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14 Creative Closet Door Decorating Ideas

By: Sara Shores

Closets are an essential part of every house, but it can often be difficult to know how to decorate them. In some rooms, an undecorated closet can stick out in a bad way. Thankfully, the blank space is perfect for decorating, whether you have standard or sliding closet doors. 

There are plenty of closet decor options out there so you can make your closet stylish and fit with your existing decor. If you need a place to start, though, here are 14 closet door decorating ideas for you.

Add Simple Elegance With a Full-Length Wall Mirror

Mirrors are an elegant addition to any room. They can spread natural light and make your space feel more open. Some closet doors come with built-in mirrors, but you can easily recreate the look with a full-length wall mirror. It works especially well with either a single closet door or with double closet doors if you add two mirrors. 

This mirror in particular is simple yet elegant with its wooden nickel-finish frame. It would work well with a minimalistic room thanks to its simple design, or a modern room due to its metallic look.  

Organize Your Space With an Over the Door Organizer

Over the door organizers are great for accessing essentials, including belts and more. They’re especially great for closets, and add another storage component without having to put everything inside. 

You can even use the organizer to add an aesthetic element to your space, such as adding multicolored scarves for a splash of color. 

Show Off Your Favorite Art With a Poster

If you’d rather not wallpaper your entire closet, you can still add some flat-laying decor through a poster. It’s a perfect way to show off your favorite works of art, and is suitable for virtually any closet door.

This poster in particular was designed by an independent artist, and depicts a realistic landscape with plenty of florals. It would be perfect for adding a finishing touch to a minimalistic space.

Add a Touch of Luxury to Your Closet With Golden Wallpaper

If you’re wondering how to decorate a sliding closet, one easy way is to decorate it with wallpaper. It comes in a variety of designs for every aesthetic you can think of and makes your closet look distinctive. 

This wallpaper in particular has a relatively simple design but looks luxurious thanks to the golden color palette. It’s also designed by an independent artist and it’s easy to apply thanks to the adhesive backing. If you decide to change the room’s aesthetic, you can easily take it off and apply new wallpaper.  

Make Your Closet Practical With a To-Do List Whiteboard

If you’re looking to get organized, a to-do list whiteboard can help you do that with style. You can easily write tasks on it, erase them, and do it all over again. Closets are a great place to put to-do list whiteboards, especially if you use them frequently. Every time you’re near the door, you’ll remember essential tasks that need to get done. 

This whiteboard comes with a white wooden frame with a weathered look. It would be right at home in a rustic or farmhouse-style room.

Add a Modern Touch With Stylish Moon Wallpaper

Sliding closet doors can be difficult to decorate at times, since hanging decor often isn’t suitable for them. Among the many different wallpaper options are ones perfect for modern spaces.

This unique wallpaper design features clean geometry and a moon pattern, adding plenty of visual interest to your closet door. If you were looking for modern closet door ideas, this is certainly a great one among them. 

Use Butterfly Decor for a Colorful Flair

Many rooms could do with a splash of color. It can make an otherwise dull space stand out and feel complete. Using butterfly decor, you can add some much-needed color to a space as well as a natural touch.

These realistic-looking butterflies are colorful and versatile, as they can be hung in any arrangement you choose. You can line them up for symmetry, or go for an asymmetrical look by putting them in a random pattern. 

Create an Artsy-Looking Closet With Watercolor Dot Decor

Paintings on the walls aren’t the only way to create an artsy look. You can easily add an artistic style to any room with watercolor dot decor. It’s easy to stick and arrange. You can put it in a variety of different patterns, whether you want them perfectly aligned or spontaneously placed. 

These watercolor dot decals are perfect for any closet door since they’re flat. Whether you have a sliding door, single closet door, or some double closet doors, you can decorate your closet with ease.

Add a Simple Artsy Touch With Hanging Crochet Squares

If you’d like to add a unique twist to your closet door decor, these hanging crochet squares are perfect for that purpose. The color palette would work well for adding a southwestern flair to your room, and multiple squares can be hung on the door for extra design versatility. 

Since each square is crocheted, it can also add some much-needed texture to your home decor. 

Create a Symmetrical Look With Floral Carved Wall Decor

When you have double closet doors, you might want to create a symmetrical look with them. If you aren’t sure where to start, though, some wall decor comes in sets of two, which is perfect for symmetry.

The floral design of this wall decor is perfect for adding a natural touch to your space. It would work especially well in rustic rooms thanks to the distressed look. You can also paint your closet doors a dark color such as black for some dramatic contrast.

Experience the Beauty of Wreaths Indoors With a Closet Wreath

Wreaths are usually hung outside, including seasonal wreaths and ones that are hung year-round. But whether you don’t like outdoor wreaths or you’d like to add another one to your home, a closet-hanging wreath is perfect for experiencing their beauty indoors. 

This wreath features an elegant design with a burlap bow, cream-colored flowers, and white berries. It’s perfect for classical-style rooms or for simply adding a natural touch.

Go With Acrylic Bursts for a Unique Touch

Sometimes when it comes to closet door decor, the standard options aren’t good enough. If you’d like your closet to stand out, adding some acrylic bursts can add cheer and a much-needed accent. 

These bursts come in a set of three, so you can arrange them in any way you’d like. In addition, the silver color is versatile and can match with virtually any color palette. 

Use Wooden Wall Art for a Rustic-Looking Closet

Rustic style rooms should have a rustic-looking closet to fit in seamlessly with the decor. Thankfully, there are many rustic decor options for closets. Included among them is this wooden wall art. 

It has a standout chevron design featuring multiple colors, though the neutral tones can match with virtually any rustic room. 

Make Your Closet Look Like a Bookshelf With a Bookshelf Decal

Hidden bookshelf doors aren’t super common, but they can be a great way to make your closet blend in, especially if it’s in a somewhat awkward position in your home. 

If you can’t or don’t want to install a bookshelf closet door, however, you can easily recreate the look with a bookshelf decal. If your closet has a handle, it’s still visible for easy access. This would also work well for sliding closets, allowing the closet to blend in even more. It also has aesthetic appeal and would work well in classical-style rooms. 

Final Thoughts…

From gorgeous wallpaper designs to practical organizers, there are a variety of closet decor choices. They can fit with a variety of different aesthetics as well, whether you’re looking for a luxury style or a modern closet. 

No matter what closet type you have, there are plenty of ways to make it stylish. Hopefully this list gave you a place to start so you can finally get the decorative closet door of your dreams.