Countertops Kitchen Sink

Granite Countertop With Corner Kitchen Sink Image

The material used for countertop determines the look of the entire design too. This one shows that the countertop is using granite.

The look of the granite is complemented by stainless-steel taps and pure, white double sinks, making the entire appearance looks wholesome.

Meanwhile, the empty area behind the sink can be used for anything you’d like, such as additional room for spices, utensils, or even plants.

Moreover, it is a better idea to have the sink close to the plates and bowls cabinet too.

Also, the empty room left unused can be allocated for an extension of the counter area, so you will have more space for cutting ingredients or preparing meals.

After going through our list of layout suggestions, advantages, and disadvantages of having a corner kitchen sink, we truly hope that you are now feeling inspired by one of the designs.

Final Thought

Corner Kitchen Sinks In Delightful Corner Kitchen Sink Design Ideas

A large space gives so many choices of layout; however, small kitchen space might be difficult.

A corner kitchen sink can be a solution. It enhances the look as well as making the space more effective without reducing your cooking performance.

Finally, despite the plus or the minus of having a corner kitchen sink, maximizing your small kitchen space with this type of sink is the best idea.

However, you need to make up your mind about the dishwasher position too. Don’t let the washer block your access to the sink. Let the sink shines and catches guests’ attention.