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13 Creative Alternatives to Shower Curtains

By: Shanze Ijaz

Traditional vinyl shower curtains are great – but they aren’t the only way to decorate your shower space or protect your bathroom from stray water droplets. 

So, if you’re searching for some interesting alternatives to shower curtains, look no further! Below is a list of incredible shower curtain alternative options that you can easily find at your favorite home store.

Are you ready to learn more? Let’s go!

Install a Clear Glass Door

If you’re a fan of clean-cut lines and practical products, then go for a plain glass door. Glass doors help keep all the water in. hence saving your precious wooden bathroom floor from garnering water damage. 

Furthermore, their sleek, classy look makes them perfect for contemporary bathrooms. 

Redecorate with Glass Panel Decals

If you’d like to add a dramatic flair to your glass panel, consider coating it with stick-on decals! The decal pictured above resembles Italian stained glass. Its vibrant, colorful design will help uplift even the dullest of bathrooms. 

Opt for a Bold Beaded Curtain

If you love texture, go for a bright, bold, beaded curtain! Plastic beads fare well against water, so you don’t need to worry about accidentally damaging your new curtain while splashing around. 

Beaded curtains also make a pretty sound when you walk through them. The beads also collide with one another to create an exciting ripple pattern that’s fun to watch.

Revamp with Reed Blinds

Reed blinds fit extremely well within the vintage farmhouse aesthetic. Thanks to their organic reed construct, they serve as an effective barrier against large splashes of water. 

They can thus help with keeping your bathroom safe against stray water droplets that may escape your shower area.

Install a Colorful Woven Panel

If you’re a fan of bright, bold colors and textured products, this woven curtain’s perfect for you! Its lightweight feel and unique weave pattern make it perfect for bohemian or farmhouse-style bathrooms.

However, it won’t offer much coverage when you’re showering. There’s a high chance of water splashes escaping into the rest of your bathroom. 

Go Simple with a Plain White Macramé Panel

This macrame panel has a lovely bohemian vibe to it. Thanks to their woven, organic texture, macrame curtains are a perfect match for farmhouse-style bathrooms. This panel is also perfect for people who prefer texture over prints and adore simpler designs over flashy ones.  

Repurpose a Solid Linen Curtain

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Linen is made from natural fibers, which is why it fairs well against light splashes of water. So, why not put those old linen curtains to good use? Go ahead and install them in your bathroom as an unconventional and innovative shower curtain replacement! 

Or Tie In Some Sheer Linen Curtains, Instead!

If you’d like to add a decorative flair to your otherwise plain linen curtains, here’s an idea! Why not invest in a new sheer linen curtain that’s complete with adorable linen bows?

As pictured above, you can attach the curtain to the railing yourself by tying it on with handmade bows. 

String Vines Along the Railing

If you’re looking for a farmhouse-style curtain replacement, you should definitely consider these vines.

Plastic vines can easily repel water and serve as an excellent alternative for regular shower curtains. All you need to do is bunch a dozen vines together and string them along the curtain’s empty railing. Then, voila! You’re ready to go! 

Install Vines with Fairy lights

If you’re keen on employing plastic vines but would appreciate an added decorative flair, consider installing these fairy-light-intertwined ones instead. 

Try installing them at least half a foot away from the shower tub – large water splashes can damage the lights! However, these should fare well against the odd light splash or two, so don’t worry about that. 

Put Up an Organic Bamboo Divider

If you’re considering organic materials, why not opt for this natural bamboo divider? It provides maximum coverage, unlike clear glass panels, and has a great look that’ll compliment farmhouse-style bathrooms, too!

Go Natural with a Wood Divider

If bamboo dividers aren’t your style, don’t worry! There’s plenty of other options out there, like this oakwood divider. Its dark, rich timbre offers a unique look – this divider will look excellent in farmhouse-style bathrooms that prefer organic textures. 

Install a Half-Screen Glass Partition

Half screens are great because you don’t need to slide them open when entering or leaving the shower. 

As a result, they make minimal contact with your hands and do a great job at staying clean for long periods of time. Half screens have a sleek and elegant look and would fit nicely within a modern-style bathroom.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve gone over this brilliant list of alternatives, you can easily shower without a curtain!

If your shower area contains raised edges or a bathtub, don’t worry about investing in a heavy curtain with impressive coverage. Instead, you can opt for something fun, like a set of plastic vines. 

However, if your shower spray often throws water outside the shower area, you’ll need a screen or linen curtain instead!