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15 Creative Narrow Bathroom Ideas

By: Shanze Ijaz

Not all bathrooms were created equal. For example, bathrooms with ample floor space are often significantly easier to revamp than ones with small, awkward dimensions. 

However, just because you’ve found yourself tasked with the duty of redecorating a narrow bathroom doesn’t mean that you should give up on trying to enhance its aesthetic beauty! 

Below is a collection of exciting narrow bathroom ideas for you to seek inspiration from: 

All-White Everything

The color white symbolizes tranquility and abundance. When employed within interior spaces – bathrooms included – this charming color can help make the area appear larger than it really is. 

White walls, for example, are a popular way of “expanding” indoor spaces that would otherwise feel claustrophobic. White furniture, tiles, lights bear the same effect. 

On that note, try installing white elements within your long skinny bathroom to help it look bigger and better! 

Combine Sink with Dresser 

Installing a sink that doubles as a dresser is a fantastic way to maximize your tight bathroom’s functionality without needing to create extra space for an individual sink and individual dresser. 

Long, narrow bathrooms are seldom capable of accommodating large pieces of furniture, so unless you’ve managed to find an especially slim dresser, it’s best to merge your storage with the sink instead. 

Install a Tall Floor Rack

Tall floor racks are an excellent storage option for long, narrow bathrooms because of their ability to easily fit into a cozy nook while providing plenty of vertical space for storing your bathroom essentials. 

In other words, it’s better to opt for a tall rack with ample vertical storage space as opposed to a wide, bulky option that demands more floor space than can’t be afforded by a narrow bathroom. 

Introduce Texture with a Long Runner Carpet 

Long runner carpets are an excellent way to decorate an otherwise bland floor. Thanks to their unique, slender shape, such carpets will have no trouble adjusting to a long and narrow bathroom layout.  

Just make sure you keep them away from the shower area, though – carpets don’t do well when mixed with stray splashes of water! Instead, they work best when layered over the floor underneath your bathroom’s dresser or any other dry space within the area. 

Install Bold, Colorful Tiles 

Plain-looking, monochrome bathroom floors often come across as lackluster and dreary. So, why not liven things up with some bright and bold tiles? 

A small, long bathroom can’t afford to incorporate heavily ornate decorative elements, which is why opting for bold, patterned tiles is such a great option; such tiles don’t demand any extra space and can easily uplift the dull aesthetic of even the narrowest of bathrooms!  

Opt for a Long, Narrow Vanity 

There’s no better match for a long, narrow bathroom than a long, narrow vanity! Thanks to their identical traits, the vanity will perfectly complement your bathroom’s layout.  

Opting for a white option, like the one pictured above, can help make your bathroom appear bigger than it really is, making it an ideal choice for bathrooms with limited space. 

Use Floor Mirrors to Create the Illusion of an Elongated Bathroom

Mirrors are an excellent space enhancement tool; mounting a tall floor mirror in front of your long, narrow bathroom’s most compact end wall can help create the illusion of an elongated room with added depth.

Moreover, mirrors also add to the area’s aesthetic. So, for example, if your bathroom enjoys a contemporary theme, opt for a clean-cut mirror with minimalist borders, like the one pictured above!

Install Multiple Small Mirrors for a Depth Effect 

If you’re not keen on installing a single tall mirror to “add” depth to your bathroom, you can always opt for a set of smaller ones instead. One of the benefits of employing multiple smaller mirrors is that they can easily be arranged in any manner and mounted upon the wall.

So, if your tiny, narrow bathroom doesn’t have enough space for a tall mirror, feel free to switch it out for a set of more compact ones. 

Add a Pop of Color with a Pigmented Vanity 

Small, narrow bathrooms generally end up looking stuffy if they’re filled with overwhelming amounts of color. However, a plain-looking, monochrome bathroom can come across as dull and dreary, especially if you aren’t careful with the color scheme and textures. 

A great way to strike a balance between both extremes is by installing a bright-colored vanity within an otherwise neutral-colored bathroom. A good styling top is to add towels with a contrasting accent for a fun, electric vibe! 

Liven It Up with Bright, Patterned Shower Curtains

If a colorful vanity doesn’t align with your style, why not opt for a colorful shower curtain instead?

Small, narrow bathrooms aren’t suited to rich wallpapers or large, gaudy sinks. As a result, you’re left with very few ways to introduce a lively vibe to your bathroom space. 

Luckily, with a graceful, multi-colored shower curtain (like the one pictured above!), you won’t ever have to worry about your bathroom falling prey to a mind-numbing dull aesthetic. 

Avoid Flat, Repetitive Surfaces 

In addition to trying out new colors, the key to achieving variety is by introducing new textures into an interior space that is overwhelmed by mundane, flat surfaces. 

So, if you’re looking to enhance your bathroom’s current style, start by finding interior products with exciting new textures, like this hand-carved vanity! 

Maximize Storage Space with Over-the-Toilet Cabinets 

Bathrooms are prone to clutter – luckily, you can avoid this by installing an eye-catching over-the-toilet storage cabinet within your long, narrow bathroom. 

These cabinets don’t require any extra floor space and can easily be mounted onto your bathroom’s wall. This makes them an excellent option for narrow bathrooms that can’t afford to contain mammoth storage racks or bulky dressers.  

Reduce Clutter a Wall-Mounted Soap Dispenser  

Another great way to steer clear of clutter is by installing a wall-mounted soap dispenser near your sink. 

As a result of your small, narrow bathroom, you’re likely to have already compromised on the space around your sink, choosing to settle for a tiny counter. To help ensure your soap has a safe place to go, consider installing a pretty soap dispenser (or even a wall-mounted soap tray)! 

Save Space with Over-the-Door Towel Racks 

If your long, narrow bathroom doesn’t afford you enough space to install a wall-mounted towel rack, don’t worry! You can always trade-in a wall-fitted option for an over-the-door rack, instead! 

Such racks not only help save space; they don’t require tedious, handyman-facilitated installation, either! All you need to do is pop them over your door, and you’re good to go! 

Sacrifice Some Shower Space – But Decorate Well to Make Up for It! 

A narrow bathroom remodel may call for you to compromise on shower space. This will help to accommodate other essential bathroom elements (like a toilet and vanity).

However, this doesn’t mean you need to compromise on style, too! So, to help ensure your shower area looks great regardless of size, be sure to install an eye-catching faucet and perhaps back up the area with some charming contemporary tiles, too! 

Final Thoughts

Decorating a narrow bathroom certainly isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible, either! 

Feel free to seek inspiration from these enchanting narrow bathroom designs and implement the same concept within your space, too!